The session at the UN a forecast of the end of the world in December

October 23, 2012 19:40

Photo: EPA

According to some interpreters of the Mayan prophecies, end of the world should come at the end of December this year
October 24 tribal elders tell Quiche in Guatemala, will there be in December end. According to the Mayan calendar, or rather, according to his interpretation of the media, it must come either 20 or December 21 — According to the UN News Center.

Actually, the elders of the municipality of Chichicastenango came to the session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues to bless the new premises Forum Secretariat, and at the same time decided to share with the UN community our understanding of the prophecy of doom.

The fact that numerous people Quiche is descended from the Toltec, Maya contemporaries. Quiche Maya shared belief that all aspects of our lives are controlled movement of the heavenly bodies. They believe that this year the stars and planets line up in a unique configuration that occurs every 64,000 years.

Beginning of a new cosmic cycle, which is seen as the heirs of the Mayan time of global transition and the ability to build a new set of priorities based on the principles of love, gratitude, care and respect. "This applies to humanity and to nature. So with the end of the world will have to wait, "- noted in the UN.

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