The nuclear shield Russia may fall in three years

On Thursday, the press center of the capital, "Rosbalt" a meeting of the political clubs on the "European missile defense: the hazards and dangers for Russia and probable measures to parry them." As discussion, among the Russian military professionals is no unanimous view on account of how our country should react to the situation around the talks on the European missile defense system.

Russian officials say talks on the role of RF produced in the United States and NATO European missile defense system, virtually stalled. West categorically longs to give any legally binding guarantees as to what this system will not pose a danger to our country. Meanwhile, according to the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, beginning with the 2015 configuration of the European missile defense system will be a certain danger for Russian strategic nuclear forces, which in coming will only increase.

According to the chief editor of the magazine "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko, Our homeland has tightly to reflect on issues of neutralizing the threats posed by the U.S. and NATO's European missile defense system. According to a professional in the Russian Defense Ministry said that, starting in 2015, "European missile defense system configuration will be a danger to the Russian Federation in terms of missile interception of sea and land-based."

Because, according to the views of Korochenko, on-1's, "the Russian Federation need to increment the rate of new troops entering the solid-ballistic missiles such as the RS 24" Yars "and" Mace. "In-2," to give a signal to Western partners that Our homeland will not negotiate to reduce tactical nuclear weapons without merit real negotiations on Euro missile defense. "And in the end, it is necessary to develop a partnership of military-political alliance with Belarus.

"Given that President Lukashenko and Prime Minister Putin have expressed similar views on the creation of a Eurasian Union, there are expectations that the moments, the brakes of the Russian-Belarusian partnership will be removed. Creates the base to contemplate on how to fend off the possible danger," — said the expert. In his view, "the arms race and war is not necessary cool to anyone, but the issue of missile defense to truly achieve the applicable agreements and use the required mitigation measures."

According to the views of the Director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Sharavin, the negotiations of the Russian Federation and the United States on missile defense is not going nowhere. "I see no reason to say it — said Charavines — the work is, the timing is not yet come." According to him, there is a quite fruitful work of professionals and diplomats, and discussions on how the negotiations are stalled, "an information box stuffing" in order to click on the negotiating partners. "This deals and Russian and South American side," — said the expert.

By the way, this statement clearly shows that at times make the representatives of the Russian Federation and the United States. For example, earlier, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Ellen Tauscher said that Washington was ready to confirm in writing the peaceful nature of the future missile defense system in Europe. However, it has allocated, legally binding assurances the U.S. can not give.

The same was read at a hearing in the Senate, the South American "designer reset" and then another future salting the U.S. to Russia Michael McFaul. He acknowledged that the differences between Washington and Moscow do unworkable compromise on missile defense at NATO-Russia summit in May 2012. In response, Russia's permanent representative to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, said that the talks between Russia and the U.S. on missile defense reached a complete impasse. According to him, Moscow will not make concessions, risking their safety. Rogozin gave the Yankees realize that in such a case Russian the president has neither doth the need to own presence at the summit in Chicago.

Meanwhile, Russian Sharavin expert Alexander believes that decisions on some issues in the field of cooperation on European missile defense between Russia and the U.S. still achieved. As an example, he cites the decision to develop the Center for the exchange of information, the decision on the exchange of sensitive technologies in the field of missile defense, the decision to develop a response center for rocket launches, in which, on an equal basis to work Russian and South American military. "I have a low understanding of the technical prospects of defense, but that does not mean that our motherland and the United States should not cooperate in this area", — concluded Sharavin.

But the deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko holds a different view. According to him, the trade-offs between Russia and the U.S. on European missile defense out of reach. "Our homeland and the U.S. have a clash of basic public interest. From the moment in the middle of the last century, the military-political establishment the U.S." found "vulnerable areas of the country in terms of security, the strategic goal of the U.S. was opposition to this vulnerability. So attempt the creation of missile defense — is an attempt to return in the status quo until the time of the creation of nuclear-missile shield of the USSR "- says Makienko.

In his view, "these samples were, are and will be, and work on a missile defense system will not stop in any case." "Exactly as for RF, work to preserve the effectiveness of nuclear deterrence is the basic public enthusiasm and our homeland will do everything to keep the United States, "- said expert.

With this view, and the other party agrees held in "Rosbalt" "Round Table" — head of the defense policy of the Russian Institute of Strategic research Grigory Tishchenko. According to him, the world has once again entered the era of colonial wars, and this is confirmed by "installations made in the sphere of military construction." "In the criteria, when the U.S. and NATO, a course on the use of armed force by at least what reason," thought missile defense can not be revised, "- said the expert.

With all of this executive editor of the weekly "independent military review" Victor Litovkin believes that South American missile defense system is not so spooky for Russia, as it is customary to read. "Around PRO" nakrucheno "a lot of trial and various" scary ", but no one knows what really is in 2020 and how it will develop missile defense project," said Litovkin.

He cited the example of the famous SDI — "Strategic Defense Initiative" of U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Launched in March 1983, the long-term R & D programm, whose main goal was to create a scientific and technical basis for the development of large-scale missile defense system with elements gallakticheskogo home, then it is very very scared Russian control. But in reality it was only a "wired" for the growth of funds for the arms race.

"By investing in PRO Americans are investing in new technologies, at the same time drain the resources of the Russian Federation", — said Litovkin. "I do not think that the European missile defense system, which by 2015 will be located at the Russian border, seriously threatens the strategic nuclear forces of Russia. Another thing that needs to develop its weapons system. Now and the U.S. and NATO are very susceptible to losses. They are not in a nightmare dream that nuclear warheads
explode over their towns. They will not start a war.'s just that they have the means and put it in the "missile fence" But you have to realize that he really did not threaten us ever will, "- concluded Viktor Litovkin.

And yet, all of the panelists in the "Rosbalt" agree on one thing: in Russia there are missiles that can overcome missile defense, and Russia, all have the right resources and technical ability to cast European missile defense on an equal footing with the U.S. side.

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