The second wave of the AIDS epidemic


Experts unite United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) said that now the world has seen the second wave of the epidemic of the disease. Since the discovery of AIDS in 1980 (the first wave) of 25 million have died of the disease. AIDS is now 33 million people get sick. Proper treatment can receive 2 million. All the relevant statistics and analysis of the problem UNAIDS plans to submit its annual report in the autumn. Some of the information will be made public as early as next week for a major international conference on AIDS in Vienna. One of the main emphases will doXia to situations in Europe.

According to Deputy General Director of UNAIDS Paul De Lay (Paul De Lay), when the first epidemic mainly affected the countries of Western Europe, but now it has burst on the Eastern European countries — such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia.

"Over the past decade, since the first wave, the region formed a generation of young people who" sit on the needle, "who do not want to know about safe sex. This can not scare like that alarming growth dynamics of HIV infected (from 2% to 30% per year) was observed among the "at risk" — gay and bisexual men, "said in an interview with Austrian television ORF Paul De Lay.

According to the official Belarusian statistics, about 67% of the almost 11,000 HIV-infected people are young Belarusians

About 67% of HIV-infected Belarusians — young people aged 15 to 29 years.

(Mostly male) aged 15 to 29 years. More than half of those newly infected with intravenous drugs. Thousands died. Until now, treatment of AIDS patients in Belarus was funded by grants from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which implemented the program of the United Nations in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Belarus. However, this funding will cease by 2015, and Belarus will have to confront their own HIV / AIDS. So far, the government has not yet developed instruments that regulates this transition state the officials themselves.

Change behavior

As can be seen from recent studies UNAIDS, the main engine of infection control — changes in sexual behavior among young people.

UNAIDS: the main engine of infection control — changes in sexual behavior among young people.

By Paul De Lay, thanks to a special program of the Enlightenment — "Sex with condoms," "Replacement Needle", and also work with gay men — increased the number of countries where the disease recedes. This, in particular, African countries such as Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Zymbabve. (Although on the African continent as a whole, the situation with the disease still remains critical. Here, home to two-thirds of AIDS patients). Experts estimate UNAIDS, the AIDS annually need 18-20 billion. In terms of every person on the planet is just $ 3-4.

Meanwhile a comprehensive national AIDS strategy has sounded the other day and the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama.

The main objective of the program — in the next five years to reduce the number of AIDS cases and the rate of spread of AIDS by 25% and 30%. It is planned to expand the scope of advocacy, including among HIV-infected patients. According to the Minister of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sybeliyus, "since the early 1990s, progress in the prevention of AIDS has slowed. Number of cases reported each year, remains in the range of 50-60 thousand, and does not change." Now the country has more than one million HIV-infected people. Annually from the disease in the United States die 18,000 people.

At the level of experts, public figures and politicians who closely engaged in HIV / AIDS, attitudes toward the new program ambivalent.

According to the President of the medical care of patients with AIDS (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) Michael Weinstein, "With the economic crisis can not be said about some of the new strategy. Treatment of this disease is becoming less affordable. Approximately 2.5 thousand patients living in 12 states, waiting for their turn for medical care."

In turn, Mitchell Warren — The representative of the Global Alliance for AIDS Prevention (Global Advocacy for AIDS Prevention) — suggests that the White House first proposed a program that ensures proper management of the process and is present in detail miscalculated strategy for the next 30 years. According to Warren, the Obama administration is committed to ensuring that the U.S. continues to play a leading role in the fight against AIDS. Despite the current economic problems, the amount of funding for the global initiative in the fight against this disease has increased.

Denial of illness

Recently, on the background of a general concern at the extent of dangerous illness growing number of dissident scientists who are convinced that the AIDS virus — is a fictional problem. This opinion is, for example, holds a professor of molecular and cell biology, University of California, Nobel Peace Prize Peter Dusberg. One of the latest books

Nobel laureate Peter Dusberg: in fact AIDS — a fictional problem.

scientist called: "Inventing the AIDS Virus." It Dusberg writes that AIDS is contrary to all the laws derived for infectious diseases. For example, the wife examined 15,000 HIV-positive Americans do not somehow been infected by a virus, although later having sex with their husbands. Meanwhile, other infectious diseases such as influenza or tuberculosis spread by contact, and the entire population, regardless of sex and age. For HIV-infected individuals, it is mostly men, drug users and gay men aged 20 to 40 years.

According Dusberga, AIDS — it is really a new epidemic of the famous old diseases. Many of these activation trigger mechanism of antibody immunity and that just might cause a positive test reaction to HIV and to give rise to fatal diagnosis.

According to another opponent of the theory of AIDS, a Hungarian professor Antal Mak, who now runs the infectious diseases clinic in Dubai, "continued emphasis nevylechnastsi AIDS is intended solely to business interests and getting money for research. With this money, in particular, developed toxic drugs that kill the immune system — and a man dies from a variety of side effects. " For example, such preparations vysokataksychnyya as AZT, which "kill all cells indiscriminately organism." By the way, the analog of the drug, which is treated in the post-Soviet countries, including Ukraine, Belarus, made in Russia.

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