The rover first step on the red planet destroyed «crowning»

Do not regarded Martians test laser gun as a sign of warlike invasion earthlings?

"Curiosity" is killing laser.
Photo: AP

Mars rover "Kyuriositi" as soon recovered after landing in Gale crater near the Martian equator, first laser melted Martian rock. The robot turned his laser device on a stone the size of a tennis ball, which was located on the surface of 2.5 meters from him.

For 10 seconds, the unit shot 30 pulses of infrared radiation. The capacity of each exceeded one million watts. As a result, the stone vanished. Sensors installed on the machine recorded the radiation "pair" formed under the influence of the laser on the stone.

Evaporation stone enables scientists to study its chemical constituents, writes Earlier this stone, which is a model of basaltic rocks of volcanic origin, was listed in the records of NASA under the ordinal number number 165. But after he became famous after its destruction rover, he was given a name — "Coronation".

Experiment was a breakdown in the application of the laser, which showed that the rover is ready to begin serious work on the study of the geological structure of the Red Planet. During the Martian year "Kyuriositi" tries to establish whether in the history of the planet are times when it was possible existence of life.

— We received a wide palette of colors in the study of "Coronation" — says one of the main experts ChemCam Roger Vince National Laboratory in Los Alamos (New Mexico). — After eight years of a laser device is the time of dividends.

Just do not perceive whether the Martians, if any, and hide, this experiment as a sign of warlike invasion earthlings? After all, if we would have had good intentions, our rover would try first of all not to destroy anything on Mars, and even planted the first apple tree.

Earlier, already successfully tested the main color camera rover Mastcam, spectrometer APXS, chemistry analyzer CheMin, the instrument for the analysis of soil samples and the Russian SAM neutron analyzer DAN.


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