The phenomenon of San Gennaro, or as a powder into a liquid




As always at this time, thousands of worshipers filled the middle of September in the Cathedral of Naples, to once again witness the miracle, the agency "Reuters".

Blood who lived in the fourth century, St. Januarius, which readers are probably aware of the popular Italian comedy, has evolved from a powder into a liquid, which is a good omen for the city and for the world as a whole. Researchers suggest that the dry substance in a closed glass vessel is indeed blood, but to explain why on certain dates, it passes into the liquid form can not.

The phenomenon of Saint Januarius (Gennaro Italians call it) has been observed for 600 years. If the blood is dry, usually followed by a tragedy. For example, in 1527 the plague broke out that claimed 40,000 lives, and in 1979 — the last time there was no miracle — 3,000 people were killed in a powerful earthquake in the south of the country.

This year, the forecast of San Gennaro, no relief is expected. Moreover, Cardinal Michele Giordano, showing vessel enthusiastic audience, said:

— Today miracle manifested itself with particular force. The blood was liquid in less than an hour, that does not happen often, and it is surprisingly bright.


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