The winner of the Battle of psychics Vorotnikova Natalia was born dead

March 23, 2012 16:11

Natalia VorotnikovaThe winner of the first "Battle of psychics" Natalia Vorotnikova really was born with no signs of life, as there is documentary evidence.
Taurus is like blowing, when baby zadrygala feet and screamed. Doctors numb with surprise.

As a child, Natalia Vorotnikov literally hounded peers, after one of them, she said, in a sandbox, "You know, your father is ill and will die soon." The prophecy was fulfilled, and the neighbors began to consider her little witch.

On the set of TV broadcasters have often noted: in the presence of Natalia Vorotnikova broken camcorder, exploding lights, once disappeared from the film footage of the entire Natalia.

The unique ability Vorotnikova studied even the staff of the world-Brain Institute.

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