The present and the future of the Russian orbital constellation


On the prospects of the Russian space constellation GLONASS satellite navigation system, as well as on the implementation of major projects in the Russian satellite building, "Interfax-AVN," said General Designer and General Director of JSC "Information Satellite Systems" Reshetnev name (ISS, Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory) Nicholas Testoedov.

— Nikolai, the plans for the year 2012 was the launch of the three vehicles "Glonass-M" rocket "Proton-M". Plans are preserved?

— Triple launch vehicles "Glonass-M" this year will not be. It can be seen that the orbital group consistently held, and this year is not expected to make a group launching satellites "Glonass-M". Further schedule starts on the program "GLONASS" will be determined by the state group and the strategy of Roscosmos.

In principle, the "Information Satellite Systems" ready for any scenario. We have three devices, ready to be launched. Plus we prepared the second flying machine "Glonass-K". Running it is provided in the plans for this year. However, the start-up sequence determined by the customer — the Federal Space Agency and the Defense Ministry. In the queue for removal is still a few devices made by us upon request. For example, the communications satellite "Meridian". Therefore, customers have to prioritize what the machine run before.

— How many satellites planned to produce and run for the maintenance and development of the GLONASS constellation in the coming years?

— The new federal program provides for the development of GLONASS launch before the end of 2020 12 spacecraft "Glonass-M" and 22 new satellites "Glonass-K".

— How are the tests of the first satellite "Glonass-K"?

— The device is fully confirmed all the characteristics inherent in the new platform and the target hardware. On it, as you know, is an interim solution on-board navigation signal source Bink. Full version will be implemented in the second phase of the spacecraft "Glonass-K2." Launch of the first unit of this series is scheduled for 2015. All the necessary contracts with Roskosmos signed. We do not see any problems with their implementation.

— What means are provided for removing vehicles "Glonass-K2"?

— Most likely, they will be run by one carrier rocket "Soyuz-2".

— In the space segment of GLONASS is not so long ago, first appeared back satellites. What is their purpose?

— As you know, we have three orbital planes, each with eight operating units. In total — 24 active satellites. But at the same conclusion, say, at the same time one or two vehicles on scheduled maintenance or malfunction of any equipment on one of the satellites is to equatorial regions of the possibility of rupture of the GLONASS signal coverage.

It was therefore decided to have in each orbital plane 1-2 backup unit. They are maintained in terms of interaction with them, without the inclusion of letters and, accordingly, without transmitting navigation signal. Satellites are carried out all the necessary work. They stand in a certain orbital locations.

The meaning of the orbital reserve is very simple: if there is a failure or a planned removal of the existing machine groups, it takes a backup satellite.

Typically, backup devices are placed near the points where the highest probability of failure of the current satellite. For example, in the vicinity of the spacecraft, whose lifetime is over, or he ran out of reserves on board units. If such a device fails, the backup just turns on and after 5-8 days, gaining statistics of its location, fills group.

Another option — when the backup device is far from the state of the failed satellite. In this case, there are two scenarios. One at a time — a reserve unit moved to a new location. It takes up to two months. Then it is necessary to include a navigation signal for transmission. This takes 5-8 days more.

The second scenario — when after the failure of a satellite almost immediately the standby unit to the point where he was, and then begins his transfer to a new location to ensure the full composition of the constellation.

It is clear that as long as the backup device is moved, his plane is not quite optimal from the point of view even the location of all devices in it. But the consumer, in any case, "sees" the 24 unit group.

And in fact, in both cases the problem is solved the immediate replacement of devices that appear in the service or from the constellation. Irrespective, by bringing the satellite back to the desired point, and then turn it on or turn followed by refinement parameters for actuation.

— These technologies have already been worked out?

— They worked out. For the Russian consumer, by the way, this type of situation is not critical at all. Because the orbital constellation GLONASS "reduced" over Russia. For our users temporary withdrawal of several devices for maintenance or transfer them from one orbital location to another is not noticeable at all in terms of the parameters of the system's accuracy.

— Do you plan to increase the orbital reserve?

— There are various options for upgrading constellation on that. One is associated with increased number of backup devices and increasing their number up to two in each plane. This problem is already being implemented. Such an approach will, if necessary, without major losses for the reliability and accuracy of the GLONASS system in general, quickly replaced by another one device, including through the inclusion of reserve devices, regardless of where they are. Then, in fact, as I said, in the anthology member in his unit will be 24 unit. It is virtually ensures continuity, continuity of navigation field.

But, you see, it is a pity not to use back-up satellites are already running. After all, these devices are still exposed to cosmic radiation that affects the timing of the existence of active devices. Their term of office as a result of this exposure are reduced. Therefore, the second strategy for backup devices provides the option to include their signals.

When these redundant devices, two in each plane are also expected in duplicate literals consumer respectively will have to work with thirty apparatus.

There is a certain redundancy in terms of the number of satellites. But it is guaranteed to be better realized by so-called geometric factor, ie, the relative position of the constellation of devices that can "see" the device, and are no breaks in the navigation area at deducing spacecraft into service.

This strategy presupposes the emergence of a new generation of ground-based instruments, as today the ground equipment consumers focused on work with 24 GLONASS devices.

Both these options are now being worked out in TsNIIMash, and the ASC, as a prime contractor spacecraft. Of course, the problem needs to be synchronized with the production of a new generation of ground-based instruments.

— When a decision on the option of backup GLONASS constellation can be taken?

— Necessary tasks are issued. For about six months, will be presented to the management of the program, that is to Roskosmos, proposals for inclusion in the strategy of backup devices.

Then, by the way, we GLONASS system will be identical to the American GPS, which today, 30 vehicles and all work. Today we have in orbit as much. But the navigation signals transmitted only 24.

— The likelihood
of such solutions is high?

— I think, a wholly-owned. Just the decision making process has a time component.

— In August, the upper stage "Breeze-M" was not able to bring to the target orbit two communications satellites, including the Telkom-3 satellite, which was built for the ISS Indonesia. What will happen with this project on?

— Under the current contract, we have proposed the Indonesian company "Telkom" that are ready to put a replacement unit at the request of the customer.

We Explore the potential terms of manufacturing such a device and say that they are willing to do it for 22-24 months, with a view to readiness for shipment to the launch site.

The Indonesian side, of course, took a break until he solved the issues related to insurance payments.

— How is the program of telecommunications satellite "Express" for state-owned enterprises, "Satellite Communications"?

— The first stage — the spacecraft "Express-AM5." August 24th we received from Canada, the firm MDA payload for him. We work with this payload. It's all right, all the parameters are confirmed. This means that we will be ready to launch a satellite "Express-AM5" at the end of the second quarter of 2013.

Satellite "Express-AM6" will also be ready in the second quarter of 2013.

— A telecommunications satellite "Express-AT1" and "Express-AT2"?

— They are also created by order of state enterprise "Satellite Communications" and will be launched in a couple of late 2013. We have sent the design payload modules to France, to Thales Alenia Space for the assembly. The actual construction time stabilized satellites.

Actively working on the creation of the telecommunications satellite "Express-AM8." Under the contract, the term of its launch — 2013.

— In the case of devices "Express-AM5" and "Express-AM6" ISS — the prime contractor work. Co-executor of the contract — a Canadian company MDA. Debugged production co-operation with it?

— Yes, this stage we went to MDA. In co-operation is also involved SRI Radio — Industrial Communication Institute. His participation is understandable. On this project, SRI Radio gains experience, mastering advanced technologies, making a number of devices. Unfortunately, the project was not without problems.

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— Ru0459Ru0455Ru0456Ru0491R � u00B6 Ru0458Ru0455R Ru03BCS, P u00B1 C <C, Su040A P � P � Ru0457Su0453S u2030 Just Installed Ru0406S, Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R number P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C?

— R'S, Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R number P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, Ru0456Ru0455S, Ru0455Ru0406. Ru045FRu0455 RES, Ru0455Ru0456R � Cosmosblack Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, C <Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru0406Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455, F u200Bu200B� C, � F Ru0454R u00B6 Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455 ft Ru03BCRu0457Ru03BCRu0405Re Ru0456Ru0455S, Ru0455Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Ryo Ru0405R � F � Ru03BCRu0458Ru0405Ru0455R number ReRu0405S "Su0402R � ft Su0402Su0453Ru0
454S, Su0453Su0402S < Ru0491Ru0455R "u00D0 u00B6 Ru0405Ru0455 P u00B1 C <C, Su040A Ru0457Su0402ReRu0405Su040FS, the PS Su0402Ru03BCS u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC P � P � � Ru0454R R � C u2021 ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0458. Ru045AS <u00D0 u00B6 Ru0491Ru03BCRu0458 Su0402Ru03BCS u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R "Ru03BCRu0454Su0403Ru0405Ru0455R number Ru0456Ru0455S, Ru0455Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Ryo Su0403ReSu0403S, Ru03BCRu0458S <" P "Just Installed P Ru04592" PI C u2020 Ru03BCR "Ru0455Ru0458. Ru0452Ru0457Ru0457R � Su0402R � C, ft Ru0455ReS, Su0453 Ru0405R Su0403 Ru0405R � � � C … Su0402R Ru0405Ru03BCRu0405ReRe. Ru045AS <Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491ReRu0458 Ru0406Su0403Ru03BC Ru0405Ru03BCRu0455R u00B1 C … Ru0455Ru0491ReRu0458S <Ru03BC Ru0455Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402R � C u2020 ReRe Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491Ru0491Ru03BCSu0402R u00B6 R � u00D0 u00B6 Ru0405ReSu040B Re Ru0491Ru03BCRu0458 Su0402Ru03BCS u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0458ReRu0405ReSu0403S, Ru03BCSu0402Su0403S, Ru0406R � u00B1 Ru0455R Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0405S <.

— Ru0459R � � Ru0454Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402Ru0455Su040FS, Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A, C u2021 C, the PS P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, P � P � Ru0454R � F � P � C the PS, Su0402Ru03BCS, PEP number P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C. In the "P"-Just Installed P Ru04592V? "

— Ru045AReRu0405ReSu0403S, Ru03BCSu0402Su0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 Ru0455R u00B1 Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0405S <Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Su0402R � F u00B1 P � C, C <Ru0406R � Ru03BCS, Su0402Ru03BCS u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC Ru0457Ru0455 P � P � � P � Ru0454R Su0453 Ru03BCS u2030 Ru03BC Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, � F , Re Ru0406Ru03BCR "ReRu0454R � Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402Ru0455Su040FS, Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A C Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455, C u2021 C, the PS Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455 P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, Ru0457Ru0455R" Ru0455R u00B6 res, Ru03BCR "Su040ARu0405Ru0455Ru03BC. Ru0459Ru0455Ru0405S, Su0402R � Ru0454S, Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0405Ru03BCRu0458Su0453 Ru03BCS u2030 Ru03BC Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491Ru0457ReSu0403R � the PS.

— P 'Ru0491Ru03BCRu0454R � F u00B1 Su0402Ru03BC Ru0457Su0402Ru0455S u20AC R "Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R � F � P � Ru0457Su0453S u2030 Just Installed Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru0406S <P number Su0403Ru0457Su0453S, Ru0405ReRu0454-Su0402Ru03BCS, Su0402R � Ru0405Su0403R" Su040FS, Ru0455Su0402 In "P> ft u2021-5Ru0452V." Ru0459R � Ru0454 ReRu0491Su0453S, Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 P "Ru03BCS, Ru0405S <Ru03BC ReSu0403Ru0457S <C, P � Ru0405ReSu040F?

— Ru045BRu0405 With the PS … Ru0455Su0402Ru0455S u20AC Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, P � Ru03BCS,. Ru045FSu0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0405S <Ru0406Su0403Ru03BC Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 Su0403ReSu0403S, Ru03BCRu0458S <Ru0406Su0403Ru03BC Su0402Ru03BCR u00B6 ReRu0458S <Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, C <. P 'C, C u2021 Ru0455Ru0458 ReSu0403R "Ru03BC u00B1 R Ru0455Su0402S, Ru0455Ru0406R Su040F P � � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, � Su0453Su0402R Su0403ReSu0403S, Ru03BCRu0458S <Ru0491ReS" C "Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0405S PEP u2020 � P" Su040ARu0405Ru0455R number Ru0454Ru0455Su0402Su0402Ru03BCRu0454S u2020 ReRe Re Ru0458Ru0455Ru0405ReS, Ru0455Su0402ReRu0405Ru0456R �, Ru0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402R � Su040F ft Ru0455ReS, Ru0405R � Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0458 Su0403Ru0457Su0453S, Ru0405ReRu0454Ru03BC Ru0491R "Su040F Su0453R" ft C u2021 u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F C … P � � Su0402R Ru0454S, Ru03BCSu0402ReSu0403S, ReRu0454 P "P> Ru045BRu045CRu0452Ru040ERu040E. In Ru040ERu03BCRu0456Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Su040F "P> ft u2021 B" Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Su0402Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 P � P � C u2030 u2030 Res P � Ru03BCS, Su0402Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReR number Su0403Ru0454ReRu03BC C Ru0455S Ru0454Re Ru0455Su0402R u2021 u00B1 res, P � P "Su040ARu0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 C u2021 P � ft Ru0455S, Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Su0402Ru03BCSu0403Su0453Su0402Su0403R � .

P u2022 Ru0491ReRu0405Su0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455Ru03BC, C u2021 C, the PS Ru03BCS Ru03BC Ru0406Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0491Re u2030 u00E2 u20AC "Su040CS, the PS Ru0455S, Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, Ru0454R Ru0406R � � � F ReRu0458Ru0455Ru0491Ru03BCR number ft Ru0406ReSu040F Ru0405R � C Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 u20AC" P> P u2021 ft � "Su0403 Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491Ru0406ReR u00B6 Ru0405S <Ru0458Re Ru0455R u00B1 Su0409Ru03BCRu0454S, P � Ru0458Re, PI C, C u2021 Ru0455Ru0458 ReSu0403R" Ru03BC Su0402Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReR number Su0403Ru0454ReRu0458 Su0403Ru03BCRu0456Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405S, Ru0455Ru0458 Ru045ARu03BCR u00B6 � Ru0491Su0453Ru0405R Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Ru0455R number Ru0454Ru0455Su0403Ru0458ReS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455R number ft � F Ru0405S u2020 ReRe Re Ru0405ReR � Ru0454Ru0455Su0402R u00B1 res, P � P "Su040ARu0405S <Ru0458Re Ru0454Ru0455Su0403Ru0458ReS Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454ReRu0458Re u2021 P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, � F Ru0458Re. P "Ru03BCR" With the PS PI, Ru0455Ru0458, C u2021 C, the PS Su0403Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Su040F Ru0405R � Ru045ARu0459Ru040E Re Ru0405ReR � Ru0454Ru0455R "Ru03BCS, Su040FS u2030 res … Ru0455S, Ru03BCS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <C … P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, � F Ru0457Ru0455Ru0454R � C … Ru0455S, Su0403Su0453S, ft Ru0406Su0453Su040BS, Ru0455S, Ru0406Ru03BCS, Ru0405S <Ru03BC C Ru03BCSu0402Ru0458ReRu0405R � P "C <Ru0491R" Su040F In "P> ft u2021 P � B".

R'Su0403Ru03BC Su040CS, the PS PI Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, Ru03BC. Ru045CR � Su0403R "Ru03BCRu0491Su0453Su040BS u2030 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491 Su0403Ru0457R PEP number" P � � Ru0405ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405S <Su040CS, ReSu0403Ru0457S D <C, P � Ru0405ReSu040F, Ru0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402S <Ru03BC Su0453Ru0406Su040FR � P � Ru0405S <Su0403 Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, P � Ru0458Re Ru0405R � Ru045ARu0459Ru040E Re Ru0405ReR � Ru0454Ru0455R "Ru03BCS, Su040FS u2030 res … P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, P � C ….

— R R R � u00B1 Ru0455S, P � � Ru0405R Ru0491 C Su0402Ru03BCS, Su040AReRu0458 P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, Ru0455Ru0458 "P> ft u2021" Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P "P � Su0403Su040A?

— Ru040ERu0455R � Ru0491R Ru0405ReRu03BC � C, Su0402Ru03BCS, Su040ARu03BCRu0456Ru0455 Su0403Ru0457Su0453S, Ru0405ReRu0454R �-Su0402Ru03BCS, Su0402R � Ru0405Su0403R "Su040FS, Ru0455Su0402R � The" P> ft u2021-5R'V "Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCS, Su0403Su040F Ru0457R Su0402R � � P" P "Ru03BCR" Su040ARu0405Ru0455 Su0403 P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, Ru0455Ru0458 In "Ru0459R � F � Ru040ER � C-3B" Ru0491R "Su040F Ru0454R � F � P � C … ft Ru0405Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0455Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402R � F � C � Ru0455Su0402R Su0403Ru0457Su0453S, Ru0405ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455R n
umber Su0403Ru0406Su040FR � Re. PC Re Su0403Ru0457Su0453S, Ru0405ReRu0454Re Ru0491Ru0455R "u00D0 u00B6 Ru0405S <P u00B1 C <C, Su040A pep � Ru0456Ru0455S, Ru0455Ru0406R" Ru03BCRu0405S <PI Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S u2020 Ru03BC 2013 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R �, Su0403 Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R "Ru03BCRu0491Su0453Su040BS u2030 ReRu0458 Ru0457R � Su0402Ru0405S <Cosmosblack P � P � Ru0457Su0453Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458.

— Ru0459R Ru0454 Ru0455Su0402Ru0456R � � � Ru0405ReR � Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0406R � P � ReRu0458Ru0455Ru0491Ru03BCR number ft Ru0406ReRu03BC Su0403 Ru0454R � F � P � C … ft � F Ru0405Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R number ft Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455R number Ru0457Ru0455 "Ru0459R � F � Ru040ER � C, Su0453- 3 "?

— P 'Su0403Ru0455Ru0455S, Ru0406Ru03BCS, ft Ru0406ReRe Su0403 C "Su0453Ru0405Ru0454S ReSu040FRu0458Re u2020 P � P � � Ru0454R R � C u2021 ReRu0454R Ru0454R � F � F � C � … ft P � � Ru0405Su0403Ru0454R Su040F ft Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0405R � Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S, Su0402Ru0455R" ReSu0402Su0453Ru03BCS, Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru0405R � Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCS … Su040CS, P � Ru0457R � C …. P 'C u2020 Ru03BCR "Ru0455Ru0458 Su0453 Ru0405R Su0403 � C … Ru0455Su0402Ru0455S u20AC ReRu03BC Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405Su0403S, Su0402Su0453Ru0454S, ReRu0406Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0455S, Ru0405Ru0455S u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Su0403 Ru0454R � F � P � C … ft Ru0405Su0403Ru0454ReRu0458 P � P � P � P � � Ru0454R From u2021 ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0491R � Ru0405Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458Su0453 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, Su0453.

— P '� Ru0454R Ru0454Ru0455R number ft � F Ru0491ReRe Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, C <Ru0457Ru0455 C Ru03BCS … Ru0405Ru0455R "Ru0455Ru0456ReS Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Su0453 u2021 P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, Su0453 In" P u2022 Ru0405ReSu0403Ru03BCR u2116-Ru04521V? " Ru0459R Ru0454ReRu03BC � F � P � Ru0491R � C u2021 D Ru0455Ru0405 P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, Su0402Ru03BCS u20AC P � C, Su040A?

— Ru045CR � Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0458 P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, Ru03BC Ru0458S <P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCRu0458 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402Su040FS, Su040A Su0402Su040FRu0491 Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406S <C … Su0402Ru03BCS u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReR u2116. Ru045FSu0402R Ru0406Ru0491R � �, p PEP u00B6 u00B6 � Ru0405Su040A Ru0455Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCR Ru03BCS � F, � F u00B1 Su0402R Ru0455S, Su0453. P u2022 Su0403R "Re Ru0458S <Ru0406Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P" Ru03BC R � P � Ru0454R "P � Ru0491S <Ru0406R � P" Re Ru0406Ru0455R � Ru0458Ru0455R u00B6 Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402Ru0454Re Su0403 Ru0457Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455S u2030 Su040ASu040B Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Su0403Ru0457Su0453S, Ru0405ReRu0454R � C Ru03BCS … Ru0405Ru0455R "Ru0455Ru0456ReR number Ru0491Ru0455Ru0406S <Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0405R Ru0405Su0453R � u00B6 u00B1 Ru0405Su0453Su040B Ru0455Su0402R RES, Su0453 Su0403 Ru0457Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455S u2030 Su040ASu040B Su040CR" Ru03BCRu0454S, Su0402Ru0455Ru0457R "P � P � Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455R number Su0402Ru03BCR � Ru0454S, ReRu0406Ru0405Ru0455R number Su0453Su0403S, P Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0454Re � C, , the PS Su0403Ru03BCR number C u2021 P � Su0403 Su040CS, P � P � P � Ru0491R � C u2021 P � F u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, Su0402Ru03BCR � P "pep � Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405R � F u00B1 � C <ft Su0402Ru03BCRu03BC, Ru0405R Ru0491Su0402Su0453Ru0456ReS � F … Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � � � C � F C ….

Ru045CRu0455 Ru0458S <Ru0457Ru0455-Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCR u00B6 Ru0405Ru03BCRu0458Su0453 Su0402R � Su0403Su0403Ru0458R � C, � Su0402ReRu0406R Ru03BCRu0458 In "P u2022 Ru0405ReSu0403Ru03BCR u2116-Ru04521V" Ru0454R Ru0454 P � � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, � Ru0405R Ru0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0458Ru0455R u00B6 u00B1 R Ru0405Ru0455 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, Ru0455Ru0457Su0402Ru0455R Ru0455Ru0406R u00B1 � C, � F Su040A Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Su0403Ru0455Ru0405R "Su040ARu0405Su0453Su040B Ru0458Ru0455R u00B1 PEP" Su040ARu0405Su0453Su040B Su0403Ru0457Su0453S, Ru0405ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0406Su0453Su040B Su0403Ru0406Su040FR Su040A � � C u2021 Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCR P u00B1 Ru0455R "Su040AS u20AC Su0453Su040B Su0403Ru0457Su0453S, Ru0405ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0406Su0453Su040B P � Ru0405S, Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Su0453. Ru045FRu0455Ru0491Ru0455R u00B1 Ru0405S <Ru03BC C Ru03BCS … Ru0405Ru0455R "Ru0455Ru0456ReRe, PI C u2021 P � ft Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Re, Su0402Ru03BCR � P" pep � Ru0455Ru0406R � Ru0405S <Ru0405R � F � P � u00B1 Su0402Su0453R Ru03BCR u00B6 Ru0405S <P � C … Ru0457Ru0457R � Su0402R � C, P � C … In "Ru045ESu0453Su0402R � F number Su040FV" D In the "P" P � � The Su0402Su0453Ru0491R. " Ru045CR � C … Ru0455Ru0491Su040FSu0403Su040A Ru0405R Ru0456Ru03BCRu0455Su0403S �, F � C � u2020 ReRu0455Ru0405R Su0402Ru0405S <C … Ru0455Su0402R u00B1 res, P � C … Ru0455Ru0405Re ReRu0458Ru03BCSu040BS, P u00B1 Ru0455R "Su040AS u20AC ReRu03BC Ru0458Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455R" ft u2021 Ru03BCRu0406S <Ru03BC P � Ru0405S, Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <Re, Su0403Ru0455Ru0455S, Ru0406Ru03BCS, ft Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455, Ru0458Ru0455Ru0456Su0453S, Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, P � C, Su040A, P u00B1 P "P � � Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R Su0402Su040F Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0458Su0453, Su0403 Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491Ru0406ReR u00B6 Ru0405S <Ru0458Re Ru0455R u00B1 Su0409Ru03BCRu0454S, P � Ru0458Re. Ru045ERu0455 Ru03BCSu0403S, Su040A Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0405R � Ru0491Ru0455 ft Ru0406ReS � F, � F Su040A Ru0405S, Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Su0453, Ru0405R � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491ReS, Su040A Ru0405R � Ru0405Ru03BCRu03BC. R'S <Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, P � Ru03BCS, Su0403 Ru0455R u00B1 C <u2021 Ru0405Ru0455R number C u00B1 Su0402Su0453R Ru0454Ru0455R u2116, C u2021 ft Su040A P u00B1 Ru0455R "Su040AS u20AC Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 Su0402R � F � Ru0458Ru03BCSu0402R �, C u2021 u00B1 Ru03BCRu0458 Ru0458Ru0455R PEP "Su040ARu0405ReRu0454.

Ru040ERu03BCRu0456Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Su040F Ru0458S <Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491R "P � � Ru0456R Ru03BCRu0458 Su040CS, Pe Pe u2030 Ru0406Ru03BCS Ru0455Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402R � C, � Ru0455Su0402R Cosmosblack Re Ru0457Ru0455Ru0454R � F � C <Ru0406R � Ru03BCRu0458 Ru0457Ru0455S, Ru03BCRu0405S PEP u2020 � P" Su040ARu0405Su0453Su040B Ru0406Ru0455R � Ru0458Ru0455R u00B6 Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A Su040CS , Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0491Ru03BCR "P �. P "� Su0453Ru0458R Su040B, P � Ru0491Ru03BCSu0403Su040A Su0403ReS, Su0453R � C u00B1 R u2020 ReSu040F Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, Ru0457Ru0455S … Ru0455R u00B6 R � � Ru0405R ReSu0403S, Ru0455Su0402ReSu040B Su0403 P" P> Ru045BRu045CRu0452Ru040ERu040E. P "� Ru0455Su0403Su0453Ru0491R Su0402Su0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 Su0403Ru0455R � Ru0491R � Ru03BCS, Ru0405Ru03BCRu0454Su0453Su040B C Ru03BCS … Ru0405Ru0455R" Ru0455Ru0456ReS Ru03BCS
u0403Ru0454Su0453Su040B u2021 P u00B1 P � P � Su0453, P � Ru0457Ru0455S, Ru0455Ru0458Su0453 Ru0454 Ru0405Ru03BCR number Ru0457Su0402ReS … Ru0455Ru0491ReS, Ru0458Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0458Ru03BCSu0402S u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454ReS Ru0491Ru0455Ru0457Ru0455R … " Ru0405Ru03BCRu0405ReR u2116.

In the "P u2022 Ru0405ReSu0403Ru03BCR u2116-Ru04521V" P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, Ru0456Ru0455S, Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru0455Su0403S, P � Ru0406R "Su040FS, Su040A Su0453Su0403R" Su0453Ru0456Re Ru0458Ru0455R u00B1 PEP "Su040ARu0405Ru0455R number C Ru03BCR" Ru03BCS "Ru0455Ru0405Ru0405Ru0455R number Su0403Ru0406Su040FR � Re Re Su0453Su0403R" Su0453Ru0456Re Ru0455R u00B1 C <u2021 Ru0405Ru0455R number Su0403Ru0406Su040FR � Re.

— Ru0459Ru0455Ru0456Ru0491R Ru0406Ru0455R � � u00B6 Ru0458Ru0455R Just Installed Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 P � P � Ru0457Su0453Su0403Ru0454?

— R R R � u00B1 Ru0455S, C <Ru0405R Ru0491 P � � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, Ru0455Ru0458 P � P � Ru0457R "P � � Ru0405ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405S <P u00A4 Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCSu0402R � P" Su040ARu0405Ru0455R number Ru0454Ru0455Su0403Ru0458ReS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455R number Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0456Su0402R � Ru0458Ru0458Ru0455R u2116, Su0402R Su0403Su0403S � u2021 res, P � � Ru0405Ru0405Ru0455R number Ru0405R Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402ReRu0455Ru0491 Ru0491Ru0455 2015 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R �. Ru045BRu0491Ru0405R � � Ru0454Ru0455 Su0403R Cosmosblack P � P � Ru0457Su0453Su0403Ru0454, Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402Ru0455Su040FS, Ru0405Ru0455, Su0403Ru0455Su0403S, Ru0455ReS, Su0403Su040F Su0453R u00B6 Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R "Ru03BC 2015 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R �.



Ru040ERu0457Su0402R Ru0406Ru0454R � �.

In Ru045BRu0452Ru045B "P Ru0405S" Ru0455Su0402Ru0458R � C u2020 ReRu0455Ru0405Ru0405S <Ru03BC Su0403Ru0457Su0453S, Ru0405ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0406S <Ru03BC Su0403ReSu0403S, Ru03BCRu0458S <B "ReRu0458Ru03BCRu0405Re Ru0454R P � � � Ru0491Ru03BCRu0458ReRu0454R Ru045A.R u00A4. VR Ru03BCS u20AC Ru03BCS, Ru0405S'Ru0406R � B" u00E2 u20AC " Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Ru0455 pep � Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Su0453S u2030 res … Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru0457Su0402ReSu040FS, PEP number Su0402Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReR number Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R number Ru0454Ru0455Su0403Ru0458ReS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455R number Ru0455S, Su0402R � Su0403R "Re.

In Ru045BRu0452Ru045B "P Ru040ERu040EV" Ru0406R "Ru0491Ru03BCRu03BCS � F, C, … Ru03BCS Ru0405Ru0455R" Ru0455Ru0456ReSu040FRu0458Re Ru0457Ru0455R "Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 C u2020 ReRu0454R" P � � Su0403Ru0455R � Ru0491R Ru0405ReSu040F Ru0454Ru0455Su0403Ru0458ReS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454ReS … Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R "Ru03BCRu0454Su0403Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0455S, Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405ReSu040F Ru0491Ru0455 Su0453Ru0457Su0402R � � Ru0406R "Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0459Ru0452 Ru0405R � Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCS … Ru0455Su0402R u00B1 res, P … � C u00E2 u20AC" Ru0455S, Ru0405ReR � Ru0454ReS Ru0454Su0402Su0453Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406S … <… Ru0491Ru0455 Ru0456Ru03BCRu0455Su0403S C, F � C � u2020 ReRu0455Ru0405R Su0402Ru0405S <C ….

PP � Ru0406Su0402Ru03BCRu0458Su040F Su0403Ru0406Ru0455Ru03BCR number Ru0491Ru03BCSu040FS, Ru03BCR "Su040ARu0405Ru0455Su0403S, Ryo Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru0457Su0402ReSu040FS, ReRu03BC Ru0457Su0402ReRu0405ReRu0458R � P" the PS ft u2021 P � ft ReRu03BC Su0402Ru03BCR PI � P "pep � P � C u00B1 R u2020 ReRe Ru0455R" Ru03BCRu03BC C u2021 Ru03BCRu0458 30V Ru0454Ru0455Su0403Ru0458ReS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454ReS … Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0456Su0402R � Ru0458Ru0458 PI Ru0455R u00B1 P "P � ft Su040FS … Su0403Ru0406Su040FR � Re, Su0402Ru03BCS, Su0402R � Ru0405Su0403R" Su040FS u2020 ReRe C Ru03BCR "Ru03BCRu0406ReRu0491Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F, Ru0405R � Ru0406ReRu0456R � C u2020 ReRe, Ru0456Ru03BCRu0455Ru0491Ru03BCR � ReRe Re Ru0405R � u2021 ft Ru0405S <C … ReSu0403Su0403R "Ru03BCRu0491Ru0455Ru0406R � Ru0405ReR u2116. R'S <P "the PS Su0403Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � Ru0405Ru0455, pep � Ru0456Ru0455S, Ru0455Ru0406R" Ru03BCRu0405Ru0455 Re P � P � u2030 Ru0457Su0453S Ru03BCRu0405Ru0455 Ru0457Ru0455Su0402Su040FRu0491Ru0454R 50V Su0402R � � P � P "res Ru0405S u2021 <C … C u2021 ReRu0457Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0454Ru0455Su0403Ru0458ReS Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454ReS … P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, Ru0455Ru0406, Ru0455S, P 'res u2021 u2030 P � Su040BS rest … Su0403Su040F Ru0406S <Su0403Ru0455Ru0454Ru0455R number Ru0405R � u00B6 Ru0491Ru03BCR Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040ASu040B roar Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru0405R � F � Ru0405R � C u2021 Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <C … Ru0491R "Su040F ReSu0403Ru0457Ru0455R "Su040AR � Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405ReSu040F Ru0405R � � � Ru0405ReR Ru0454Ru0455R number Ru0454Su0402Su0453Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455R u2116, Ru0454Su0402Su0453Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455R u2116, Ru0406S <Su0403Ru0455Ru0454Ru0455Su040CR" P "ReRu0457S, the Republic u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455R number Ru0456Ru03BCRu0455Su0403S roar, F � C � u2020 ReRu0455Ru0405R Su0402Ru0405S <C … Ru0455Su0402R u00B1 res, P � C ….

Ru045CR � 1 Ru0455Ru0454S, Su040FR u00B1 2012V Su0402Su040F Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R Ru0455Su0402R � u00B1 res, P � P "� Su040ARu0405R Su040F Ru0456Su0402Su0453Ru0457Ru0457ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru0454R � Ru0454Ru0455Su0403Ru0458ReS Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454ReS … u2021 P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, � F Ru0455Ru0406 Su0402R � Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, Ru0454Re Re Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Su0403S, Ru0406R � Ru045BRu0452Ru045BV In "P Ru040ERu040EV" Su0403Ru0455Su0403S, P � Ru0406R "Su040FRu03BCS, 81B Ru0459Ru0452. R R � Ru0405ReS … Su0403Ru0406Ru0455Ru03BC C u2020 Ru03BCR "Ru03BCRu0406Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0405R � F � Ru0405R � C u2021 Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC Ru0406S <Ru0457Ru0455R" Ru0405Su040FSu040BS, 52B Ru0459Ru0452.

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