The temperature in Belarus will be 6-14 degrees below normal

The temperature in Belarus will be 6-14 degrees below normalOver the weekend weatherman predicts that the cold weather, the average per night temperature will be 6-14 degrees below normal. Such low temperatures in Belarus was not since the beginning of winter. Over the next three days the weather will not change significantly in most of the country will act Scandinavian anticyclone.

That is the reason for this cyclone of cold Arctic air and only on February 18 in the south-western regions of Belarus atmospheric fronts come from the Western Ukraine, reports Belgidromettsentr.

It is expected that on Wednesday, February 16, there will be rain, sometimes there will be a light frost. Wind east — the night is weak, moderate day. Night temperature will be between minus 18 to minus 24 degrees in the northeast or minus 25 — minus 30 degrees during the day — minus 11 — minus 17 degrees in the south-western night — minus 14 — minus 17 degrees in the afternoon — -7 — minus 10 degrees.

On Thursday, February 17, and Friday, February 18, the temperature at night will range from minus 13 to minus 20 degrees in the north-east — from minus 21 to minus 27 degrees, possibly up to minus 30 degrees in the afternoon — minus 10 — minus 17 degrees. The south-west temperature will stay within minus 8 — minus 12 degrees at night, and minus 4 — minus 9 degrees in the afternoon. Gusty wind will increase the feeling of cold.

Precipitation is also not expected, except for snow showers on Friday on the south-west of the country. It is expected that in some places the roads are slippery.

Declared a storm warning

On a tributary of the Pripyat case, and a tributary of the Berezina Svislochi water levels approach the dangerous levels that have resulted in the flooding of coastal areas. Now these rivers of the rise in water levels with the intensity of three — four centimeters a day.

It is expected that water levels will exceed the dangerous high of February 15, inclusive, on Svislochi Terebuty near the village, to February 16, inclusive — to the incident near the village of Lenin.

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