The Romans called the Serbs Rassiani — Russian

The Romans called the Serbs Rassiani (Rassiyane), and some call Ruizi (Rousseau), they themselves call themselves Rassane (on race or PCA) and Rashane, they also have a city race, held the title of Serbian zhupan RASSC. Illyrian Serbs even left the Galician or charvonoy Russia. Odnoplemennost Serbs Rousseau is evidenced by the fact that the Serbian language closest to the ancient Russian. Also the name: Beloserbiya, Belohorvatiya and Belarus or Croatia and Great-Great show close affinities of these nations.

And apart from that conclusion about the identity of the Serbs Russow, we see that most of Alan were Slavs, hence, a smaller part should be the same.

What of all this is the conclusion?

1) Russow called Scythians.
2) Russow named Sarmatians.
3) Russow called Alan.
4) Russow to Serbia.

But the Serbs called Alans, Alan — Sarmatians, Sarmatians — Scythians thus names: Scythians, Sarmatians, Alans, Rousseau, Serbs — are synonymous and are owned by or to the same people, or all of these tribal peoples together.

Let's try to make another conclusion based on the axiom that when two people of the tribal third, they are also tribal and each other. Following the tabulation of statistics, we can see that:
1) Russow called Scythians.
2) The Slavs called Scythians.
3) Russow named Sarmatians.
4) Slavs named Sarmatians.
5) Rus called Alan.
6) Slavs called Alan.

But fill up these findings are the following two:
First Sarmatians Sarmatians or Herodotus, said the Scythian language. Try to discover what was it Scythian language. Historians say that the Sarmatians, Scythians captivity and later beat the Scythians and dispersed throughout space called by their first name only then — Sarmatia, therefore, all the Sarmatians kept saying the same Scythian language, but in a different dialect, which is called the Scythians themselves corrupt, ie . unclean. Let's see how good it was Scythian language that speaks Sarmatians.

Here it is:
1) Anna Komnenoy Scythians, Leo the Deacon and Kinnama spoke Russian.
2) Tavroskify Constantine Porphyrogenitus spoke Russian.
3) Great Scythians Greek writers by Nestor spoke Russian.
4) Sarmatians (Rousseau) Halkokondily spoke Russian.
5) Alan (Rossi) in Georgian history — of course, Russian.
6) Sarmatians Pope Sylvester II spoke venedskim language, and language is a dialect venedsky Slavic.
7) Sarmatians (Yatsigi and Pannontsy) Am. Martz. and Blessed. Jerome spoke Slavic language.
8) Sarmatians (Anta), recognized by all of the Slavs, talking, of course, the Slavic language.
9) Sarmatians (Serbia) Pliny and Anton say and now the Slavic language.

Yegor Class: Ancient History of the Slavs, 1854

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