The new space project from DARPA. Robot scavenger

DARPA, Agency Defense Advanced Research Projects jointly with the Pentagon are working to develop robot to collect debris.

The project is the creation of a special robot scavenger will be implemented within the framework of the Phoenix (Phoenix Program). The robot will deal with the cleansing of outer space from a disused and destroyed spacecraft and rockets, as well as their use in the construction of the new elements of the spacecraft. In the opinion of experts. This will significantly reduce the cost of building new spaceships and research probes.

According to the representatives of the Agency Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA), the new project will build a new orbital satellites and space to create new technology-based components of old-orbiting satellites, the term of operation of which is completed. Moreover, the cost of new satellites on the basis of the old will be much lower.

Collect debris robot garbage man will be implemented at the height of the stratosphere, that is at about 35,406 kilometers above the surface of our planet. The first tests of the American robot scavenger is planned for 2015.

At this point, Americans are working together on several projects for cleaning and re-utilization of space debris. For example, another similar project deals with the U.S. space agency NASA. Their project, which is in development, called the Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM). Space robot RMI was delivered to the ISS in the summer of 2011, where the test.



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