The prosecutor's office could not send a believer in the army

College of the Gomel Regional Court rejected the prosecutor's office to protest the verdict against the Central area of the believer, "Jehovah's Witnesses" Dmitry Smyk.

May 31 judge of the Central District Elena Tsalkova recognized believer Smyk guilty of evading military service under Article 435 of the Criminal Code — the actions of the believer there was no corpus delicti.

Regional Prosecutor's Office disagreed with the verdict and issued a protest, which was rejected today and Gomel Regional Court.

The criminal case against Dmitry Smyk in the central court of Homel examined twice. In November last year, the chairman of the court Gregory Dmitrienko punish the believer for evading military service by a fine of 3.5 million rubles. The Regional Court upheld the verdict, but later after the protest of the Supreme Court quashed the fine and sent criminal case against the believer for a new trial.

If you re considering the state prosecutor, the prosecutor of the Central District Igor Kupchin again demanded fine believer in the same large sum, as well as the first time.

According to the prosecutor, Dmitry Smyk allegedly chose the "convenient religion." From childhood he was, they say, was not raised in a religious family — "the army came — came and religion."

"It's hard to say what guided prosecutors apratestovvayuchy verdict.'m Glad that the court has come into legal force, so justbiratelstvo lasted intermittently for a year. I do not refuse to do their duty to the state. I just want their religious beliefs to perform alternative service guaranteed by the Constitution, "- said Dmitry Smyk Gomel believer.



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