The phenomena of the Moon

There are many descriptions of observations of strange phenomena (usually light) on the Moon (as well as on other planets).

May 3, 1715 known in his time astronomer E. Luvill watched in Paris lunar eclipse. About 9 thirty Greenwich he noticed at the western edge of the moon "some momentary flash or flicker of light rays, as if someone had set fire to the powder path by which exploded bombs.

These light flashes are very short-lived and it appeared that, in another place, but always from the shadows (the Earth). Set out the message in Memoirs of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris, 1715 p. 96, 126 -127.

Ways observed luminous objects were curved. The observer believe that there is a storm on the moon — in order vremenieto was still believable.

This fact does not say anything for the presence of representatives of the Moon CC. However, there are a number of observations of luminous moving and stationary objects on the Moon, we can not yet explain. Thus, the described phenomenon can not be explained by the projection of the Earth's atmosphere burning meteors on the lunar disk. Simultaneously E.Luvillem in Britain watched the famous flash E.Galley (Philosophical Transactions of the Royal obschestvav London, 1715, T29, s.249).
The same meteor can not be projected onto the lunar disk at the same time in Paris and London. In addition, meteors could be observed over the entire disk rather than grouped around its western fanatical.

August 4, 1738 at 16 GMT thirty disk of the moon have something that looks like a zipper. (Philosophical Transactions of the Royal obschestvaLondona, 1739, V.41, 0.228)

July 8, 1842 during a solar eclipse, lunar disk occasionally crossed the bright stripes. This is noted in the Calendar on the Bureau des Longitudes in 1846 s.364.

In 1870, Birt watched "zipper" on the Moon (Astronomical Register, 1870, vol.7 p.221).

And this recording was made in '31 is our age:

"I worked in the yard of our house and happened to look at the moon. It was beautiful — clear-cut new moon, and I looked at it, when suddenly some flashes of light cut through the darkness, but definitely within the shaded part of the moon … Not referring to his observations, I called his wife that she also drew attention to the young moon … She said, "Oh yes, I see the zipper on the moon," adding that she came within the lunar disk. We saw another 20 or 30 minutes , during which the phenomenon is repeated at least six or seven times. This recording was made in 7 hours and 40 minutes in the afternoon June 17, 1931. " By observation — J. Giddings.

Astronomers observatoriiMaunt-Wilson, which Giddings sent a letter, did not take seriously the observation — it is contrary to their ideas about the Moon. After 15 years, a report on this observation, the author was sent to the prestigious scientific journal "Science", where the message was posted. (Vol. 104, 1946, p.146).

One and a half centuries earlier, October 12, 1785 the famous explorer planets II Schroeter of the following phenomena:

"After 5 hours on the border of the dark lunar disk, and in fact at the center of the Sea of Rains … quite suddenly and rapidly appeared bright flash of light, which consisted of many single, separate small sparks, having exactly the same white light as the illuminated side of the moon, and keep moving in a straight line facing nasever, cherezsevernuyu part of Mare Imbrium and other parts of the lunar surface, bordering to the north, and then through the empty part of the field of view of the telescope. Kogdaetot light rain has passed the half-way, such vspyshkasvetapoyavilas south just over the same place … The second outbreak was exactly the same as the first, it consisted of such small sparks that flashed off in the same direction, exactly parallel to the nasever … Changing the light to the intersection with the edge of the field of view of the telescope took about 2 seconds, the total duration of this phenomenon — 4 seconds. "

Unfortunately, Schroeter said no place disappearance luminous phenomenon. However, he pointed out the direction and starting point izchego about identifying current cease monitoring obektakak Sea of Cold (the path traveled by the objects in this case will be about 530 — 540 km), we can roughly calculate the speed, which will ravna265 — 270 km / sec.

This is an incredible speed! For comparison, let us recall that the earth rocket flying to the moon has a speed of about 12 kilometers per second, to the other planets of the solar system — about 17 km / sec. We do not claim, of course, on the accuracy of the counting rate, but in any case, the order of this magnitude will be the same! The rate may be much less in only one case — if we are dealing with the projection to the Moon phenomenon that occurs in the earth's atmosphere. However, the appearance of two identical brightest meteor swarms over the same point of the moon for a short time — a phenomenon quite incredible. Can not be explained as the fact that both objects appeared over the same area of the lunar surface.

The 26 edition (1942) of the journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada posted the following message Walter Haas:

"July 10, 1941, I watched almost full moon in 6 inch reflector at a magnification of 96 times … I saw a tiny glowing speck moving across the lunar surface. This appeared to zapaduot Gassendi crater … and traveled almost due east to the disappearance a short wall Gassendi. Speck was much smaller than the central peak of Gassendi, and its angular diameter does not exceed 0.1 seconds of arc. brightness was constant along the entire path, magnitude estimated at eight spots. Flight duration was about one second. Around 5 hours, 41 minutes, I saw a weak spot somewhere south of Grimaldi. Endpoint movement was clearly visible, there is a certain spot was striking, and we could exclude the explanation of the phenomenon, respectively, superimposed on the lunar disk certain earthly object located low in the atmosphere (eg , thistle), as it would move cherezvse true field is … Speed Over the Moon was at the very least 63 miles per second (116.676 km / s). "

Meteorite, this phenomenon can also be explained as "shooting stars" will never remain constant brightness in the air, in addition, the projection of the beginning and end of the trajectories of two meteorites on the lunar disk is also not possible. But the most important objection is that the meteorite 8th magnitude at udalenii100 km (typical distance) has angular size by more than two poryadkaprevyshayuschie angular size of the observed object.

Not explained meteor hypothesis and observations of the passage "cometary object" through the lunar disc, made September 27, 1881 EV by Day of Prescott (USA) and Markvikom from South Africa. Reported in the "Publications Astronomical Observatory Pulsinits" (Germany, 1969, 5). With the simultaneous observation of the object on a background of the moon Of the two points, separated from each other at 12,000 miles, it should be located no closer than

300 — 400 thousand miles. from the Earth, that is, in the area of the moon. And if the object is not associated with the moon, why it can not be seen to pass through it drive?

Very often moving objects seen over the Sea of Tranquility. In 1964, different observers have seen them in the same area — the south or south-east crater Ross D — at least 4 times. Svodkatakih messages published by NASA in the "chronological catalog reports of lunar events" (-277 Technical report, 1968). Objects look bright or dark spots, move sotnikilometrov tens or a few hours.

These cases can not be explained by clouds of dust raised by a meteorite impact, since the fall of the meteorite leads to a symmetric release soil. There are other reasons that do not allow to consider the objects pyliiliizverzhennyh gas clouds.

May 18, 1964 Harris, Krauss and others for 1 hour 5 minutes, watching over the sea of tranquility white spot, moving at a speed of 32 km / h (See catalog NASA). Over time, the stain decreased in size. If it consisted of dust and gas, it could only increase. In addition, the lifetime of the spot is 10 times the lifespan of an artificial cloud of gas ejected by the rocket, and in 5 times — cloud raised by landing the world's ship to the moon.

On June 21 of that year, the same Harris, Krauss and Helland observed moving spot on the moon for more than two hours. Speed spots (32 — 80 km / h) in less than 5 times the average thermal velocity of the molecules gazas minimum molecular weight (about 300) pritemperature grunta165 Kelvin.

Cloud of gas can not be displaced by more than 20% of its radius, which is completely consistent with the description of the strange objects. This is supported by a non-spherical shape of some objects.

September 11, 1967 Montreal team of observers and P.Zhan spotted in the Sea of Tranquility body that looked dark rectangular spot, purple at the edges, the traffic from east to west during the 8 — 9 seconds. The body is no longer visible near the terminator, and after 13 minutes near the crater Sabine, located in spot motion, for a split second flashed yellow. (Circular Lunar sektsiiBritanskogo Astronomical Society, 1967, Volume 2, 12).

20 days later, again in the Sea of Tranquility, Harris noticed a bright spot, moving at a speed of 80 km / h (see catalog NASA). It should be noted that in a year and a half in the same area, just a few hundred kilometers to the east of the crater Sabine landed Apollo 11.

Is it an accident that is in this area down the first space ship? Do not send to NASA there specifically to learn the nature of paranormal phenomena?

And here is another interesting fact. Lunar soil in posadkiApollona-11 was partially fused. Melting that could not be produced engines planting unit. According to professoraT. Gold, which rassmotrelvsevozmozhnye explanation of this phenomenon, not before 100,000 years ago, the soil was subjected to irradiation with light 100 times brighter than the sun. Such a fusion of soil were found in places other lunar landing missions. Probably were exposed to a very small part of the surface. Apparently, the height of the source of lunar soil was small. But what source? Of all the samples brought back from the moon, only one — the handpicked crew of Apollo 12, landed at 1400km from the landing of Armstrong and Aldrin — was fused (sample 12017).

And here are two cases of observation of such objects naLune. That's what watching V.Yaremenko from Odessa: "It happened in 1955, somewhere in the middle of August (possibly inaccurate month). Uvilsya I'm in the sixth grade, and was interested in astronomy. Has made out of the drain telescope, curiously examined the craters on the Moon surface. Teleskoppoluchilsya not so hot, around the moon shone a thin halo of color, but the increase was sufficient to consider in detail the countless lunar craters, mountains m sea. Around me crowd of curious boys, they excitedly asked to look through the telescope. was about 20 hours, when I made a "pipe" another youngster. "Wow, what mountains … There's something flies "- suddenly cried the boy. Immediately I pushed it in storonuisam eagerly clung to the eyepiece. Above the disk, along its edge, narasstoyanii about 0.2 lunar radius luminous body flew like a star NE-magnitude during normal observation. flown third circle (it took 4 — 5 seconds), the body of a steep path descended nalunnuyu surface. course, it was not a projection of a meteorite falling naZemlyu. His body was big enough and … run! And no satellites in those years did not exist. "

V.Luchko from Lviv presents svoinablyudeniya, considering them as a manifestation investigation dying lunar volcanism. If it applies to this case the explanation — this let the reader judge.

"March 31, 1983, I made observations of the moon with a reflector with an increase of 133 times. Around two thirty in pure, shining, nearly full disk of the moon (it was the phase of the full moon on March 28) was seen suddenly quite a dark body seemingly irregular shapes, quietly, smoothly and quickly passed (esline say "flashed") at a slightly curved path through the north-western part of the disc around from west to east. way the body against the drive took less than one second.

Then, after a short period of time, exactly the same (same Ilit) body crossed over the moon with the same speed and in the same direction. Featuring a high-speed, large size, irregular shape and dark in color, the body (body) proizvodilivpechatlenie facilities integral to the moon — and the nature of the fast, smooth movement on a slightly curved path, and the optically pure: it seemed oninahodyatsya not very high above the lunar surface , which led to the analogy with the satellites.

Then observations were interrupted and continued until much later. But now, during the W-30 to 4-20 was able to observe six appearances of the same body — or is it the same periodicheskipoyavlyayuschegosya body. First object appeared at about S-32, then W-35, then W-40, W-47, 4-00, 4-16, that is, intervals between successive appearances monotonically increasing. In all cases, it is relatively large, dark, even black body of irregular shape, perfectly visible against the disk of the moon shining and smooth moves on a slightly curved path with great speed (each passage took no more than one skundy and it is not possible to study in detail the flying object ).

Although the direction of some of the objects are the same — some from the west — south — west to east — north — east (like cutting off the north-western edge of the Moon) — only one path proshlapochticherez center of the disk. For other appearances body held at the arc, near the north-western edge, flying over the Sea of Crises, the Sea of Tranquility, Sea of Serenity, the Alps, the Apennines, the Sea of Rains, and there was a gradual shift of the trajectory to the edge of the moon. It is characteristic that, as with the Left observations area predominantly passing objects on the background of the Moon is the Sea of Tranquility. "

Interestingly, the area of occurrence of these objects on the Moon are not accidental. Application at the place the appearance of moving objects on the lunar disc, it turns their concentration in certain areas. There is grouped izagadochnye compact light sources, which are visible on the night side sometimes the moon and in the Earth's shadow during lunar eclipses. Etanesluchaynost distribution of objects can get rid of earthly explanation for the phenomena of atmospheric phenomena. It is difficult to associate them with proyavleniyamilunnogo volcanism. They do not have appreciable svyazis tektonicheskimipoyasami Moon.

Furthermore, 4/25/72. Observatory Passau received a number of photos of "light fountain" in the crater Aristarchus — Herodotus. Increase the height of the light pole at a speed 1.35 km / s. Reaching an altitude of 162 km, 60 km, he shifted to the side and grinned. This grand spectacle was not accompanied by seismic shocks, common during eruptions, which could well be a registered network of seismographs installed on the moon.

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