The weak point of this man

The weak point of this man

What helps a man to take the first step in solving their intimate problems

It's no secret that men do not like to discuss their intimate problems. Neither my wife nor a doctor, nor with anyone else. That is why erectile dysfunction sometimes become a tragedy, both for the man and for his family. This is despite the fact that recently appeared quite effective, safe and easy to use products that do well with erectile dysfunction.

Express your opinion on this issue, we asked the therapist, MD Elena Ivanova Andreevnu.

— HELENA, what has caused the tough men's failure to discuss their intimate problems even with experts. Very often it is this reluctance leads to a more serious illness, divorce, depression …

-You are quite rightly noted — "hard reluctance." Because women are also not inclined to discuss their intimate problems with the first comer. But men usually guard their intimate, private life is much more jealous. Paradoxical as it sounds, but it was a real man, with a purely masculine traits most difficult to persuasion to go to the doctor and talk about their problems. Why? It's very simple. Real man everything himself, he is the head of the host. If, however, he enlists the aid, then it is untenable. Admission of failure is unacceptable for a true man. For him, it is tantamount to ceasing to exist.

— So, no way out? If a man — a real, in which case he will not go to the doctor, and will not be treated?

— Output is always there. Probably, in order to "allow yourself to be weak" and to ask for help, the man should high enough to evaluate some their achievements — at work, at home, in other aspects of life. Thus increasing, their self-esteem, the man will subconsciously assume their own health more meaningful value. He feels "worthy" of good health and adequate sex life. And to help him do it, that is, to evaluate the man's dignity, to a loving woman. Of course, a man can spend the preparatory work and experienced doctor or psychologist. But here problem — To these specialists also have to come first!

Researchers have come up with a special name for those men who do not wish to "surrender" age and disease, they want to enjoy a fulfilling sex life and are prepared if necessary to see a doctor and perform the necessary treatment. They were called "vitaseksualami."

The man is very serious about choosing a personal physician, someone with whom he could be outspoken, whose advice he would stick. How, from the standpoint male patient, should be a doctor? Well, then, that he should be attentive and professional clear about it. But what should be his personality? Experience shows — heshould embody a kind of middle ground. Confident, but not cocky. Optimistic, but not the joker. A male patient does not want to be a doctor familiar terms, he needs an older fellow, tactful counselor. The "senior fellow" may be much younger or even be a woman. Important internal, psychological perception of the patient of the doctor. If a man sees 'flat' opponent or object of attention (if female), mean doctor should always be psychologically "senior". The Board or senior candor with the senior for a man and his self-love is not shameful and dangerous.

— Even those men who yet decided to come to counseling, very reluctant to agree to drug therapy. According to the doctors, they are impatient, moody, do not want to come to terms with the existence of a problem.

— That's right. But this is a consequence of a good men's awareness of the possibilities of modern medicine. The man who decided to visit a specialist (urologist, or endocrinologist androloga dealing male impotence), as a rule, is seriously preparing for this visit. As for medication, help for ED, numerous studies (including demographic survey in the study MALES — the most complete work on a global study of ED to date) have shown that modern man rarely planned in advance in time of intimacy with a partner. So the man will feel more comfortable if the drug, which it uses to be fast. In line with the above-mentioned study, the most important of what men would like to change in your sex life, is the lack of communication with your partner, and almost one in four respondents would like to increase the spontaneity of intimate contact. Such desires are understandable. Man is able to fully communicate with your partner during intimacy only in the event that he does not have to constantly focus on his erection. The spontaneity of intimate contact is an indicator of a good erection, and significantly "increases the degree of" mutual interest partners.

— Do you mean that the ratio of men to treat erectile dysfunction is changing?

— Of course, changing. And very quickly. Yet Men's solvency is in the scale of masculine values are so high that for the sake of it you can sacrifice some principles. Researchers have even invented a special name for those men who do not wish to "surrender" age and disease, they want to enjoy a fulfilling sex life and are prepared if necessary to see a doctor and perform the necessary treatment. They were called "vitaseksualami." In my opinion, very symbolic. I'm sure these men for the future. The weak point of this man

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