The shape of the nail joint can judge the character of a person




Assessing the quality of manicure his friends, in between times, pay attention to the shape of the nails. Very useful observation, because in the fingers of the hand, or rather, in the form of nail joints can judge a person's character, his abilities, even talents.

It is believed that well-groomed hands, along with perfect hair and good shoes make a woman a woman, are indispensable attribute, hallmark of beauty and success. Many even believe that it is better to come in the office with no make-up, manicure than without. So it turns out that good-looking, well-groomed female hands are always in focus, even more so than other parts of the body. Whether you are signing business papers, talking with the boss or colleagues, delicately holding a cigarette or a glass — in all these cases, the look of your counterpart periodically involuntarily confined to your hands. And if we remember that there is a centuries-old science of the shape of hands — Palmistry — it turns out that by paying attention to their grooming, we can along the way and get a little more information about their host. Why not try this information never hurts.

The spade shape of nails suggests that their master mind, logic clearly prevail over emotion. Such a man — a born naturalist, who prefers practical knowledge about the life of any intuitive hunches. Personal experience, even negative — that is the main source of information. Talking to him in the language of feelings — it is useless. If you want something to convince, it is better to say "I know" and give a specific example. The man with the shovel nail shape, more likely to be a good craftsman in the broadest sense of the word: creative impulses, intuitive actions, spontaneity and surprise decision — not for him. But any work for which he is taken or does it his life will be perfected to the smallest detail, to perfection.

Angular or rectangular shape of nails — a sign of a person prone to philosophical thinking. And not only in the arts, literature, and other humanities. For it can be just as accessible area exact numbers and calculations. The most important thing — the kind of person around the unmistakable sees slim logical connection, accurate and legitimate. Such a form of polish can, just talk about the person imperious capable of being a leader, to rise above the crowd, the first to take the right decision in an emergency. However, his weakness — its own private world. A man with a square nail shape is simply lost when you have to keep track of your feelings, emotions, complexes, the motives of actions. However, he had a "sort through" internally I am a different person, and never makes a mistake, but when it comes to himself, error-free and cold logic fails. In dealing with such a person is useless to appeal to his senses and intuition — for him it was something strange and incomprehensible, is as useless to talk to her feelings — he just does not understand you. Only the language of facts, specific experience and logical connections.

Pointed or conical shape of the nail joint can talk about their addiction to the owner of painting, architecture, sculpture, and other plastic arts. This artistic nature, are born romantics, dreamers, accustomed to some romance, and therefore — optimists who see the world through rose-colored glasses. They can easily get carried away by business, person, or idea, but it is just as easy and cool down, switch to something more interesting, new. Especially if their previous passion requires perseverance and determined efforts. In other words, such a person carries that "self comes to hand" and requires persistence, perseverance and patience. It has been a brief moment of inspiration — was interest. Another feature — the independence both in personal and social relationships. Any regime framework, the need to submit to someone else's plan for a person with a conical shape nails means only one thing — "it is not for me." Trying to break even beloved personal boundaries or get to play by the rules will lead to the same result. These people tend to penetrate into the hidden inner meaning of many things, events and phenomena. Therefore, they are often addicted and seriously addicted to all sorts of esoteric science, religion, magic, etc. Material goods leave them totally indifferent. This, of course, not austerity, but these benefits are perceived more as a tribute to, and not as an end in life.

Not less information about his master and carry your thumbs. If the gestures companion to assess their form, to your experience of the person could add more and observations, all based on the same palmistry. So: short thumb says about nature, rather emotional than rational, prone to fine arts, some infantile need of someone's strong shoulder for support in life. Holders of short-thumb is not disputed people who prefer peaceful ways around solutions. They prefer rather to remain silent, not to express their opinions than being criticized, and just evaluation of others.

And here is an enlarged, long thumb may well belong to a man with a keen, sharp mind capable to extraordinary actions, analysis and introspection. He is self-sufficient and realistically assess their capabilities, if it is taken for something, then the goal, consider achieved. But, but it is extremely painful for any surprises. They almost always have in mind a clear plan of what needs to happen the next day or in the near future. And, in fairness, it must be said that in most cases all that really is under control and is as it was intended. But the slightest failure on objective or subjective reasons can cause the holder of the enlarged thumb a barrage of negative emotions, until the aggression. Not because these people are angry and harsh, but just so they try to cover up his embarrassment at losing control of the situation.

As you can see — our hands — a mine of information. Just do not get carried away with all of them closely by viewing: first, because it will look very unnatural and suspicious and cause nervous companion, and secondly, do not forget that no less informative, and most importantly, the familiar, yet see the person with whom talking to in the eye.


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