The sky lit up with unusual rainbow Ufa

September 29, 2012 21:23

Such a rainbow — a rare occurrence in the city.
Yesterday at about 5:00 pm in the skies over Sipaylovo an unusual iridescent glow. Ufimtsev could admire it's easy. portal to see a specialist to determine the nature of an unusual phenomenon. Initially it was assumed that this halo — an optical phenomenon that can occur around any luminous object, such as a lantern. However, after verification of the sun at this point it became clear that hangs over Ufa unusual rainbow.

 — The most amazing thing that could be seen only a piece of the rainbow, so we rarely see. Similar types of rainbow disappear quickly — usually seen about 10 minutes, and that only two minutes. This is indeed a rare phenomenon — told us the director of the Ufa planetarium Anatoly Denisov.

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