The State Duma will consider the law on the protection of Lake Baikal in spring session

State Duma Committee on Natural Resources and Environment is preparing changes to the current law "On the Protection of Lake Baikal", which may be considered in the first reading in the spring session, the press service of the deputy chairman of the Michael Slipenchuk.

"Draft Law was prepared in order to harmonize the standards of the federal law on May 1, 1999" On the Protection of Lake Baikal "to the norms of legislation that came into force after its adoption. By January 20 MPs should receive feedback from the relevant agencies. In February will review and discussion prepared documents to the Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology. further changes will be considered at the first reading of the spring session, "- said in a statement.

In particular, the draft law "On amendments to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation on the Baikal natural territory" implies that the Russian government will be able to independently establish the width of the water protection zone of the lake, and also introduces the fisheries protection zone of Lake Baikal, the boundaries of which will be approved by the government.

"Section 6 of the Act defines the types of activities that are prohibited or restricted in the Baikal natural territory. According to this article, prohibited the construction of new commercial facilities, expansion, reconstruction of existing business objects without a positive conclusion of state examination of project documentation such objects. At the same time, Article 5 law defined the principle of mandatory state ecological expertise "- the bill states.

In addition, the bill prohibits the transfer of forest land within the boundaries of the central ecological zone of the Baikal natural territory occupied by protective forests in the land of other categories.

Also, the bill requires entities engaged in economic and other activities in the Baikal natural territory have environmental passports economic projects.

Lake Baikal — the deepest lake in the world. Its average depth is about 730 meters, the maximum depth of the famous lake — 1637 meters. Every year from the lake by Angara 60 cubic kilometers of pure, biologically active water. The lake has 58 species of fish, of which the most famous are the cisco, whitefish, grayling, trout, sturgeon, golomyanka flax. Lake Baikal contains about one fifth of the world's surface waters of the Earth (excluding the ice of Antarctica, Greenland and other glaciers), and more than four fifths of fresh water reserves in Russia. In 1996, the Baikal was included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

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