The Yugoslav relatives Kalashnikov

This article will try to start a very great series of articles devoted weapon that is formed by analogy with a Kalashnikov or else its basis was laid this standard tools. Immediately it should be noted that they will meet the standards of guns that can be hard on the outside a lot of differences from ordinary AC, it can be explained at least in that, taking as a base a Kalashnikov rifle, some designers in the development of weapons turned in the other direction, if Russian gunsmiths but all the same ancestor with the result of their work is all the same was the AK, so they too can not be ignored. Articles will outline tool, focusing on countries in which it is performed or done. For any states will be the subject of separate articles, such as, for example, this article is dedicated to the Yugoslav "Kalashnikov". Other articles will also contain embedded information immediately on several "different national" swatches if they were not so not enough to get around a state in one article. So there you go.

It all started with the fact that the first 60 years in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia began to produce Kalashnikov assault rifles under license acquired from the Soviet Union. Once the gun was taken by the army under the designation M64. Yet, the unique reference did not satisfy one hundred percent and almost all within a year was made a list of "improvements" that it would be good to put into this gun. For modernization of the Yugoslav Kalashnikovs designers took the town of Kragujevac. As a result of their work appeared immediately two versions of tools and M64A M64V that differed between a fixed wood stock and folding butt down and forward, respectively. From the same unusual Kalashnikov their distinguished only minor details. M64 first got the pistol handle, which was changed in angle, were also grooves for the fingers of the shooter. Changes were fixed butt, in which changed the angle of inclination. The fore-end guns began to have three holes instead of the 2-in other words you can read about some minor cosmetic changes. But other than that of the Yugoslav arms and gunsmiths got guts to guns, however, quite shallow. Was upgraded node selection of powder gases from the barrel, which was completely closed off. It was made in order to in the weapon could be used as referred to rifle grenades, which are "dressed" in the barrel of the weapon, and in the movement of the drive blank cartridge. Also on the instrument installed additional scope for the use of grenades. Standard same sights were also different from the standard Russian rifle and had a number of advantages that it is a closed flaws because of the placement of sighting devices. In general, in the image of this gun all clear without unnecessary words.

Despite all the innovations in the automatic variants and M64A M64V, adopted these standards have yet. A prerequisite for this was the fact that the sights could not provide a clear conventional firing at very affordable tool for distances, brand new comfortable pistol grip was not such a comfortable as expected. In addition, in these swatches were manufactured milled receiver, making the very highest price guns. In other words, the gun is left solely to the most experienced swatches, but all the same work of designers was held not in vain, because M64A M64V and became the basis for the subsequent modernization, which is now able to change the M64 is in service with Russian Army of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Subsequent modification was named M70, other than that, there was a version with a folding butt down M70A. The gun sights received absolutely similar to those used in the Russian AKM. In addition to pre-trial upgrade your weapons M70 has got the ability to use over-caliber grenades, in other words, removal of powder gases could well block, also had folding sights for these munitions. Pistol grip tool has been replaced by plastic instead of wood. All this was done in the models M70 and M70A, but it was still far away is not all that needed to be done for this gun. First there was the need to reduce the cost of machines, with all this not to lose their reliability and durability. In fairness it should be noted that even before the M70 sample had moderate to introduce a weapon barrel boxes made by stamping, but they were unsuccessful and never celebrated. But in the M70 finally managed to solve the problem of gun and was really quite a cheap compared to past standards.

So Makar, you can read about what it was already the second branch of evolution, in the 70's models. Specifically, these upgraded standards in the second round and were the ones who received the most widespread in the army. The names assigned to them for a long time without further: M70V1 with fixed butt and M70AV with a folding butt under the gun. Besides the obvious improvements in the form of new sights and Losers gun pressed through the receiver, the instrument also received another very useful addition in the form of the attachment of optical and night sights, formerly the ability to install additional sighting devices were not. In addition to variant guns for the army, on the basis of these machines has been developed and a civilian version of the gun, which differed only in the absence of the ability of automatic fire, though in the hands of experienced machine again became vsepolnotsennym, but no it was not necessary. The civilian semi-automatic version was given the name Zastava M70 and earned quite excellent reviews from owners.

Thus, the Russian army of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has received reliable, regular and undemanding version of the machine under 7,62 x39. Dimensions option guns with folding butt M70AV were 900 mm and 640 mm with folded buttstock, and accordingly, the standard barrel length was 415 mm. Weight guns equated 3.75 kilograms. Fed machine from detachable box magazine capacity of 30 rounds, had a rate of automatic fire 620 rounds per minute, an effective range of guns was 500 meters and the speed of a bullet at the muzzle is 720 meters per second. Version of the machine with a fixed butt differed only a huge weight of 3.8 kg, length — 900 mm.

But a machine can not eat, the army must be both an instrument, for example, semi-automatic sniper rifle. Kalashnikov once offered his own version of a sniper rifle based on the machine, but the gun did not go to the Russian Union and Yugoslavia's all the same decided to take a risk and start a similar model in the series, relying on the production readiness to start production of this instrument, and not on the properties sniper rifle. Brand new sniper rifle was designated the M76, and in the framework of its work lay on the mechanism of the automatic disqualification of powder gases from the barrel, the barrel itself is closed by turning the bolt on the two lugs. Despite the fact that this tool even outside a Kalashnikov automatic deprived of fire, the full identity was not achieved. The fact that the M76 sniper rifle cartridge uses 7.92 x57, and this has led to the fact that in the weapon as opposed to the Kalashnikov assault rifle, had to make a longish box according to its cover, as the tube for removal of powder gases. In consequence of this, the cheapness of the production of which has not been achieved expected, although tool still had a cost advantage to the standards that would have to create a "from scratch." Rifle barrel had a length of 550 mm in the barrel had 4 right-handed rifling 240 mm increments on the muzzle flash suppressor has been installed, which was very similar to that element of SVD. The total length was 1135 mm guns, bullet velocity at the muzzle is 720 meters per second
, that the weight of brightly rifle was only 3.97 pounds, which is slightly larger than that of the machine on the basis of which it was made. Stock is produced from the detachable magazine capacity of 10 rounds. The rifle has open sights sector type allowing to maintain fire at a distance of up to 1000 meters. True slip of the tongue must be made here that the "fire" and "get" the concept slightly different. In addition to their guns on the left side has a mount like "dovetail" for mounting optical sights. Regular sight for guns is a 4x optical scope. Instead of the flame arrester can be installed device silencers are also available under the mount bayonet. Creator of this tool is Bozidar Blagojevic, though many say that this rifle was copied from Kalashnikov rifles. Sides in this matter will not accept because everything is conditional, in addition, M76 entered service and is used to this day, and here option sniper rifle Kalashnikov possible to see only the most experienced in the form of a reference.

So Makar, from buying a license managed to get two standards for different purposes, and it is not the limit. In addition to tools for their own army, it was decided to supply a tool for export. New standards with the names M77V1 with fixed butt and M77AV1 folding stock for the cartridges of 7.62 x 51 direct stores have new capacity of 20 rounds, respectively, new stems, otherwise they were all the same Kalashnikov. Pretty exciting moment was the fact that the export versions of the trunks had a much more superior properties, if those that are carried out for their own needs. Notwithstanding the fact that tool turned out pretty good, it did not meet expectations. Ammunition was absolutely no one with whom you can be comfortable to work with such a weapon without a scheme of automation of its modernization, which is naturally produced was not. As a result, accuracy of fire was no queue at shooting, although the delivery of fire single shots, the results were good. In addition, these machines have a smaller share of the options if in a 7.62 x 39, which, of course, also affected the low popularity of the gun. In general, its development and the creation of weapons able to pay back, so it did not go in the red.

Once I started talking about weapons for export out of chronological order and then immediately analyze all standards. It is worth reflecting that it is not the reason for the very high export machines of success in the cartridge, it was decided to adapt tools under 5.56, so there were standards with the names of the M80 and M80A, fixed and folding stock, respectively. From his own ancestor, these machines differ extended barrel, up to 460 mm, making them the highest length equal to 985 mm, and for the standard folding stock shortest length of 725 mm. In all other respects they were one hundred percent like the M70. It is this version implements all the "eaten" with joy, truth remained prirekaniya in quality, which almost completely disappeared with the emergence of models M90 and M90A, in which through the use of modern technology and equipment could reach more properties at low costs. Weight of samples with a folding stock is 3.55 pounds, the weight of models with fixed butt equal to 3.6 pounds. In addition, was created as compact version of the Yugoslavian Kalashnikov chambered for 5.56, which is similar to AKS-74U. This standard was named M85, has a folding down butt. Its length is equal to the buttstock 760 mm, 500 mm with folded. Barrel length equals 254 mm. Weight — 3.1 kg.

Small-sized version of the instrument was made also for the cartridges of 7.62 x 39, is for internal use only. This standard is fed from detachable stores with 30 rounds of ammunition, has a length with buttstock 800 mm, 540 mm with folded. The length of the gun barrel is 254 mm. Known under the name of the standard M92. Weight is 3.1 pounds guns.

And that's not all. In 2004, there was already Serbian automatic M21, which is also made in the image of a Kalashnikov. Now a tool is created on the basis of the cartridge 5.56 x45, with elected this round, only faster, for political reasons. M21 machine gun, a weapon, in which tried to take into account all the experience of past developments. Automatic equip emerging in the right butt version with fixed butt does not exist in the folded position does not interfere with the butt of the gun fire of conduct. Were modified open sights, it is possible to install additional sighting devices for removable bar of the "Picatinny". Was modified pistol grip gun was changed plamegamitel, switch fire mode is duplicated on the left-hand tool in the form of a small lever, comfortable to switch huge finger of the right hand grip configuration without tools. On the right side of this machine AUTRANS management remained the same Kalashnikov assault rifle. In the weapons found widespread use plastic, which generally reduced the weight of the M21. Automatic M21 has the ability to install 40-millimeter grenade launcher, if it is used on the butt worn rubber "overshoe".

For internal use only done 3 different weapons: M21 with a longish barrel 460 mm M21S with a barrel length of 375 mm and M21S with a barrel length of 325 mm. Throughout the rest of the gun absolutely prototype. Also available option M21SB for export. The other models it is different butt, carrying handle guns, and non-removable strap attachment of the "Picatinny". M21 is now in service with Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Like it or not, but in this case, the designers fellows, going on its own path of development they were able to make a different version of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. And even if he did not "our", but even a fleeting glance at it you can effortlessly find the progenitor, which is known to the whole world.

These are variants of the Kalashnikov assault rifle was first made in Yugoslavia and later Serbia. Before you start commenting on articles would be desirable that all the same skipped the idea that the policy instrument is not affected, but the opposite can be fully. I would also like to behold whether continuation of a series of articles about the relatives of Kalashnikov rifles, may be something missing in the articles or something excessive. And this article, so to speak, "pilot series", so it is not lupite.

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