The reliability of hydraulic structures Irganaiskaya power plant (Dagestan) is increased

To enter Irganaiskaya power plant into operation continues with the construction and assembly work at the station. As RIA "Dagestan", the press service of the Dagestan branch of JSC "RusHydro" willingness of the first stage of the station is estimated as almost wholly.

Last year the energy was commissioned and carried out a number of important input for hydraulic structure of objects. Among them underground complex earthen dams, water-supply path and the service spillway, and a complex system of plant safety.

"Among the works that directly affect the efficient use of Irganayskaya waterworks, especially necessary to note curtain grouting reinforcement and restoration of drainage curtains in the side of the dam and the closures of the station site, — says the head of a separate division Irganayskaya plant Dagestan branch of JSC" RusHydro "Malamagomed Abdurahmanov. — The work we started in 2006, when the filling level of the reservoir Irganayskaya reached intermediate NPU 521 meter. Now, when they are fully completed, the filtering in the body of the dam fell several times and add up to less than half the value set of criteria. "

Currently Irganaiskaya power plant being excavated and concrete work on the chute and into the offtake channel. At the dam station installation continues piezometrian seismometric and test equipment, which will enable real-time monitoring of the state of the dam and its foundation.

"The work carried out in 2011 by order of" Sulak HydroCascade "and with the participation of project organizations specialized units LLC" Geoizol ", JSC" ChirkeyGESstroy "and JSC" Dagspetsstroyservis "significantly increased the reliability and safety of hydraulic structures Irganaiskaya power plant" — said the source .

For information, Irganayskaya Untsukul plant is located in the district of Dagestan on the river Avar Koisu. Construction of the plant began in 1977, the first unit was put into operation in 1998. Available capacity — 400 MW. The project installed capacity — 800 MW. The number of operating hydroelectric units — 2, the planned number of hydraulic units — 4. Annual electricity generation — 1.28 billion kWh. Construction of the first phase was completed in 2008. Power plant is built on the dam-derivation scheme. Is the largest diversion type hydropower plant in Russia. 

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