The territory of misconceptions with Igor Prokopenko. Ether 23.04.2013


Women against men. Why in the world does not stop battle of the sexes?; Destined to change. Why all men "go left"?; Degree of love. Why is it useful only for women?; Planet with a female face. Who is the engine of evolution?; Endangered species. When men ENTERED in the "Red Book"?

— Where on earth were the remains of the 30-meter ancient creatures?
— Was actually the biblical flood?
— Who built the mysterious underwater city and why it's time to rewrite all the history books?

It has been probably 30 years as an independent archaeologists say that the man was unknown to science ancestor who came not from the apes, and so far unexplored by science ancient beings whose growth reached 5 meters. This hypothesis has always been considered unscientific, but here in the summer of 2011 in the Borjomi Gorge piles of local residents accidentally discovered an amazing discovery, the remains of ancient people who lived thousands of years ago, and this finding led scientists to a completely different way to look at it seemed, would have long ago forgotten and a thousand times ridiculed the hypothesis of ancient giants …

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