There is a subtle sense of the Belarusian air: something has to change soon

One of the main topics in our July-mail remains the crisis in Belarusian-Russian relations. Mutual reproaches, complaints, accusations and insults, even in the past few months have become commonplace in the dialogue between Moscow and Minsk.

On the topic and start the conversation today. Our listener Stanislav Tunick of the village Shupeyko Svetlahorsk area, arguing about the origins and consequences of disputes so-called "allies", writes:

"If we Belarus and Russia will cease to sort things out? All the time in their conflicts — that gas, the oil, the Customs. Why can not safely tolerate and come to an agreement? Did necessarily solve all through ultimatums?

Personally, I'm on the basis of past quarrels made the following conclusion. The fact is that there is a type of leaders who only know how to share, but can not multiply. These managers owned and Lukashenko. Cheap Russian oil and gas brought to the Belarusian budget a quarter of all income. Here is their thoughtless and he shared, with nothing multiplying.

Wines of Russia and its leadership is that they have contributed to the formation of the President-dependent. A dependent is always capricious, intractable. Wean them from the "freebies" is very difficult. I think, if not impossible ".

Forget the dependency obviously have, Mr. Stanislav. Hopes that Russia under the influence of hysterical protests and ultimatums will change its current pragmatic policy towards Belarus — virtually none. And find another source such as external perennial generous subsidies — is impossible. Western financial institutions are willing to lend (and give them), but only under a solid guarantee that the loan will be returned on time and with the prescribed percentages.

Our listener Ivan Zhbinovski from Lida is drawn to the "Freedom" to the question that interests many other elderly people, who in the early 90's have lost their cash deposits in the Soviet Sberbank. Ivan writes:

"I wonder why in the program of the opposition candidates for president is no item on the return of our lost savings? For such candidates, we will not vote.

But if Lukashenko will get our money back (in terms of one Soviet ruble $ 1), then we are all together vote for him. This should be done early as the fall, starting with those pensioners who 70 years old and above. We have no time to wait. Such money can be found in the state: it is enough to abandon the construction of useless sports palaces or a nuclear power plant, dangerous for the environment. Do so, Comrade Lukashenko, and then remain president and continue until you grow your Kohl.

And the opposition we advise urgently amend its program of returning the item of cash deposits. Maybe then she and have any chance ".

The official campaign in Belarus, Ivan, has not yet begun, so technically there is no presidential candidates or their detailed programs. All of this will come later, when Alexander Lukashenko will kick-start the campaign.

Count on the fact that the incumbent suddenly after a 16-year-old will return to its senses and pensioners lost their two decades ago, the money is hardly necessary. The economic situation in Belarus today is much more complex than, say, five years ago, during the previous campaign. But even then, with a budget of a lot of free money, Alexander Lukashenko directed them not to compensate defrauded investors, namely the construction of ice rinks. And the results of the counting of ballots (if you, Ivan, remember) is not affected.

Subject lost money deposits and are concerned with our students Latvian city Ekabpilsa Fyodor Laptev. In Svetlahorsk branch of the Savings Bank he once held the 4000 Soviet rubles — a considerable, both at the time, amount. Dreamed of returning to Belarus. But in Latvia and stayed. And for eight years, wrote to all Belarusian authorities to recover their money. What was the result? I quote from a letter the listener:

"Written on 26 hits, including 13 — to Lukashenka. Neither one sheet on the table the president has not got. I have already asked to be led to the appointment of Belarus. Answer is always the same: there is no possibility. Short, everywhere — impenetrable wall. It was easier to get into German garrison as a partisan scout than welcome to Lukashenko.

I was shocked by this lack of respect beschalavechnasts of Belarusian officials. Us old people who have been so deceived by the state, there are very few — maybe that 1 percent of the total population. So why not give these "coffin" at least before he died? Ukraine won much poorer for Belarus, and Soviet contributions compensated. So where is your conscience, Belarusian officials? ".

Obviously, Mr. Theodore, the calculation of the fact that you will be able to recover something from the Belarusian state, even more ghostly than the hope of Belarusian citizen Ivan Zhbinovskaga from Lida. With former fellow citizens who have left the country, in Belarus, the old Soviet tradition not be taken too. I know that many of them, at one time having worked all his life in Belarus is now seeking to avail of the Belarusian state honestly earned retirement.

The following short letter sent to us Oleg chuckle from Mogilev. Arguing about the mood that prevails today in the Belarusian society, he writes:

"There is a certain breathing, subtle sense of the Belarusian air: something has to change soon. Too tired of this all. But at the same time there is in society and the fear of possible changes. What can you do this too, as they say, the mentality of our people. Slowly it's changing, but not suddenly, in an instant. On the other hand, there is the fear: that's coming to power, someone else — not going to get worse? But hope still remains ".

The current state of the Belarusian society interests and our old friend Nicholas Volchyka from the village Zino Pruzany region. Here's what he wrote on this subject in his latest letter:

"Splits the views of those political scientists who believe that we have formed a kind of average citizen who understands the official ideology of the regime, its linguistic balancing act, the behavior of the leader in private life," promotion "in the official media Kohli — all insincere and false, napuskanne mist head. But increased control over society, destroy or limit the independent media, marginality layman impossibility "gavknuts" in response to the different bullshit forcing citizens think first of all about his own fate, not the fate of the country.

No society in the national idea of civil society, which would have united in defense of constitutional rights, or at least self-esteem. There is a polarization along ideological lines. There is a pole — an independent, pro-European, pro-Russian. The main part of the population adapted to the realities of today's life. And we are destined to be with him for a long time ".

Usually people do not want to change anything, if their financial situation has improved or at least remained stable at some acceptable level. Over the last five to seven years in Belarus and happening. This period, however, failed. However, the authorities promised that by the end of the year, the average salary of the Belarusians uznimetstsa to $ 500, but it's the promise of little faith, even the authorities themselves.

The author of this letter Victor Makarevich from the village Nyarovy Volozhin District responded to the call listener who resented the fact that a number of community activists collected signatures for the renaming of a street in the center of Minsk in the street Vasil Bykov. Like, it takes a lot of budget money. Mr. Victor writes abo
ut what he heard:

"If the authorities in Minsk rename Masherova prospectus or a prospectus in the winners Scorina in Independence — that this citizen admovchvalasya. And then suddenly a frantic adulation … Vasil Bykov — the pride of the Belarusian nation, he deserves not only the streets. And the sort of thing any budget do not mind. Especially since the money is, as far as I'm concerned, we need are not that great ".

Indeed, Mr. Victor, this money — not commensurate with the costs that dares to state, for example, for the pompous military parades or construction arenas.

And at the end — with a remarkable case of today's school life, which is described in his letter to the "Freedom" Lyavon Karpovich from the village of Luni Mosty district. He reports:

"Life brings new surprises. And often not pleasant. Recently shocked me a diary grandson, who is studying at one of the schools in Grodno. Himself diary published in the Belarusian language. But it teacher (classroom teacher) eleven times did the same record (quote): "To be completed diary in the Belarusian language."

Or do not deserve these teacher and student to learn about them the whole country (and perhaps beyond?).

It is hardly necessary to accuse this teacher in nepryhilnastsi to the Belarusian language, Mr. Levon. She is not guilty, and those who determine the language policy in education. High School, as might be expected, the Russian-language (like almost all the others and in Grodno, and in general in Belarus). And the teacher just voiced general requirements. But firmness, integrity and perseverance of your grandson, as expressed in this situation, one can only envy.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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