The urgency of


We live in a ready TV One Living Organism
Moment of perception itself as it is in the here and now
some moved to the variation of the past in the form of record on motion picture film
or in the future in the field, too dreamy existing
navem in the new space of Navi
Who does not like himself Velez
This shape or one-legged or one-eyed
For children entering the world of Russian fairy tales, child
And at the same time feeding and Ancestor navem new
And explicit material
This is also He Velez

Regardless of what we call weave ties
Navneet and explicit being constantly on the border
Perceptions of this and that but one light
INTO in us and in all
Division on the verge of separation and the direction vector of sounds
Also occurs in the body of the living
And every moment of being gazes into you
Interested in having a holistic self-organization in the private
And integrity in the integrity
Yes it is hard to understand without the tool
To be discarded as useless, too
Reading these letters in the words as the flow
Do not stop the division lines in the absence of
Marks priepinaniya

That marks and prevent the Mind
Both the mind can only prepinatsya constantly
As in the external and the internal passages of events
It will read in a singsong singing
Since it was in the epic work
Reflects current Byl
But not the text itself
Flight smyslotvorchestvo okoymlennoe a character ligature
Sight, Sound and Thought
At this stage, only a hurdle in uzrevanii
Under and over and over and still kudastrochnost
On earlier and was fused letter
Without separation into individual words
Everything here is training for the mind at the moment
INTO Apostle forgotten stroke and perceived
Lunatic ravings
Deprived mind fantasies of sticking in the past or in the future
We are in the border has no boundaries
In the Veles
INTO one eye in Nav
Others in Reality

Because the two-faced and for those who think and clever dual
And so it went
On the self-organization and self-sufficiency

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