The Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station was commissioned a new hydro

The Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, according to the Energy Ministry approved the schedule of recovery station was put into operation under the new hydro station number 7. 

GA 7 is the second in a row the new unit, put into service on the SS HPP. Earlier in December 2011, was commissioned GA 1. As part of the second phase of the restoration SSHHPP in the engine room station will be installed eight new hydroelectric units (including four hydroelectric completely replaced, restored and entered into service in 2010). Each year until 2014 at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station in accordance with the schedule recovery will be commissioned on three hydroelectric. As a result, the station will be fully equipped with a completely new and modern equipment, with improved performance and compliance with all safety and security requirements. 

Entering a new hydro was made by Igor Sechin, a mobile control panel in the engine room of the SS HPP. Before starting the Deputy Prime Minister also visited the input headroom shore spillway station was put into operation last year, and went on the crest of the dam.


After the launching ceremony held Igor Sechin at the station operational meeting. Government Commission on the aftermath of the SS HPP. In his opening, Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the reconstruction of the SS HPP are maintained in accordance with the established deadlines, and the station is on the level of production has almost reached pre-accident figures. "Since the beginning of the year produced 4.1 TWh * hours of electricity, and since the start of reduced units — more than 32.9 billion kWh * h", — said Igor Sechin. Participants of the meeting discussed the preliminary results of the passage of PTD and preparation for discharge of flood, as well as the problem of seismic effects on structures and equipment SSHPP. 

The inclusion of a hydraulic load was preceded by a full cycle of integrated commissioning tests. Within 72 hours, under the direct supervision of specialists from the equipment manufacturer — OJSC "Power Machines" was conducted testing of the main and auxiliary equipment with rated load under the current head (640MVt), which resulted in the decision to GA 7 readiness for commissioning.

The contract for the manufacture of main power equipment to restore the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station "Power Machines" and JSC "RusHydro", signed in November 2009. In accordance with the contract "Power Machines" will manufacture 10 hydro turbines and nine hydro capacity to 640 MW, as well as six excitation systems (one new generator and four excitation systems already built and installed at the hydroelectric entered into operation after reconditioning in 2010 ).

The new equipment has improved the performance and meets all safety and security requirements. The service life of the new units is increased to 40 years, with a maximum turbine efficiency of 96.6%. Improved its energy and cavitation characteristics. Also, the turbine will be equipped with a more efficient system of technological protections acting on the automatic shutdown of the unit in case of unacceptable deviations regime controlled parameters. 

The "RusHydro" — one of the largest Russian energy holdings, comprising more than 70 renewable energy facilities in Russia and abroad. The installed capacity of power plants that are part of RusHydro is 34.9 GW, including the power of "RAO Energy System of East". Total heat capacity of 16,168 Gcal / h.

RusHydro — the leader in the production of energy from renewable sources, developing power generation based on water flows, tidal, wind and geothermal energy.

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