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Many years have passed since the day when astronaut Neil Armstrong on the moon saw alien ships. And although later he did was justified in saying that he had been misunderstood, but the word is not a sparrow …

However, it appeared that an alien spacecraft on the moon — not the latest sensation. Certain British organization was able to get the Pentagon secret photos directly from the lunar surface, with etched on them collapsed cities.

Generally speaking, the moon since ancient times considered habitable. This idea was reflected in many legends. Even the medieval Inquisition hesitated to deny the issue of habitability night light, though the moon and declared the kingdom of Satan.

For several decades, the lunar crater area Ukert forces scientists to break their heads, because not only is he is in the Gulf, having the shape of an equilateral triangle. Even by itself this is unusual, especially since this crater is the nearest point to Earth. Moreover, the photos show a giant mound of the three-kilometer altitude, which experts have called for its shape "elytra." Their appearance is very similar to the mound city tower.

But that's not all. Near the "elytra" seen gigantic hill about seven miles, divided by the "tower".

But what is it? Because the people themselves to solve this strange mystery could not, they relegate her computer. And if scientists were expecting something different from the computer, their expectations were met with interest. Because a detailed analysis of the structures revealed that the "elytra" and "Tower" made from crystal clear hrustaleobraznogo a semblance of fiberglass layer which covers enough territory, while having a very specific geometry.

NASA and the Pentagon have been conducting their secret research showing that this fragile "fiberglass" in its structure more similar to the steel, and the durability and strength is unparalleled.

21 July 1969 year on the lunar surface down Module Apollo-11. Armstrong and Aldrin in space suits get out. And what did they see? Astronauts on the air told the most incredible things. On the very edge of the crater in a row were huge ships and watched earthlings. Suddenly out of the impact crater bright light, the connection was broken, but quickly recovered. Astronauts swore that they were not alone on the moon. With frightened somehow comparing aliens with large puppets.

Later, the astronauts were on the moon, told that they had been warned about the real possibility of meeting with the aliens, but the view of foreign ships still made a strong impression. The astronauts then were simply amazed technical equipment aliens.

Armstrong has also confirmed that they filmed a UFO on film. However, all the photos were transferred CIA, which simply wants to avoid panic among the civilian population. A cause for panic was. After all, humans have not been sufficiently effective weapons against UFOs. French Thor-2 — Laser Gun — appeared only in the late eighties, when its fighters shot down by unidentified flying objects over South Africa.

Unknown reasons, but the Americans have quietly turned its quite expensive lunar program and has long been there do not fly, although they are now sufficiently advanced technology.

But then the flight stopped immediately. The other ship, Apollo-12, along the way accompanied by a UFO. Apollo — 15 delivered the lunar rover on the moon, like a jeep in which the astronauts were to ride on the lunar surface. But in the first minute overhead flashed something at low level flight.

1972 April. Near the crater Descartes crew landed Apollo — 16, brings a camera to the surrounding objects. Is clearly visible to a huge plate, hanging above the lunar surface.

The last of the humans who have visited the moon, was a geologist Harrison Schmidt in December 1972. With him on the moon was Eugene Cernan — Commander of the expedition. At the edge of the lunar Mare Serenitatis … they picked orange slides, and then saw the orange balls that scurried along the slopes of the crater …

But that's not all! The question is, where on the moon come from wider track, reminiscent of the runways? Someone has leveled terrain, cut through the rock, and other hills. Who will leave marks on the surface of thin wheels, not like in the Soviet "Lunokhod"?

But it's true, not fiction. Autumn 1973rd NASA acknowledged that UFOs on the Moon observed by more than two dozen astronauts. And the chief of the lunar program von Braun in the journal "isothermal" directly expressed that UFOs exist and that the aliens are much stronger than they previously thought, but unfortunately he has no right to talk about the details.

Explored the moon and the Soviet "Lunokhod", and they were there before the American units. It is likely that our astronauts have seen UFOs, reported it to his superiors. Maybe the aliens are even formed in contact with them. But nothing in the newspapers or other sources available today, no.

Maybe Russian realized that the contact will not be able to adjust, and stopped flying to the moon, and can be, then General Secretary Khrushchev secretly hoped for an alliance with the aliens and did not want anyone else to not interfere.

Although the first version is more plausible. Soviet space program was designed to establish the record of man in space. However, when the ship was in position, the operation was inexplicably halted abruptly. According to the researchers, that the Earth is "observed" this operation, the ship escorted up to the orbit of UFOs, and then began to play with him, scared to death that's why pilots and recalled home, and then, ostensibly for security reasons and did shut down the project …

In the fifties, the UFO, who came to the planet Earth, then return it to the moon. They tracked the secret services of the government, fixing their trajectory. These services work in the Nevada desert in Arizona, in deep underground bases in the mountains. Astronomers often photographed spacecraft over the Moon. One military even managed to shoot a huge ship on the surface of the moon.

At the same time, new developments in uncharted lunar surface attracted astronomers. Moving objects, light sources in the craters, flashes, etc. At the same time, some scientists, such as Fred Stekling, began to demand an explanation, but none of these effects can not be commented upon. The then U.S. President Kennedy was very interested in the program, which spent tens of billions of dollars. But if alien intelligence not only did not want to get in touch, but he was against the intruders, then Kennedy had to explain it in plain text taxpayers. And that is what he intended to do in Dallas, but …

The moon will long remain a mystery to us earthlings. The Moon is very small kernel rather strange composition of the soil. In addition, because something led moon rotate it so that it faces the planet one of its sides, and the other part of the surface, more than forty percent of the entire moon is invisible to humans.

And who knows what else might be found on the man, the dark side of the moon …

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