The Nature of how the brain works or fish when it hunts

February 9, 2013 13:32

In January, published the results of research scientists from Japan, followed the fish. Neuroscientists have been able to follow the reaction of the brain of fish while hunting. For their experiments, they used a popular aquarium fish Danio rerio,.
This study could open the door to previously unexplored world of fish. To them this has not been done. Geneticist Silzuoki Koichi Kawakami said: "This study is a big step forward, which managed to make the first time. Finally we were able to trace the animal's brain activity in real time, recording all the information, without interfering with the process of life a living being. "

In order to get into the brain of live fish, scientists have created a new version of the protein GCaMP. He is able to attach to the nerve endings and very bright light in the transmission of signals between neurons. Introduce "a glowing protein" with a retrovirus, it was thanks to him, the scientists were able to observe the workings of the brain of fish, or to be more precise, the work of the brain in charge of the eye and guidance for production. According to the researchers, in the future, such proteins will be used to study the effects of drugs on the human brain. This will allow doctors to see a picture of what happens in the brain when taking a drug.

Remains to believe that this development will soon appear in hospitals and allow doctors to better treat their patients.

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