The Washington Post: America perastrahavalasya and perasakretsilasya

The newspaper The Washington Post published an article, which implies that the U.S. built so huge and cumbersome system of intelligence gathering that no one can take the correct account and used properly to national security.

The study, called "Top Secret America" The Washington Post journalists was conducted for two recent, and the first of a planned series that will present the results of the study, written Dana sticks and William Arkin.

According to The Washington Post, after the terrorist attacks on the United States September 11, 2001 the U.S. government has built in the country, "the world of extreme secrecy" (top secret world), whose purpose — to collect and analyze information on threats to U.S. national security and make recommendations to counter this threat.

The authors write that today in this "world of extreme secrecy" works 854,000 people who have access to the documents marked "highly confidential." According to the newspaper, there are approximately 1,300 government organizations and 2,000 private companies taking jobs which has to the fight against terrorism, homeland security and intelligence activities. These organizations and companies and their affiliates have offices and representatives in 10 thousand places.

"The complexity of this system defies description, — The Washington Post quoted a retired lieutenant-general John Vines, who helped reporters understand the secret programs of the Department of Defense. — Since this system does not sync, it is an inevitable consequence of conflicting reports, the limited efficiency and waste of funds. As a result — it is impossible to truly appreciate, the system gives us a lot of security. "

The Secretary of the Department of Defense Robert Gates acknowledged that the newspaper is right in saying that razgalinavanasts collection system of classified information may be given in some cases more confusing than greater security.

"After Sept. 11 at such a big increase that cover it all — not only the director of national intelligence, but whatever, the CIA Director or the Secretary of Defense — is a real challenge," — said Gates.

In an interview for our radio Dana sticks expressed the hope that the publication of experience in The Washington Post, together with the economic crisis and budget deficits in the U.S. can bring to the reform of the system of collecting sensitive information towards its reduction and greater efficiency and control.


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