The new cult. Belief in UFOs and aliens

Sometimes it seems that belief in UFOs and aliens — at the moment it is almost a cult, or some kind of new religion. And if you have a religion, you have to be mentors, and therefore, this should be beneficial to someone.

Only in the last two years in Hollywood it was about twenty-budget films on this subject, but the internet hangs over half a million of videos featuring unidentified flying objects. What is it — just a fashion or … a new religion?

The term "flying saucer" appeared 135 years ago, when a Texas rancher John Martin devinsonskoy told a reporter of the newspaper "Daily News" on their observation of the mysterious object. Since then, there were millions of publications on this topic. Most of them consider the UFOs as aircraft aliens or alien life form. According to psychologists, the belief in UFOs is a modern form of religion.

Indeed, the world has been fixed for at least a few cults associated with UFOs. For example, a California resident, a Polish immigrant, George Adamski, posing as a professor of astronomy at the beginning of the 30s of last century, founded the Palomar Observatory near the monastery called the Royal Order of Tibet.

The adepts of the Order were looking forward to coming to earth fellow human beings. November 20, 1952 Adamski allegedly met in the California desert near Desert Center extraterrestrial astronaut, told him about the life of other civilizations on the moon, Venus and Mars. "Professor" heard willingly shared with the general public.

He traveled across America, giving interviews and speaking in front of people. He had a lot of followers who carried the light of the doctrine "aliens." Adamski also claimed that he had repeatedly watched the UFO, and shall be presented as proof he made with his own photographs. They have published many publications, but no pictures have passed the test for authenticity …

In 1954, there was an organization in the UK, called "Efiriyskoe society." George King founded it, pretending to be a doctor of philosophy. He claimed that he was in constant contact with venerianinom Efiriusom a member of some "solar hierarchy", which, among other things, allegedly entered the Christ, Buddha and Krishna.

"Efiryane" told the King that the human race originated in the Phaeton — the tenth planet in the solar system, that the soul after death certainly moved to another body, and that people should not use nuclear energy … promote these "truths" and was engaged in "Efiriyskoe society."

In the same year in the town of Giant Rock for the first time, a congress of American ufologists "Space Convention", whose chairman was elected a former aircraft mechanic engineer and now a writer and entrepreneur George Van Tassel. Van Tassel regularly "get in touch" with the alien Solgondoy, which made contact in 1951. Solgonda handed to him "unique" knowledge that the contactee is then laid out in 5 volumes.

In the late 50's Van Tassel founded the organization "The Church universal wisdom", to practice scientific and philosophical principles of space "Seven Council Fires", which told his Solgonda coherent. At the direction of coach Van Tassel began building a mysterious installation "Integratron." It was a tall building with a 4-storey building that was meant to "investigate the hidden truths of life," as well as various procedures rejuvenation and healing the body. Complete the construction of the head of the sect did not have time.

However, the followers of Van Tassel continue to operate today. Until now, there is a cult of "Raelinz" founded in 1970 by former sports reporter Claude Voriyonom, later changed his name to Rael.

In 1973, the journalist visited the aliens. Claude learned from them that life on Earth was created 25,000 years ago by aliens through genetic cloning. After moving to Canada, Voriyon built near Montreal UFO amusement park. Raelitov now preparing for the coming of aliens coming to Earth and promoting genetic cloning as a way to achieve immortality. By the way, a few years ago in Britain published a book, "Is there intelligent life in the universe?

The Catholic faith and reasonable investigation of extraterrestrial life. " Its author — Jesuit Guy Consolmagno, who is part-known astronomer. The book, published by the British Catholic society, the author argues that there is life on other planets, if possible human contact with aliens affects whether aliens original sin, there are other worlds to the principles of the Christian religion, and will guide the Christian church missionaries there.

Recently, due to the abundance of information about UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence contacts with the Catholic Church has become more liberal about the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and dialogue with their representatives. Religious leaders also do not want to miss the opportunity to promote the Christian faith on the basis of ufology.



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