The presidential administration has gone to the people

The representatives of the presidential administration this week to conduct a personal reception of citizens in different regions of Belarus. The campaign is part of the monitoring authorities at different levels with the population of the country. In the Leninsky district of Minsk met with residents of the capital head of the work with citizens Stanislav Buko.

First wishing to get an appointment with a representative administration began lining up two hours before the start of the reception. Noisy crowd at the entrance to the building of the district administration soon invited to the assembly hall, where people continued to express their concerns and grievances duty officer, a friend of a friend and correspondent of the "Freedom":

Mrs."I am very grateful that you've been paying attention to my existence, because I have no one pays attention, and I do not live and exist in his apartment. After all, I got in touch with the construction company, through which I can not move into a new apartment. I am forever addressing this issue, but have no result. "

Reporter"How many years do you go and what chain of command?"

Mr."My name is Basil T. Ostapenko. Past two years I go on a variety of instances, because I Chernobylets of Bragin district, and I live in bomzhatnik. Minsk City Executive Committee in one housing policy can not find me 14 meters of living space. A appealed to the district office, I was put on a waiting list — 13 thousand three hundred and thirteenth'll see what I say here, if you do not solve the issue, then violated my rights. then I will go to the Strasbourg court. "

Reporter"Or do you hope today to solve a problem that come from?"

Mrs."I came on court cases. According to the constitution, my rights have been violated. Since the President is the guarantor of the Constitution, then I'll refer to him as the representative of the guarantor of the Constitution. "

According to the schedule, Stanislav Buko, together with the head of the district administration had to hold a meeting to the 14th hour of the day. However, at this time was yet an appointment and turn almost did not decrease, the employee of the Leninsky District Executive Committee Galina Pasko:

In the vast majority of people who come repeatedly failing to resolve their issues before.

— At the moment, 103 people signed up, but that's not all — this is a turn and the recording continues. A variety of issues — housing, legal, hereditary, and many others — very different. People from different parts of Minsk, but mostly — from our Leninsky district. In the vast majority of people who come repeatedly failing to resolve their issues before.

— Have you used these techniques?

— Not for the first time.

— How do you evaluate them in terms of effectiveness and efficiency?

— Wait and see how effective. Definite conclusions to be made, certain issues will be resolved, but the ones that are within the law — you know perfectly well.

Head of the Administration Vladimir Mackay said that the first phase of the campaign has already made proposals to the President regarding organizational changes and personnel changes. However, many citizens called the company the next formalism and little hope for its effectiveness:

"My name is Valentin, a disabled Army. I have come here with their painful problems, because all chaos. Friend of a friend" roof "does not want to accept the decision, send each other. Seven years I go through Hell and everywhere alone replies. Fact today lives by the power of his ideas and motives. "

Mrs.: "There is no hope for the results of this method, we do not, we have come and talked with people, and indeed some of the results we hardly wait. It seems that all this is done for the next "tick".

Meanwhile, the head of the presidential administration said that a reception of citizens senior officials will be carried out in several stages. Vladimir Mackay will meet the residents of the Central district of Minsk on July 16. Many associate hiking administration officials in the nation with the preparations for the presidential election.



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