The next interview after Saakashvili BT will Zatlers

First Channel of the Belarusian society proanonsiroval television interview with Latvian President Valdis Zatlers. It will be shown in the record in the Thursday, July 22 at 21:55 after the news release.

According to the Russian news agency REGNUM News, apparently, BT wants to give the platform over the president, conducting anti-Russian line. After Saakashvili's "vision of democracy and the sovereignty of the" imperial assassination attempt, "in which neanatsyzm became the cornerstone of the state ideology," the head of the Latvian demonstrate Zatlers.

The current head of Latvia Valdis Zatlers was elected president in 2007. By education, he dyplyamavany doctor, the liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster. Some years, visiting Minsk, Zatlers noted that he considered an important economic partner of Belarus in Latvia, especially in areas such as the environment, tourism, border security, the fight against crime. However, the basis of everything on Zatlers is the economy.

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