The most famous alien abduction the woman died at home




Betty Hill, the most famous being "abducted by aliens" a woman who died at home from an extended lung cancer in the final stage at the age of 85 years. Hill marked the beginning of the phenomenon of "kidnapping" and her case was the basis for the best-selling books and the most popular film on the subject, the AP reported.

Hill claimed that she and her husband Barney September 19, 1961 abducted by aliens on the way home from Canada. Back home, she was very surprised to see that their clock stopped, worn out clothes and shoes, and two hours the road is completely gone from memory.

Three years later, under hypnosis, she remembered the details of a number of stay on a space ship and was even able to draw a map of the sky, how it is seen by the aliens. That figure star chart and became the main evidence for those who believe that Hill was telling the truth.

Indications Betty Hill

…I asked, "boss", where he, because I know, I told him that he was not from Earth. He asked me if I knew anything about the universe? I replied in the negative. I almost did not know anything. He said that he would like me to know more. I replied that I would. He crossed the room to the corner of the table and opened something … He pulled out a map and asked if I had seen before the celestial map. I crossed the room and leaned on the table. I looked: the card was an oblong, slightly more in width. Were scattered on the map point. Hekotorye were small as pinheads. Others were the size of a coin. There were lines, curved lines, marching from one point to another. Diverged from a large range of multiple lines. Many of them walked to the other circle, the closest, but not such a big one. It was the thick lines. I asked him what they mean. He said that the thick line is a commercial way. Other lines indicate the places where they are sometimes sent. The dotted lines indicate the expedition. I asked him where he was. He answered the question, "Where are you on this map?" I said, laughing, that I do not know. Then he said: "If you do not know where you are, then I can not explain to you where I am."

(Source: Solomon Shulman, "Aliens of the Russian".)

Map of Betty Hill became interested in amateur astronomer Marjorie Fish of Ohio. Fish came from the fact that if the map drawn by Betty, there is at least some element of truth, it must reflect the portion of the sky observed by aliens to their home planet, from which came the "ship." Having done a huge analytical work, Fish found this part of the sky.

Professional astronomers have appreciated the work of Fish is very high. Ohio State University professor Walter Mitchell with a group of students took to check it. Two large bowl, painted Betty Hill were identified as Fish star Zeta I and II of the constellation Zeta Reticuli. Mitchell has placed in the computer of hundreds of the nearest stars and wrote a program that simulates the night sky such as seen in the constellation Zeta Reticuli toward the sun. What is striking, map almost exactly coincided with a pattern Hill.

Even more mysterious the following fact. His drawing Betty Hill made under hypnosis in 1964. The nine stars of this picture Fish recognize and three stars could not recognize. The three stars were discovered by astronomers later, in 1969. In 1961, when Betty "kidnapped", and in 1964, when she drew maps, those stars did not know any Earthman.

"The case of Hill" became the basis for the book of John Fuller's "Interrupted Journey: Two missing hours aboard a" flying saucer "(The Interrupted Journey: Two Lost Hours Aboard A Flying Saucer, 1966) and the feature film" The UFO Incident "(The UFO Incident , 1975).

Hill are extremely reluctant to give interviews after the famous, holding a grudge against the press, which, in her opinion, "commercialized" of her life. According to her, too many people "with crazy ideas, fantasies and riotous imagination" were to report their UFO abduction. "If you believe every post, then nightly in the U.S. and 5,000 people are kidnapped. Much space in the sky for airplanes not."

According to her, prevailing in the society through the media representation of UFO wrong. "Newspaper UFO — big bright glowing and flashing all around the balls, but this is not the case. They are very compact and emit a dim light, and often fly with absolutely no lights."

In 1995, she tried to expose the UFO phenomenon, releasing his own money book "UFO with common sense" (A Common Sense Approach to UFOs), but until his death she remained for skeptics lonely crazy old woman. Betty spent the last years at his home in Portsmouth, where she was hopelessly ill, they sent doctors to live out his term.

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