The Science of Immortality

February 23, 2012 2:12

In 1992, the sensational news of the seventy-old woman from the Japanese city of Fukuoka is not on the TV screens and the front pages of newspapers. Because of this oversight Senagon nurse took a large dose of the hormone drug, thus it suddenly began to grow again teeth blackened gray hair and wrinkles disappeared on the face and body. After some time, the restoration of the Japanese women menstruation cycle, looking younger, she married again, and was even able to have a baby.
After hearing about this miracle, many Japanese and Japanese women began hurriedly taking this hormonal drug, but no one else has such an effect was not observed …

Man has always felt that his life on earth is released inexcusably short. And it is this thought in all ages of man pushed to find ways and means to prolong their life, or, more interestingly, to achieve immortality. After all, unlike a butterfly, one realizes that allotted him a hundred years — shockingly little for its prosperity and wisdom.

The idea of immortality — not news. Science of gerontology, which studies the aging of living organisms, yet still have not found an answer to the question of the existence of eternal life.

At present, there are about four hundred theories of aging. While it is impossible to name any one of them. The Bible tells the story of the patriarch Methuselah, grandfather of Noah lived 969 years. But as far as this age is attainable for the average person?

There are numerous recipes that supposedly can rejuvenate. Very popular with the ancient enjoyed gerokomiya — rejuvenation elderly men, achieved through his intercourse with very young girls. An example of King David, whose senility has declined after he spent a night with a beautiful woman named Abishag the Shunammite. About this method and wrote Hippocrates said. And in the British Museum has historical exhibit — tombstone of ancient Rome that says that rested beneath Germp Claudius, who lived a hundred fifteen years and five days, due to the fact that socialized with young virgins. And it's no wonder. It turns out that the dead man was a teacher at a school for girls, because of what has become such a long-lived.

Nearly all religions gods are immortal beings. Angels, satyrs, nymphs, demons, and other mythical creatures live forever. But can a man be immortal? Often, because people are dying of very specific disease, not as a result of aging. And is it possible to extend a short human life? And if so, how much?

As stated by Count Cagliostro, he lives on earth for thousands of years, because he knows the secret of longevity. Charlatan sold the secret to many noble and rich people all over Europe, but they all died. Earl was an adventurer.

The science of immortality called Doctor of Philosophy Igor Vladimirovich Vishev immortology also discusses the various options to achieve immortality — is cryonics, immortality by freezing, lowering the temperature of the body, cloning, transplantation, etc.

Lowering the temperature of the body as one of the areas to achieve immortality today very actively studied in Japan. As a result of experiments on mice, it was found that if the temperature of the chill in the body by half a degree, it will increase the life span of almost 20%. Japanese researchers found that a decrease in temperature by one degree can extend human life by as much as forty years.

Science today is actively engaged in research aimed at the possibility of eternal life. Some progress in this area already.

The most promising are three directions in this field of research — is the stem cells, nanotechnology, and genetics.

In 1908, the first term or pluripotent stem cells introduced A.Maksimov. Considering them a way to rejuvenate and man, he came to the conclusion that throughout the mortal life in his body preserved cells in an undifferentiated state, and the ability to transform into any tissue and organs.

These cells are formed immediately at birth, and then they develop the human body. Today, scientists have been able to develop a method of reproduction of pluripotent cells in the lab, trying to grow these cells in different tissues and organs.

Stem cells can stimulate cell regeneration, repair any, even serious damage to the body, but this is not able to overcome the aging process, although it does have a temporary effect of rejuvenation. And it turns out that a key role in the aging of play changes that occur in the human genome.

The scientists found that in all human cells, there are some "biological clock", which measure time of their life — it's telomeres, sections of DNA. Each cell division makes shorter telomeres, and when they reach their limit setting, within the cell and triggers the cell dies as a result of programmed appoptoza.

Another very interesting fact. In the structure of cancer cells, a special enzyme — telomerase is responsible for regulation of telomere. It turns out that cancer cells have the ability to restore telomere length shortens cells, and they can share an unlimited number of times without being subject to absolutely no aging. If in ordinary cells implanted DNA sequence that encodes the enzyme telomerase, this ordinary cell immediately acquire all the characteristics listed above, stop aging, but it will immediately become cancerous.

Scientists have found that aging cells depends not only on the process of telomere shortening. At Beijing University discovered a gene «P 16?, Which is responsible for aging. This gene is not only associated with the aging process, it also has an impact on lengthening or shortening of telomeres.

Chinese scientists had found an interesting pattern: if deter gene activity «P 16?, It is not only prolong the life of the cells, but also to reduce the rate and extent of reduction in the length of telomeres. From this we can clearly conclude that it is in the genetic program of cells laid down processes that lead to aging, and that for cells that are immortal, you just need to stop them in the gene «P 16?, Locking it.

Let's hope that scientists will find a method such blocking as a result of nanotechnology methods.

At first glance, the longevity and immortality — a lot of movie heroes and mythical figures, and that the words of humanity is hardly ever applied. Today, however, science is moving forward by leaps and bounds, and it is likely that the first immortal people will be in the 21st century.

According to many people, they do not need to live forever, because it will be a long process of old age. And, perhaps, the nature of law — because the body, which had amassed a huge number of injuries, illnesses, parasites, must go, freeing the way for future generations. After all, so do even the simplest bacteria.

However, the man — not the brainless bacteria. He learned how to treat the injury without a trace, and diseases and parasites can print fine, and preparing food for themselves, and the surrounding environment makes a kit for yourself.

Thus it is likely that the time has come when it is time to change the nature of the decision, to cancel its unjust decision.

And today — this is not a metaphysical question, because in nature, there are unique creatures and organisms that are potentially vechnozhivuschimi, or at least very slow aging. Example — coelenterates hydra that can infinite number of times to update your body. Or another example — the Aleutian sea bass, which lives for so long that people can not even watch the approach of her old age. Five thousand years of living durable pine Pinus longaeva, twenty thousand — Antarctic sponge.

And what do these organisms, except that consume food and produce waste. And man, the possibilities of which are immeasurable with them, would have made much more.

According to many, today the path to immortality is through nanotechnology that can create nanobots with size biomolecules. It turns out that scientists hope that these nanobots that can fit in the human body from the inside will eliminate all the internal damage that occur at the cellular level. Having the ability to mechanical impact on the structure of cells, nanobots create local magnetic fields that govern chemical changes in biomolecules. These robots will carry out the regeneration of cells, remove from it all the harmful products of metabolism, genetic material to correct, block or contain certain genes and neutralize free radicals that are harmful to the human body. And the result can be achieved and the possibility of physical immortality for the sinner, though not today, but not in the distant future.

Analyzing all the work on the "elixir of immortality", one can say with certainty that the first steps to immortality already made.

The first step is the process leading to the "abolition" of death, and for this, firstly, to be rejuvenated and debugged the human immune system, which will have to cope with cancer and infectious bacteria. Method is defined: scientists believe that immune cells grow old under those same telomeres than they are shorter, the more white blood cells to die. At the University of London have discovered a new signaling mechanism in the body of older people, which prevents the activity of white blood cells, even those that have very long telomeres.

The second step — is to restore nerve, epithelial, cartilage and other tissues, in a word, the update of the body, the beginning of a new youth.

Today, however, it is too early to talk about specific achievements.

But now is the time to think — and whether you need to humanity "pill of immortality", as if the Creator has decided that a man should die, are we entitled to go against his decisions?

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