The trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava. The sixth day

May 17 in the Leninsky district court of Minsk took consideration of the criminal case against the former presidential candidates Statkevich andDmitry Uss, as well as against members Squares Andrew Pozniak, Alexander Klaskouski, Alexander Kvyatkevicha, Artem Gribkova, Dmitri Bulanov, who are accused of involvement in the riots.

18:45 Finished studying the case file, say an additional application. The Court dismissed the application for summoning a witness Usa son Ivan, who is 14 years old. Out of consequence, tomorrow will be the debate of the parties. Break up to 10 hours on May 18.

18:25 Declined to hear the petition Statkievich witness Sergei Martseleva whose conversations in Skype is in the case.

17:40 Statkievich voiced conversation with the head of "American." The general said that he was not tortured, but acted psychologically threatened.

Statkevich told how he was forced to stop the hunger strike threatened gavage.

General Major Danilina expert accused of falsifying evidence, because that turned out that bottled water in an area of 12 degrees below zero at 5:00 is not frozen. Belarus has violated not only human rights but also the laws of physics — said the iPad for. He zaapladiravali. Someone who applauded removed from the hall, he shouted "Long live Belarus!".

17:10 Witness Korzyuk, head of the Minsk traffic police, has not appeared, sent a certificate stating that he was ill. The court agreed to read his testimony. He claims that the candidates headed column and brought her to the prospectus.

Witnesses anymore. Again, study the case materials. Read out the content of the next video.

16:20 — 16:40 The hearing resumed. The prosecutor asked to interrogate a new witness, a policeman Dmitry Kulaga. The defendants did not know the victims did not know. The witness worked as deputy battalion guards. Recalls that came as the Government House in the chain, the beating stopped. And after a while we were gone. The protesters shouted "Go away" and "Long Live Belarus". A man sprayed a fire extinguisher against us. The protesters have tried to set up the aggression to them, but we did not succumb. We were on the team entered. But when the crowd became more rages, we have brought to push people from the area. Who was the largest, of the detained.

Witness Kulaga said that personally detained several people, but could not remember exactly who. The prosecutor asked announce preliminary evidence during the investigation, because there is a significant difference. Pozniak lawyer insisted that the first question asked of the witness. Lawyer: you are far from the protesters were when he was sprayed with a fire extinguisher?

— Not really.

— How was it?

— It was the just man and sprayed.

The witness said that on the ground in front of them lay the iron bars. Read out the testimony of a witness at the inquest. These readings are much more about the beating with the protesters that the police allegedly beat her hands and feet. "We fought back."

During the interrogation, he mentioned about the detention of the accused Pozniak, which are not mentioned. The witness confirmed that testimony in which Pozniak was it named as one of the most active protesters.

Lawyer: Why do you say that it is the most active and at the same time you are saying that he had no resistance?

Witness: He was shouting and waving his hands in the crowd.

The lawyer read out his statement, which clearly states that he did not see action Pozniak.

16:08 Liabedzka ended questioning. Break for 10 minutes.

16:05 General welcomes Liabedzka in freedom and asks to talk about the campaign.

How many people you are exposed to the electoral commission (UCP) and how much was it?

Liabedzka: Align about 500 people, and included little more than the fortieth most of them at closed polling stations, where you can not control the situation. That's why I believe that 40,000 took to the streets because of their representatives in the committee did not pass. I have not included, Chyhir not included, Bahdankevich. Fair counting of the election results still to come.

Judge: Do not turn the court in a rally.

Liabedzka talks about how people rushed to him with crowbars. "I think that in Nazi Germany, more culturally detained political opponents. We Americans have … "The referee stops: do not.

15:30 — 15:55 Stankiewicz's lawyer said the witness Anatoly Lebedko. The court agreed. Liabedzka began to testify.

Lebedko December 19 I like any self-respecting citizen was on the square.

Lawyer: you were talking to a Rita?

— I do not remember. it was a lot of talk.

— You know that you listened to?

— It is not a secret to me, though no one officially I had not been informed.

Lawyer Stankevich reads a conversation with Rita Liabedzka. "I got a little … But nothing. There were a lot of people. Neklyaeva put with stun grenades. There, the organization took the iPad for … They beat everybody … "- Liabedzka recounts the events of December 19.

The lawyer asks, was this conversation?

— First, I object to my conversations have been used in the business and I was not informed about it. Second, any conversation with Rita I do not remember nor confirm.

— And the events on the area you describe?

were a lot of people and poor organization, because there was no sound equipment. There was such chaos, but the chaos of a holiday. There was a festive atmosphere. The moment of the road can not describe, did not come out with the first. Acted candidates, but who said what, no I can not precisely say.

People were smiling, there were many with small children. No debris was in the street after the passage of the column on Independence Avenue. The Belarusian opposition has a credit history. When people over 15 goals while stocks are not doing anything against the law, the court is obliged to consider.

IPad for many times successfully held street protests. Independence Square on the people could not hear the rally. There are police officers, put the chain, then the police left. A stranger and hit the window. In my view, such a scenario is specially prepared earlier. I took the list that was previously concluded. As I designed the KGB officer from Mogilev, whose belongings were in the office for a long time. Someone has summoned him. In the KGB jail specially earlier beaten shields to sleep on them arrested. Someone knew what they appear. About Statkievich mentioned that there was one meeting with him during the election campaign and he spared no pairs of good coordination between candidates.

Lawyer: And what was the impact of speaking at the rally?

Answer: would not want to offend the candidates. But in those circumstances, the impact is almost zero profit. When you can not hear properly, it only affects those who are near.

— General or anyone else expressed the intention of the power input into the building?

He did not share such plans to go to a storm. Maybe he does not trust me, but did not. Mustache was always talking about the reform of the electoral syst
em, it is just crazy good on this subject. Liabedzka recalled that when the officers blocked the entrance, everything was going well, it cooled the people. Suddenly, the police removed. If it were not for this order, there would be further beating. Those who have given such an order, the responsibility for what happened next.

15:25 Witness Danilko Anatoly, a traffic policeman.
"We were a chain. We went to the column headed were Sannikov, Seviarynets, Khalip. Our boss asked not to disturb the order, do not go on the road. Chief promised. that will be a general. Who exactly said it, I can not say. We went around the right and left. When there were people behind us were ordered to remove the chain.

15:00 Witness Chernobay Nicholas, a member of "Beliinvestservis." The witness — a former policeman who was on October Square on December 19. In order not to give the crowd to pass, we joined hands and put a chain across the avenue. Among us was the head of the city traffic police. Among the protesters were Sannikov, Us, iPad for. They called on Korzyuk give them pass. But they were not allowed.

Prosecutor: how to react Sannikov, Statkevich and Uss to release the prospectus requirements?

— Did not react. Spared us all.

— A conversation with them Korzyuk remember?

So. What is not so serve, put us and be a general. It is said to dig Korzyuk.

— Aggression was to you?

Witness Chernobay Nicholas: Yes. A young man attacked me, I knock him down, but he did not succeed. From Uss called for aggression was not.

— Were damaged during the march, shop or both?

— I have not.

14:20 — 14:55 Witness Ales Makaev entrepreneur.
The judge asked if you pass on this case witness? Makau answered yes, while so. This caused laughter in the hall, including the judge and smiled. Ales Makau shows in Belarusian. He says that on October Square comes after each election to express legitimate protest against election fraud. And now come. Speech Statkievich especially not remember, but says that all the performances were good, no one called for illegal acts. Then people went to Independence Square, were candidates. Began what is now the court considers a riot, which in fact was not.

Prosecutor: what they talked about acting?

Macau you need to separation of powers was to have been a real election. Offered, how to make the power really belonged to the people.

Prosecutor: And what happened next?

Makau said. as part of the people went to the porch, they began to beat. Which candidate led people to the Government House, he did not see. I saw how to create a corridor, as it must pass on the candidates to negotiate. The porch remember exactly Rymasheuski performance — that this is a provocation and not have to smash windows.

I saw how broke windows, this is aimed shot multiple cameras, representatives of law enforcement agencies stood and watched. And no one there to touch those who are breaking glasses.

Prosecutor: Did you hear the calls?

— No, not heard. I think that this was a planned action by our institutions by force, then to judge the candidates.

Prosecutor: and with what purpose they beat the glass?

Macau I do not know. Perhaps some were going to go to the Government House, but people stopped when they heard the call Rymasheuski it was a provocation. Our people are different, some of this mode is not very pleasant. Then cut all the riot police in two and then began a brutal crackdown.

— Have you seen how the protesters used the aggression against the police?

— People, when they were all beaten by riot police and also went forward, but they did not have in their hands.

Lawyer: And how many of those who hit the glass?

Makau: 20-30 NO more. And some of those. Who has the power to act so persuaded.

— Uss speech on Independence Square you heard?

— No, I do not remember that he played.

Lawyer Stankevich expressed or iPad for up to 19 December plans for seizing or riots?

— By Nicholas did I never heard of. According to the witness, the offer of negotiations was a mistake — with whom it was possible to peramavlyatstsa? He took it with skepticism.

Witness Makau things for pogroms and arson in the hands of the protesters did not see. The witness is convinced that Molotov cocktails in the hands of the protesters were not, if they were. then ran to the windows, where the ambush policemen.

— And I believe in this, too, was a provocation security forces. But the people did not do so, because no one had such bottles.

— Was the coordination of the actions of the protesters?

— There was acted erratically.

The judge asked: it was before: the beating of the windows or the emergence of special forces? First there was the beating, but not started beating protesters. but some people. Need to find out what they are.

Judge: And who were going peramavlyats?

— Perhaps with Sidorsky.

— It you see there?

— Would bring a helicopter in 5 minutes.

— But did not bring?

— No.

14:10 A new witness — the driver Basil Martos.
1st bus route. December 19 due to the closures had to leave the route. Ahead was a large column of people. In advance of this is not known. From 10 pm to 12 traffic was blocked on the Independence Square. Against the bus and passengers of aggression on the part of the demonstrators were not, showed the witness.

14:05 The process resumed. Witness Aleksievich Nikolai, the driver of the bus.
Showed that on December 19 stopped traffic on the avenue and had to travel by other means and drop off passengers.

13:10In court adjourned until 14.00

13:00 The judge read the testimony of the witness Kienya, Interfax journalist. At October. According to witnesses, spoke about the results of the iPad for ekzytpulu under which Lukashenko won more than 30 percent of the vote. A witness in the trial confirmed these statements. He said the question of attorney that most basic of protesters were calm.

12:50 Witness Sergei Kienya, Interfax journalist. Said he did not know any of the accused nor the victim. Witnessed the events on October Square and Independence Square. Came to the square, were the candidates. I dictated to the editor. what they said. I remember that I was talking about Moustache electoral law that said Statkevich not remember exactly. Six months have passed. Then the people moved to the area of Independence, why, I do not know. Stood in the way of a chain of traffic policemen. They bypassed.

Prosecutor: And who headed the column?

— I do not remember. Independence Square was an impromptu meeting, but what was said there, I do not remember. Then a few dozen people came to the Government House and there was ringing.

— Why did they go there? There have been some calls?

Witness: As I understand it, was the information that will be used to negotiate and they went there.

— What's next?

— After 5 minutes a part of special forces pushed people away from the porch of the Government House, and after about 5 minutes they went from there. But I was a stoo
l stands and say exactly what it was, I can not.

— As protesters react?

By differently. Who shouted "fascists" who shouted "Police with people." Saw local skirmishes with the police. Then he went away from the porch, went to the Soviet Street and saw part of the special forces from there moved to the area for the stripping operation.

12:35 — 12:50 The next witness — Stavrovskaya Andrew, a police major, a policeman. Was on October Square on December 19. He told me that the people in the crowd spoke their dissatisfaction with the election results. Who was at the head of the column, I can not say, because people were very much. Part of demonstrators took to the road. We talked back, but we did not hear the police chain was broken. I was close to2-3 Korzyuk meters. Heard Korzyuk warned not to violate the order. We went around the right side and went down the avenue. It stops the movement of transport.

Lawyer: you said that the chain was broken by force. How's that?

Witness: I did not cause damage and power method — it's just how the crowd was going, and went on.

The accused Savrasov: you could elaborate on what they saw as the dispersed a rally on Independence Square? Beats the police applied for the protesters?

Witness: No, I have answered the witness Stavrovskaya.

12:30 Witness Ivan Shidlovskiy, a traffic policeman.
The accused does not know personally, Statkievich learned and Uss "dramatically".

— Who advocated and encouraged to go to the Independence Square from October Square?

— I was standing on. not seen. We lined up in the chain of obedience Korzyuk Minsk traffic police. The column was headed by the mustache and Statkevich. When they arrived, then dig Korzyuk said: "Colonel, miss, you'll be a general."

Uss lawyer: a more candidates were there?

— Yes, there were Sannikov, Rymashevski. Profanity was not. Moustache talking quietly.

— Violence relatively Korzyuk whether you or the threat of violence was not?

— Applicants are not there. But one young man rushed to the traffic police.

Lawyer: Calls from Uss unrest you not heard?

— There have been calls from anyone but surely, it was impossible to make out.

— What kind of calls?

— Not to recognize the election results. If the candidates interacted with Korzyuk, the majority of people stood, and then went to get us.

Indications were not sound. The prosecutor was satisfied with the same answer Kalganov that have been meeting together, because it is cheaper. The lawyer asked, did you know that dig planned riots? The witness did not. He knew that the dig did not deny his participation in the meeting, but did not plan anything in advance.

12:08 Witness Vladimir Kolganov, teacher, leader of the group Usa. Showed that once gave a small amount of money from the Uss and once a small amount of Statkievich. More on this topic has refused to speak since gta does not apply to the case. The prosecutor asked to voice testimony at the inquest. The court ruled to voice only as it relates to the organization of meetings with voters and mustache Statkevich. With respect to monetary issues, the court decided not to touch them in the disclosure of evidence.

12:00 Witness Lishtvan Paul. Does not work. Statkievich knows. Also familiar with the mustache. Collecting signatures for them. Who asked him to collect signatures, she no longer remembers.

Prosecutor: under what conditions? How much will you pay?

— In one sign came out $ 0.5. Subscription lists gave Vladimir Vladimirovich.

— How much were you paid?

— Only about $ 700.

— Statkievich Uss seen in the office?

— Saw that he was sitting on.

— And who besides you collecting signatures?

— Not interested.

— Have you heard about the plans to seize power?

— No.

Hastupny witness Oleg Kruglov, Fellow of the Minsk metro. The defendants did not know the victims, too. He told me to close stations in connection with the "mass action". Loss was not applied. The stations were closed by order of the Minsk police. Subway entrances were closed to prevent incidents, the witness said.

11:10 Witness Victor Tereshchenko. A policeman from the police special forces regiment. With no sign of the accused, said he was not familiar with the victims. Giving evidence, similar to the testimony of the two previous witnesses. Another referred to the tall man. who was standing near the monument and called on people to hold demonstrations. Near the entrance there was a hassle trying to get us through. Pushed us, encouraged to join them. Had sticks in their hands, flags.

— And what things used to break through?

— I can not say, not particularly paying attention.

From the testimony that Tereshchenko detained about 10 people and made them reports. Among them was Fungi. The witness confirmed the testimony.

Prosecutor: why do you remember it Gribkova?

During the interrogation, remember his name, so it was postponed.

Lawyer Gribkova: a Gribkova can identify?

— No, now I can not find one, because it was winter, and now dressed for summer.

— And it looks like an ice pick, which you say you've seen in the hands of the protesters?

Answer: It's just a piece of sharpened rebar.

— When arrested Gribkova?

— Along with everyone.

Lawyer asks Gribkova in the circumstances of detention: he says that he left the square before the end of the rally and detained him at the station. What first led to a police car, he was still a lot of time sitting there and then started to bring detainees from the area.

10:50 The next witness Alex Nowicki, as policeman of the Special Forces Regiment. He says that the defendants are not familiar with the victims too. Recounts the events of December 19. Arrived at 16.00 to work, was in reserve behind the Palace of the Republic, moved to Government House, where the chain lined up near the entrance. "The people who were standing in the square, we were threatened, humiliated. Told us to leave because they still pass through us. Then we split the crowd, arrested active. "

— There have been attempts to break through the cordon?

— Yes. First 2-3 tried to break through the ranks. Clutching their shields, beaten on the feet.

— What?

— Who does what. Some were fishing rods — fishing rods beat.

— Remember some of the accused?

— No.

— Remember his testimony at the inquest?

— Not so good.

Prosecutor: You are contradicting yourself.

Witness: First readings were accurate.

The prosecutor asked the witness to sound, since they contradict.

Lawyer Kvyatkevicha against: "This witness was also questioned as many as 10 of February, and then there is something not remember.

The general also opposed, as well as dig. The judge granted the motion.

The prosecutor read o
ut the previous statements. The contradictions that have been in the hands of the stick and also a witness allegedly saw and heard Kvyatkevich shouting anti-government slogans. blasphemed the police. The witness confirmed the testimony now. "Then I remembered better than it is now" — explained the contradiction.

Lawyer Kvyatkevicha: and now can learn Kvyatkevicha?

The witness replied. it can not.

— It was noisy in the area?

— Yes.

— And you could hear the shouting anti-government slogans Kvyatkevich?

— Seen since he was closer.

— Is what you are talking about clothes Kvyatkevicha. he was wearing a white hat?

— Yes.

— And why in the record of the interview you have not indicated that Kvyatkevich beat on their shields, and now you say that he did it.

The witness said he did not know.

— How would you describe the stick. which, as you say, beating protesters?

— I remember fishing rod and shelves do not remember exactly.

Lawyer: And you personally struck with a rubber truncheon?

— Yes.

The judge asks Kvyatkevicha: How were you dressed?

— In sheepskin and hat. but at the time of arrest on me hats were not. And detain me, by the way. NOT special forces, and a man in civilian clothes.

Kvyatkevicha lawyer asks: Is it true that the witnesses said that you insulted the police and shouted slogans?

— No, that's not true. I was detained earlier before the creation of the corridor. A man in civilian clothes stopped me and took the car.

Dudarchik credited testimony by the preliminary investigation. "She was beaten by his arms and legs on the shields, some attacked with sticks and rods … On Akrestin me arrested was identified Kvyatkevich. I put him on report "

— Prosecutor: Did you give such testimony?

— Yes.

— Why are they so different from what you are saying now?

— Forgot. was winter Kvyatkevich was dressed differently. I did not recognize him. And what about the sticks in hand protesters — and confirm it.

Lawyer Kvyatkevicha: How to explain that you showed. they had seen. he shouted slogans and then say you saw it for the first time during loading in the paddy wagon?

Dudarchik: I say this because I know. A lot of it sticks in the hands of the protesters? A few.

10:15 The meeting began. Secretary calls about 10 names of witnesses. Who will examine a witness policeman Dudarchik. Dudarchik says he does not know any of the defendants, but found Statkevich. Also said he did not know any of the victims. He began to talk about his involvement in the events of December 19. Was the evening in company vehicles on the street Berson. Received the order to advance to the Government House, lined up at the entrance of the chain. He says that they began to abuse. and then attacked them and started beating rods, grasping for shields. Then we moved to the Pedagogical University, and from there moved on rassyachenne crowd. The most aggressive cut off, and then arrested. He participated in the arrests, but none of the defendants did not remember what delayed. Prosecutor: as seen in the hands of the protesters other things. except Wood? Only fishing rods seen. The prosecutor asked, and his testimony at the inquest remember? So. The prosecutor asked to voice testimony at the inquest, because, they say, they are essentially different. Lawyers against. Vc against. The judge granted the prosecutor's request. He reads with3rd that the cause of the witness Dudarchik.

10:05 Today in court again a lot of people: relatives, journalists, diplomats and human rights activists. Came the so-called "law student" — young people. which seem so. They fill the seats in the hall, which is why many of the public do not have enough beds. Came the lawyers — talk with their clients.

Judge Lyudmila Grachev. Prosecutor Chumukavets.

Courts for Square

The trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava

• • The first day of the third day
• The fourth day
• The fifth day

Dmitry Savrasov
26 years. Suffers from a number of chronic diseases, including rheumatism, dangerous allergic reactions through that his life is now under threat.

Born in Minsk on August 25, 1984. He graduated from Minsk Medical College number two, worked for two years in medbratam infectious hospital.

He studied at the Institute of Modern Knowledge at the Faculty of Arts, studied performing skills.

Not interested in politics, a member of the political parties and movements have never been.

During the dispersal of a peaceful rally on December 19, he was detained and beaten, split the head. He was sentenced to 10 days in jail. After his release from prison in Akrestsin was arrested again on 12 January 2011, only for the fact that he refused to go on without questioning the official agenda.

Contained in prison Valadarski Street.

Alexander Kvyatkevich
He was born on February 4, 1987.

He graduated from the basic 168th Minsk school, then a vocational school in the specialty "joiner machine operator." Worked in production — producing compressors for machines.

On the area came by chance, wishing to see how events will unfold.

Was arrested, served a 12-day arrest for participation in the rally on December 19.

January 4 arrested as a suspect. Criminal charges are filed on paper "riots."

Is in custody in the KGB detention center.

Alexander Klaskouski
He was born on September 26, 1978.

He graduated from the Minsk secondary school number 55, joined the journalism faculty of Baku State University, and then received a law degree.

In 1999 he enrolled in the Leninsky district of Minsk traffic police as an inspector DPS. He was fired in 2005.

Detained on the night of December 21, 2010 at his home.

Taken into custody in the KGB detention center.

Dmitry Uss

He was born in 1971 in Minsk.

Lawyer, graduated from the University of Grodno in "Law".

With 16 years of working at the "Integral", after the builder.

1999-2003 years. The deputy of the Minsk City Council of Deputies.

2007 We also went to the deputy, but it did not register.

2008 was put forward for the deputy to the House of Representatives.

He participated in the 2010 local elections, but failed in Minsk city.

The head of the publishing house "Trivium".

He is married and has two sons.

Party affiliation.

He was born on August 12, 1956 in the village of Lyadno Slutsky district, Minsk region in a family of teachers.

1978 graduated from the Minsk Higher Engineer Air Missile School.

He defended his thesis in 1986.

He worked as a teacher of the Minsk Higher Engineering School of antiaircraft missile.

In February 1991 protest against the events in Vilnius left the Communist Party.

1991 Member of the Central Council and the Executive Committee of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Narodnaya Gromada).

1995 Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (NG).

Period 1991-1995. Founder and leader of the Belarusian Association of the military.

He participated in the 2000 elections to the House of Representatives.

2005 was sentenced to three years of imprisonment for organizing on 18-19 October 2004 in Minsk street protest against the official results of the parliamentary elections and referendum. An amnesty period of restriction of freedom was reduced by a year.

The head of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Narodnaya Gromada).

Andrew Pozniak
He was born on May 20, 1977 in Zhodino. He graduated from vocational school Zhodinsky, 14 years as an electrician at BelAZ.

Not interested in politics. Was not a member of any political parties and organizations.

He grew up in a sports family, has always loved football, and he was engaged, was a fan of BATE.

Has 10-year-old daughter.

Contained in jail on Volodarskogo.


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