The park is haunted Switzerland

February 7, 2013 22:36

Nizhegorodka Natalia Bukleeva (name changed) shared with the portal story that happened to her in the park "Switzerland."

I love to walk. "I often spend time in the parks, — says Natalya. — I love to walk in nature, even in winter. Abstract from sedentary work, enjoying nature. And since I live on Gagarin Avenue, it is often in the park "Switzerland. I like the park, nice and clean, lots of trees. Sometimes I ride it on skis. "

Curiosity. "Not long ago I went in the evening walk in the park. As I passed down the staircase that leads to the river, near the bus stop, "manor", I saw at the bottom of a strange stirring. At first I thought that maybe a dog or do I thought. I came closer, and stepped on the first step. Something white at the bottom stopped, and even thought it was the wind so to play with the snow, creating an optical illusion. But why I took a step lower, and even lower … How many times have I cursed my curiosity … "

Ghost. "Around the middle of the stairs was something white m more like a snowball. But he had a form and that "something" started to move towards me. At the time, I believed in all horror movies, ghosts and curses, which only exists on earth. His legs, I ran out of the park, constantly looking back. I am still convinced that she had seen a ghost, because I believe my eyes and experiences. After all, the park Switzerland many people died, maybe it's their souls can not calm down. One more in the park I do not go. "

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