The prosecutor asked the sick, Dmitrieva, Fyaduta, Wozniak, Rymasheuski, Palazhanka probation

May 17 Frunze district court of Minsk continued to hear the case of former presidential candidates Vladimir Neklyaeva andVital Rymasheuski, as well as members of staff Neklyaeva Andrey Dmitriev, Alexander Fyaduta andSergei Wozniak yes activist Anastasia Palazhanka.

19:35 The meeting is over. Continue tomorrow, May 18, at 10 am.

19:00 — 19:20 Dmitrieva performs lawyer Irina Minin. Among other things, says — "in the column of supporters Neklyaeva some girls were bunny ears. I can hardly believe that they wore them to do illegal activities and to fight with the police. " Lawyer asks his client to fully justify Andrey Dmitriev

17:50 Acts lawyer Svetlana Fyaduta Laboha. She asks to distinguish actions of staff Neklyaeva glass and beating some individuals. Turning to the specific actions of the defendant.

17:15 Wozniak speaks lawyer Larissa Atamanchuk. It focuses on the attack on protesters in the street The collector. By the testimony of the traffic police have to be critical — they are interested. She does not understand on what basis the traffic police blocked the road, on what basis would make a survey of transport. No records had not been made. Witnesses told police about the people in the black, it was law enforcement officers. They are suddenly attacked, used physical force and special means, put people in the snow — on what basis? They acted unlawfully. The lawyer asked the court to acquit his client Wozniak.

17:00 The prosecutor asked:
Nyaklyaeu— 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 2 years.
Dmitrieva— 3 years imprisonment suspended for a period of 2 years vyprabavavchym.
Fyaduta— 2 years probation with vyprabavavchym for 2 years.
Wozniak— 2 years of imprisonment in the direction of open type institution, suspended for 2 years.
Rymasheuski— 2 years imprisonment suspended for a period of 2 years vyprabavavchym.
Palazhanka— 1 year 6 months probation with vyprabavavchym for 1 year.

16:15 — 16:55
Prosecutor Andrey Kozhevnikov begins litigation. He says that for violations of the law provides for liability in a legal state. The defendants have acted against the public order. The role of each specified in the charges. Schematically, recalls that someone charged. None of the defendants actually did not admit guilt. The accused Wozniak has given untruthful testimony about the money, the prosecutor said.

Prosecutor describes what happened on December 19, lists videos, documents, proof of the corollary. He says that some of the defendants shouted slogans chanted some phrases. Describes the column exit the roadway, traffic police break the chain, about the performance of the ex-candidate. Indications of traffic police, according to the prosecutor, fully confirmed by video footage. According to the prosecutor, on The collector has also been disobeying traffic police. Not given to inspect the car with sound-amplifying equipment, was an attempt to push the police car. There was an explosion, Special Forces in uniform dress tried to stop the insubordination. The requirements of the authorities have been ignored, so the force was used. Testimony of witnesses and video evidence that the defendants have repeatedly called on people to come to the area — said the prosecutor.

Prosecutor: Witness accounts and video recordings show that the defendants have repeatedly called on people to take to the streets. Speaks about wine Palazhanka which confirmed her as witnesses: Anastasia Loikaw, Nikolai Demidenko, as well as records of her notebook. It seems to be actively involved in the placement of people. Fault of others is also fully confirmed by the materials of the case (the list is long). In Minsk city executive committee did not receive bids to host events, the accused was aware of the inadmissibility of the shares in the central squares, the candidates have been issued warnings.

The prosecutor claims that all of these factors have led to cruel, brutal beating of glasses at the Government House. The defendants knew that a large crowd of people to this result. The fact of collusion Fyaduta, Neklyaeva, Dmitrieva and Wozniak confirmed by numerous documents of the campaign "Tell the Truth." There were two scenarios: "Area. Victory "and" Change is here and now. " Again, the prosecutor goes to the documents and concepts of "Tell the Truth" and says that this is evidence of a plot of four defendants.

Prosecutor moves to another article that accused Wozniak: about money. The proof is in, and the phone conversation between Wozniak and Gavel. Wines of all six defendants proved completely, said the prosecutor. In imposing sentence Nyaklyaeu zmyagchalnyh circumstances not only eats atsyagchalnyya — conspiracy. Correction of the accused may not isolated from society — said the prosecutor.

15:50 adjourned to 15 minutes. Then — litigation.

15:45 Lawyer Sidorenko Requests to adduce links to media stories about the detention Neklyaeva and attach handling of the Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko. The prosecutor objected to attach media materials, and against the treatment of Yevtushenko does not mind. Judge refuses to join, and media, and the treatment Yevtushenko. Fyaduta reads the appeal of the world culture (including the Nobel Prize V.Shymborskay) Neklyaeva to release from house arrest. Prosecutor v — an appeal document are not certified. The judge decides not to join appeal of the world culture to the point.

15:30 Bukshtynav asks questions Nyaklyaeu
his attempts to get to the All-Belarusian People's Assembly. Nekljaev very detailed and emotionally recounts. They collected 27,000 signatures for Neklyaeva delegation to the meeting. There he would present his election program and ask people, or worse it for the program Lukashenko. Bukshtynav asks how many days Nekljaev in custody. He said that 40 days. And there was not a single meeting with a lawyer. There are not asked questions of the investigator — is meaningless.

15:25 The Court returns to the hearing of witnesses. Sergei Paul polytechnic college student. Palazhanka knows. Tells the story of the apartment, where spent the night, as there was. Was on the forecourt, then went to October Square. The purpose — to express "peaceful protest". The decision to come to the action taken by himself. The court decided to complete listening witnesses.

15:20 The prosecutor asked about the facilities. Wozniak says that organized the delivery of money for "GP": they went to the aid of victims of the fire at "Pinskdrev" edition of the book "100 Faces of unemployment," a campaign to rename the street after Bykov. On the financing area of speech was not conducted, and it has never been done. Wozniak ready to answer for what he did. But will not answer questions that are irrelevant to the case. Svetlana Laboha Fyaduta asked to explain the difference between "SE" and the pre-election campaign. Fyaduta recounts. Fyaduta filyazofstvue about the similarities and not padobnastsi portraits, even if there is a way, more discrepancies.

15:00 In drawing up the verbal portraits Wozniak were also violations. Lawyer Larissa Atamachuk opposes the inspection portraits. The judge insists. Show two portraits with handwritten text, made by the description Wozniak. Wozniak
says that the evidence extracted from the violation of the criminal procedure law. According to the prosecutor, the portraits made by various defendants are similar. And they could not agree. Faces look alike, insists prosecutor.

The prosecutor insisted on reading out Wozniak from the case because of the controversy. Wozniak opposed. The prosecutor requested is supposed to finance developments in the area. Wozniak says no. Insists that it is not involved in the company of political functions, and with the organizational and technical matters.

14:55 Prosecutor re-read the statements Dmitrieva steam alleged plan area. Lawyer focuses on the words "planned," "expected" … She sees no essential contradictions in the testimony.

The prosecutor goes on to Wozniak. asks, how does it relate to the document. Wozniak says that he joined the company "GP" in November 2009, and could not physically participate in the elaboration of the document in August 2009. Scenarios discussed in Lithuania around November 2010, when Wozniak was already a member of the initiative group Neklyaeva.

14:45 Accused Dmitrieva Fyaduta echoed testimony that he said them or supplemented. The prosecutor read fragments of evidence about leadership Neklyaeva the square. Lawyer Dmitrieva Minin notes that all these documents were declarative in nature. The only thing that goes through all of the documents — the area should be peaceful.

14:35 Dmitriev for the second time proves that these portraits are not relevant to the case. Lawyers read out excerpts from the legislation concerning the inadmissibility of bringing evidence obtained in violation. Attorney defends and insists.
The judge said that will be inspected the entire case file, including portraits. The screen someone Andrzej (pencil drawing), at the bottom of handwriting Dmitrieva. The judge asked to comment on the Dmitrieva, he refuses. Lawyer emphasis on the word "supposed" — that does not mean that the area has been funding. Especially in the area were not any signs that the area was funded. The judge insists voice in the written documents of the controversy. The prosecutor reads.

14:30 The prosecutor asks questions regarding verbal portraits composed Dmitrieva. Lawyer Laboha opposed — no sources of these portraits. The Prosecutor submits that the sources are. Other attorneys also support: documents drawn up without the presence of defense. Dmitriev is explaining that he is accused of organizing activities that violate the order. And portraits do not have to do with it. The prosecutor insisted.

14:20 lawyer Svetlana Laboha declares a number of applications: to adduce documents the campaign "Tell the Truth" and other documents.
Nekljaev also supports attach to the case stated the petition. The judge believes that certain acts of legislation is in the public domain, therefore denies. Certificate Fyaduta as trustee Neklyaeva affiliates, the status of "GP" denied attach. Dmitriev refuses to give evidence in this regard.

14:05 After the lunch break, the judge makes the observation that the defense is a bit misleading the court, and attaches to the case resolution. Wozniak lawyer Larissa Atamanchuk makes a request to return Wozniak substance that was found in his briefcase at withdrawal May 18, 2010, including personal funds in the amount of 9,000 dollars. Judge denies: the court will decide the fate of later evidence.

13:15 After a short break Neklyaeva brought under police escort, who joked: "Ustvats! Court is in session! " Adjourned to 14 hours.

12:35 Lawyer Larissa Atamanchuk tells about the events of May 18, 2010, when Nekljaev, Wozniak, Dmitriev and others were arrested as leaders of "Tell the Truth", confiscated equipment and facilities. But the proceedings in the case was terminated after 10 months. So the lawyer asks to join his request — not to consider these case files. Nekljaev support to stop the direction that took the prosecutor.

Lawyer Laboha asks what is the subject of the study? This is a document of "Tell the truth." Lawyer Bukshtynav support: This material is stopped by the proceedings. The prosecutor insisted sharply. The judge asks you not to get personal and announces a break for 10 minutes.

12:25 The last meeting of staff was 11 or December 12. The first speaker was Fyaduta who spoke on October Square, but there was an ice rink. Could be increased injuries. The variant of the movement of people on Independence Square (expected to pass a resolution to Prime Minister). The area was supposed to hold a maximum of 3 days. Fyaduta admits he understood that the event will not be sanctioned. He knew of the Prosecutor General's warning Neklyaeva understood that there may be an obstacle to traffic. Fyaduta said, confirming the testimony sounded. Counsel requests to read the last three paragraphs of the interrogation. The meaning: the action on the area was not a continuation of the campaign "Tell the Truth", and the continuation of the campaign. It comments that made Fyaduta. Fyaduta explains that the combination of scenarios was not.

12:20 Judge Requests to read only what is the size and the pre-election campaign. Attorney still insists on financing. The prosecutor read the testimony Fyaduta about writing a document with Naumova, Dmitrieva, Slutskaya and other document was written in one of the resorts in Poland. Featured in the amount of $ 16.5 million. Then the amount was reduced to $ 4.5 million. There was a point and preparation of a peaceful protest, we considered two options.

11:50 Fyaduta says that if the court will continue to insist on disclosure of material obtained under such circumstances, he asked him to change the content of the measure, or to leave the room. The screen shows a pencil-drawn portraits signed by the names of American actors. Fyaduta explains about nicknames, which is signed by his friends. Fyaduta reiterates that asks for permission to leave the room because of contempt of court. He refuses to give evidence. The prosecutor asked to voice the interrogation report of May 30, which deals with the financing. The lawyer Svetlana Laboha against. Anastasia Palazhanka says she does not understand how it relates to the whole process, what have the company of "Tell the Truth"? Palazhanka asks the court to weigh, why treat it. The judge announced a break for 10 minutes

11:45 Fyaduta explains the circumstances under which these portraits were made. He's talking about the so-called "informal conversations" held with him. Individuals who conducted them, and brought the most severe printing papers, said that the hearing will be closed, the role Fyaduta known for these items will go to other colleagues. Consult with a lawyer is not allowed. Time for reflection was given 15 minutes. Therefore Fyaduta prybegnuv to one of the options: he could speak the truth. Next Fyaduta says he was hacked skype .. Fyaduta says it is worried. Without a lawyer, and notices that it conducted investigations, Fyaduta were asked to make a verbal portraits. On the table lay the article of the Criminal Code: treason, espionage, the soft — the riots.

11:40 Fyaduta Reiterates its request to clarify what media and when the document was withdrawn. He says that all drafts of documents were in police after taking office on May 18. And they can not be used as evidence of guilt. Otherwise, the responsibility for what is not imme
diately began investigations if there was something illegal, is in law enforcement. The prosecutor wants to read the subjective verbal portraits, drawn by four Feduta colleagues. The lawyer Svetlana Laboha retorts they are not related to the case.

11:35 lawyer Svetlana Laboha says that it is a draft document. There is no question about the scenario of specific actions that could lead to a breach of the order. She says that this information is extracted from the violation of the law, if a defendant has been deprived of the right to defense. Nekljaev says that 99 percent of the campaign was done "Tell the Truth" and not for pre-election campaign. The case against the company's "Tell the Truth" is closed. Why Attorney returns to these documents?

11:30 The prosecutor read the testimony Fyaduta. He started the project, but then his head was Dmitriev. Describes how the planned march. Fyaduta explains terms of funding — is not the subject of the study. He says that his testimony during the investigation can not be evidence. Let the investigation will show images of poor quality though, as he was carrying drugs or the customs declaration on the movement of money. The prosecutor read out the minutes of the interrogation Fyaduta other. According to the prosecutor, there Fyaduta explain which parts of the concept of someone prepared.

11:20 The judge asked how the number of dated reports. Prosecutor calls on Jan. 14. The judge decides to read the interrogation report. The prosecutor read out: "One of the authors of the document are i … Also Naumova, Dmitriev, lab data, "Novak" in use "

11:05 The prosecutor asked whether Fyaduta relates to the concept that there is in the record. Lawyers Sidorenko and Laboha asked to specify the name of the document. The prosecutor is interested again, had the accused Fyaduta relevant to the development of this document, where there is mention of the square. Fyaduta wondered where to get the document. He already had a conversation with the investigator, and he promised to come back to later. Fyaduta explains that documents of this kind assumed several scenarios.

Insists that he was told what media filmed the document if there is his signature. The judge said that the document was created in 2009. Fyaduta again insists he does not know where the shot that document. Nekljaev clarifies that such documents (the concept of further development of the country) are usually developed not by one person. And there is another question: whether he was adopted? The prosecutor asked whether Fyaduta for settlement, how much will cost the area. Fyaduta said no, the calculations it can not do.

10:50 The prosecutor said that the events on the collecting enough understood. Lawyer Bukshtynav requests that disc with recordings at the collector to the point, since it's a different look, a different operator takes pictures. Fyaduta support, proves why. Judge refuses to adduce and see drive, shot BelaPAN.

10:40In the courtroom, about three dozen young people — students or BRSMovtsy. Listen attentively to the candidate debates. Candidates come out with a 30-sekundnym last treatment. Sannikov calls on the square. Romanchuk said that we will meet the 19th in the city center.

Rymashevski calls on the 19th at 20 pm to meet again. The general said that "December 19 — the day of the big cleaning … It is true that stole "

Debating whether to watch a movie BT "iron on the glass." Prosecutor v.. Nekljaev also says he does not want to see. Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko BelaPAN asked to watch a movie that clearly filmed the incident on The collector street.

10:20 New video — Independence Square. One man hits the glass. Several people climbed the stairs. Glass has a guy with glasses board. It can be seen that the door from the inside made cabinets. Middle-aged man in a sheepskin cap and hit his gloved hands. Slogans heard "Long live Belarus!", "Freedom!" Nekljaev says that when the show five minutes one person who has it is not a riot. His long could "tie."

10:10In the video, hear the sound reinforcement with a car, law enforcement officials are warning about unauthorized nature of the action. Vitaly Rymashevski acts. Requires a democratic election without Lukashenko. In the picture appears Kaljakin. Says the iPad for. Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko makes an observation that is not designated time frames.

10:05 Session began. Today in court — the continuation of the case study video. Demonstrate a movie about the events on October Square in the evening of December 19. Candidates appear near the Palace of Trade Unions. The crowd goes on the roadway. In the frame — Khalip peramavlyaetstsa with the traffic police.

Judge — Zhukovsky;
Prosecutor — Kozhevnikov;
Lawyers: Atamanchuk, Laboha, P., Savic, Sidorenko, Bukshtynav, Irina Minin.

Courts for Square
The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka.

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• The second day
• The third day
• The fourth day
• The fifth day
• Sixth Day
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• Eighth Day

Sergei Wozniak

He was born on April 14, 1962 Editor in Chief of the newspaper "Comrade", social activist, member of the NGO "Belarusian Association of Journalists." He was one of the organizers of the creation of the Communist Party of Belarus, in 2009 renamed the Belarusian United Left Party "Fair World".

During the presidential election of 2010, he worked at the headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva.

He was arrested on Dec. 20 in his apartment and placed in the KGB detention center. In late December, he was charged in a criminal case — "riots."

From December 29 to change the measure of restraint on his own recognizance.

March 30, 2011, the charges reworded to "organize activities that breach public order, or participate in them."

Andrey Dmitriev
He was born on May 17, 1981 in Minsk. He studied at the European Humanities University in the Faculty of Philosophy. In 2000-2001. served in the military. Since 2001 — Member of the UCP.

He was detained among other activists May 18, 2010, when the authorities tried to disperse the civil campaign "Tell the Truth," in which Andrew attended.

In 2005-2009. had his own business, he was director of the consulting company.

Supervised staff of the candidate for the presidency of Vladimir Neklyaeva. Detained on the night of Dec. 20 after a protest in the center of Minsk, the accused under article — "riots." January 3, 2011 released from the KGB jail on bail. March 30 indictment restated — "organization activities that breach public order, or participate in them."

A candidate for the presidency in 2010 was born July 11, 1946 in Smorgon.

In 2010 initiated the establishment of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth", which the authorities later denied registration.

December 19 was beaten to unconsciousness in the center of Minsk on the way to a peaceful protest. With traumatic brain injury in hospital emergency room. A few hours later there was abducted by members of the security services.

Was in the KGB detention center, has been charged under article "riots." Since beating on December 19 before being transferred to house arrest on January 29 suffered four hypertensive crisis and have not had the opportunity to meet with a lawyer.

February 17th general meeting of the PEN Centre has decided to allocate it to the Nobel Prize.

March 30 indictment reformulated to "organize activities that breach public order, or participate in them."

Anastasia Palazhanka
Deputy chairman of the "Young Front". Nastia was born on August 2, 1990 in Minsk. From 1997 to 2008. studied at the 73rd Minsk school. Since 2008 — a student of Philosophy and Political Science of the European Humanities University.

After the action in the Square Anastasia was arrested at home in 3 hours and 20 minutes of the night. Capturing the 20-year-old girl was carried out by fifteen of the KGB. Anastasia is accused of organizing mass riots and participating in them.

February 17 evening released on his own recognizance.

March 8 became the first Belarusian, who won the International Woman of Courage Award. The award was presented by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

March 30 indictment reformulated to "organize activities that breach public order, or participate in them."


Alexander Fyaduta
The journalist, candidate of philological sciences, social activist. In 1994 he was a member of the election headquarters of A. Lukashenko, after the victory which was the chief of the social and political information of the Presidential Administration. In 1995, he joined the opposition.

During the 2010 presidential election was the headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva. He was arrested on Dec. 20 in his apartment and placed in the KGB detention center. In late December, he was charged in a criminal case — "riots."

March 30 perafarmulyavali charge on Part 1 of Article 342 of the Criminal Code — "the organization of activities that breach public order, or participate in them."

April 8 released on his own recognizance.

Vitaly Rymashevski
Born in Minsk on March 3, 1975. He is married and has a daughter. Civil engineer, in 1997 he graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University.

During the years 2002-2004. Member of the Presidium of the Belarusian National Youth Council of Public Organizations "glad". One of the leaders of "In defense of freedom of conscience and religion in Belarus." The head of the Minsk organization created by the BCD, co-chairman of the organizing committee of the party.

One of the candidates for the presidency in 2010 during the rally on December 19 at the Independence Square beaten by riot police. Detained during the dispersal of the rally has been placed in the KGB detention center, charged under Art. 293 of the Criminal Code. On December 31, 2010 — under house arrest.

March 30 indictment reformulated to "organize activities that breach public order, or participate in them."


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