There is a petition against the death penalty in Belarus

For more than fifty people have signed a petition to the Belarusian human rights authorities to stop the use of the death penalty in Belarus. The actual text of the petition is online human rights organization "Viasna".

Under it had signed Enira Bronitskaya, Artem Dubski, Ivan Shyla, Valeria Savchenkova and democratic activists who are literally in their own skin tested declared "humanism" of the Belarusian law-enforcement system:

"We, the citizens of Republic of Belarus, believe that life is a supreme value, a natural and inalienable human right. We regard the death penalty as a violation of the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution and international treaties in the field of Human Rights. We are firmly convinced that nothing can justify the deliberate and ruthless deprivation of life on behalf of the state.

Constitutional state can not kill on its behalf. The death penalty is contrary to the principles of humanity, morality and human values and the principles of all religions that are practiced in Belarus. Today, when all countries Europe and the former Soviet Union have abolished the death penalty, it is time for Belarus to join the civilized manifestations of humanism, space, free from murder by the state. We call upon the Belarusian authorities to listen to our arguments and to abolish the death penalty in our country "- Said in a petition against the death penalty in Belarus.

In this case, the initiators of the treatment believe that the existence of the death penalty is not an additional protection of the public, because it holds people by intimidation from committing crimes. In scientific studies, there is no convincing evidence that the death penalty — a more effective means of reducing crime than other punishments.


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