They changed the sexes

It turns out, the story of Romeo and Juliet is not the saddest in the world. At least I think so. Young people in the photo above, Katie Hill and Arin Andrews, NOT the guy and the girl, and the girl and the guy. How can this be? Yes, it's simple: they did a sex-change operation on his great love …

Students from the United States went on a sex-change operation for the sake of love: the young man was a girl, and his friend — a representative of the stronger sex. 18-year-old Katie Hill and her 16-year-old sweetheart Erin Andrews, unhappy with their gender identity, they decided on a complex sex-change operation to become closer to each other, reports UNN with reference to the foreign media.

Teenagers from the city of Tulsa in Oklahoma met at a school-sponsored activities, and, according to them, instantly fell in love.

"At the time, became very close to what we both had serious psychological problems and suffered from complex — said Hill. — I and my partner were dissatisfied with their sex and childhood secretly dreamed of operation. "

Katie was born a boy named Luke and 15 years trying to hide their femininity because of conservative views of his family. The son of a Marine Corps lieutenant colonel, she could not even imagine that in a few years, her life will change dramatically.

Erin Andrews from birth was a girl named Emerald. From an early age she is showing promise in ballet, and even won many beauty pageants. However, the constant ridicule from peers did not let her rest.

Immediately after meeting the young people have moved to take decisive action: Erin began stabbing testosterone to give himself courage. Katie, in turn, began to take drugs to her breasts grew, as did not want to insert silicone implants.

History lovers teens are so touched by one of the anonymous donors, he agreed to pay for expensive surgery guy /

"My family was scared to death and decided to take me directly to 15 doctors to cure depression — Smiling Hill. — But after my suicide attempt, they stood up and gave the green light for surgery. "

After passing numerous transactions young people feel a lot happier.

"Life is in its place — shared Erin. — Who do we think about starting a family. "


Something in the brain of America quite the youth begins to boil … I wonder what they will do when they become a little older, and a sense of pougasnut it comes to divorce? Will change back to the floor …


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