The specialists of the Russian Federation and NATO for the first time will share military secrets

Tomorrow will open in Moscow International conference for future missile defense system in Europe. Our military experts at promise for the first time to disclose information which is maintained by NATO troops in a serious secret.

This is bolshennom Council on missile umbrella correspondent "Russian newspaper" said the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Anatoly Antonov.

Anatoly Ivanovich, specifications missile defense — a very sensitive topic. You are convinced that Russian experts at zabugornye and agree to open a discussion into the open mode?

Anatoly Antonov: I think that the discussion will be open up to certain limits. We Americans are not so naive as to share all their secrets.

But clearly, in facts and figures to show the danger of the proposed U.S. missile defense system in Europe option, of course, need and, most importantly, can be.

"Highlight" of the conference, in my opinion, will be the presentation of the results of computer simulation as a means of demonstrating NATO missile defense, including their new facilities in Poland, Romania, Turkey and elsewhere may affect the nuclear deterrent of.

3.7 thousand kilometers — a range missile detection radar is in Sofrino
We have never and no such disk imaging is not a pleasant tale.

Americans will show something similar?

Anatoly Antonov: None. And do not offer such.

You hope that the discussion in Moscow put an end to the dispute about the technical capabilities of missiles and methods of dealing with them?

Anatoly Antonov: Speaking of defense is more than 60 years. What this system does not affect the nuclear deterrent, for the first time last said U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Pay attention, as since that time has changed the position of the Yankees.

We would want to clear the conference for military and technical professionals to clarify the language of the consequences for strategic stability will lead the implementation of U.S. and NATO plans for missile defense. But for all that our homeland has never opposed the system of missile defense. We accept that in certain circumstances it can carry, and a positive start. But at this point a lot of extra "but" …

Just in Germany, we had a Russia-NATO command post exercise for computer theater missile defense. Specialists of the Russian Federation and NATO to draw concrete conclusions about the effectiveness of the growth of anti-missile operations with the deepening of the integration of systems of information exchange and management. This practice needs to be increased, vary, but most importantly, figuratively speaking, it is bound to have an additional price.

Who suggested to discuss European missile defense in this format?

Anatoly Antonov: The idea belongs to the Minister of Defense Serdyukov. Our consultations with the Western partners in the Foreign Ministry and the military band in the main offices are closed nature. NATO has, unfortunately, did not hear the concerns of, and we wonder why? Poor explain your position? There is a lack of military-technical arguments? In search of an answer came to realize — you need to collect military and technical professionals involved in the field of European missile defense decision-makers in this area, and then try to put them to the arguments "against" the plans of NATO. And at the same time listen to the views of zabugornyh colleagues, that in the course of discussions to try to develop a method for solving prepyadstviya.

The organization of such conferences for normally closed offices, which is the Ministry of Defence — that, in general, is unprecedented step.

On what basis were selected participants? Who gave consent for the dialogue, and who gave it up?

Anatoly Antonov: Invitation sent to all the countries NATO and European states not members of the North Atlantic bloc. Given that South American plans for missile defense in Europe are global in nature, and invited representatives of Asia — the first of our strategic partners from China and India, as colleagues from the Land of the Rising Sun and South Korea. More than 50 states said yes, they are seconded to Moscow more than 200 people. Only from the U.S. will arrive over the 10-ka senior professionals. Until now receives requests, but we are in an impartial force of circumstances can no longer take anyone further. At a conference of more than 100 accredited journalists. Frankly, not even waiting to see what conference cause so much enthusiasm in the world.

Refused to come out of Albania, Croatia and Ireland. Albanians have uttered that missile defense does not interest them. In the Irish difficulty obtaining parliamentary approval to conduct this kind of discussion. Croats refer to the difficulty of the electoral nature.

And what is the level of the consulate?

Anatoly Antonov: Invited priemuschestvenno military — at the level of deputy ministers of defense or control of Staff. Plus a small number of American diplomats who are negotiating with us on missile defense. More will be representatives of non-governmental organizations from academic institutions. The delegation from the NATO led by first Deputy NATO Secretary General Alexander Vershbow.

I know that the decision to impose its own professionals in Moscow in the NATO came hard. Some Eastern European countries are rather reserved taken the invitation, decided to limit the role of the military attaché at the conference. But evrograndy immediately uttered "yes," as I have always advocated the search for a compromise with Russia.

What did we mladonatovtsam not please?

Anatoly Antonov: For placement on their area of missile defense are certain political, economic and military nuances. After the construction of bases — means new jobs, investment, rent for the land. In addition, some countries of Eastern Europe feel second-class members of the alliance. They think that role in the development of a continental missile defense will raise their weight in the block. There are politicians in some countries with anti-Russian sentiments, claiming that the presence of NATO infrastructure ensures the protection of the population from the "dangers of Moscow." All of these tasks need to look at the complex.

Did you think to call a conference of Iranians and the North Koreans?

Anatoly Antonov: We do not need a political controversy. Task of the conference — to compare the eyes of NATO and Russia on missile defense in Europe, to express our appreciation of the proposed United States and its partners in the continental missile defense system configuration.

Keynote address at the conference will make the chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov. It will be open?

Anatoly Antonov: Yes. Moreover, as I know, one of the Russian TV channel plans to pass it on May 3 in the air. And all conference materials Defense Ministry later publish a pamphlet.

I wish to explain why we organized a conference at the moment. The fact is that in the second half of May, a NATO summit in Chicago, where he planned to announce the achievement of the "initial operational capability" of the European missile defense system. In addition, it may be the adoption of new solutions for the forthcoming integration of missile defense assets — participants of the alliance. Pinning hopes that the results of the conference will force our colleagues to consider the consequences of such decisions.

We regard the conference as an important step in the dialogue between Russia and NATO. The negotiations on missile defense issues last, and expert assessment can assist diplomat
s and military to find those "decoupling" that need to contracting parties.

The point of no return in these negotiations is?

Anatoly Antonov: Absolutely. When Americans start to the third step of the implementation of its own missile defense plans in Europe and under threat will be effective implementation of our strategic nuclear forces will stand tough questions about the appropriate response of. According to estimates of the General Staff, it could happen as early as 2017. But it is also impossible to ignore the first and second stages of the adaptive approach the United States. After all, particularly at this time laid the basis for the modernization of the U.S. missile defense system. Especially since no one says that there will be the fifth, sixth, seventh steps.

A similar development is possible, and we have to prepare for it appropriately. About the likely response steps more than once and quite carefully read the Russian President.

On the final day of the conference, May 4, planned a trip to one of the military installations in the suburbs. What show guests?

Anatoly Antonov: We will show a radar warning system of the missile attack in Sofrino. We wish that the partners have seen as radar tracks down the missile launches, and made sure — Our homeland and NATO have a vast field for cooperation on missile defense. Moreover, this cooperation will only enhance the readiness of government systems reflect the rocket attacks from different directions.

Management station and the representatives of the Forces Aerospace Defense will display two presentations. I hope they will assure guests the benefits of such cooperation.

Presentation with a hint — it is better to be friends with us?

Anatoly Antonov: No one we're not going to scare. But to dispel the doubts of those politicians and professionals in the West who think that the Russian Federation has no armed with nothing, not counting the "rusty iron", it is imperative. Let him look, and draw conclusions.

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