The mine Alardinskaja Kuzbass launched a new lava


The mine "Alardinskaja" (JUzhkuzbassugol, is part of Eurasia) launched a new lava 06/01/21. Coal reserves in the lava are 1,934,000 tonnes of coking coal of the COP. The average monthly load on the lava will be 150-160 thousand tons of coal. Lava 06/01/21 was the second running of the lava mine "Alardinskaja": the current lava 3-32 monthly issue of 90 million tons of coal. The main consumer of coal mine "Alardinskaja" are the steel mills of Eurasia.

In the construction of lava were involved in the whole collective force of the mine. Preparation of a new stope was carried out in compliance with all standards of industrial health and safety, have made the necessary tunneling, mining and capital, decontamination works. After about 12 km of mine workings, to perform complex assembly work, resolved issues airing. The new lava installed modern equipment made in Poland, England and Germany.

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