The next issue of Nasha Niva is not the same fate as the previous

The weekly "Nasha Niva" on Wednesday appeared in kiosks "Belsajuzdruk" without delay. As they say in the editorial, after the mysterious disappearance of the circulation of the newspaper a week ago today, the staff were waiting "with a touch of anxiety."

Recall that in the previous issue "Nasha Niva"Posted an article on the Russian NTV channel shows the film" The Godfather. " Neither Wednesday or Thursday, or in the following days, newspaper kiosks and did not appear. To find out the fate of nearly 4 million copies, which have not reached the readers, the editors sent a request to the Prosecutor General and the Information Ministry.

It is significant that in the latest issue of a lot of attention is paid to the Belarusian-Russian relations. Here are some of the headlines: "What's in Russia?"

"Who in Belarus can rely on Russia? '. The same conclusions are drawn from the history of the disappearance of numbers "Nasha Niva"With information about the" The Godfather. "


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