This is not a good Latin American democracy

I. Changing policies on the economy

Where not only the United States were noted in the construction of democracy! There is a perception that not one or two but all the offspring of the "Arab Spring" were conceived in the United States:

The "Arab Spring" — made in the West. " All the more often you hear a similar phrase even at Cairo's Tahrir Square. More began to appear in print analytical articles on a related topic, research. Not so long ago published book known expert on Islam and the Muslim philosopher Tariq Ramadan on "Islam and the Arab awakening." In the middle of last year at a lecture in Ottawa, he has been called, "began to pray for health, left off — for the dead." The blossoms in rainbow colors "Arab Spring," Ramadan, obeying the logic of events and stubborn facts "brought himself to his native stall," as would be in a similar situation ironic Rumi.

The core of what we call a shake-up of the Arab world is the economy, highlighted philosopher. Greedy eyes of the U.S. and the West in the Arab region are well known. Moreover, they are spurring global crisis, and they will not turn away from that ability again have colonial region, which provides the "Arab Spring" (source: Radio "Voice of Russia" with reference to the «Al Jazeera»).

On the web of haunting picture-Network Administration: "You have the oil? Means there is no democracy. " Yeah, oil and democracy — twins. More precisely, the sisters. It should show up here and there a sister, as here appears next to the other. Here's to old days in Kenya found the oil — so scary now imagine what democratic methods can invent Overseas Stars and Stripes visionaries to make the correct redistribution of mineral resources. What, you ask, right? One-sided, carried out for political bartering (which is not even a thought of a clever Marx, the founder of the famous "Capital"). You've been — oil, we have for you — the highest rating of democratic institutions and the little glass beads … in other words, humanitarian aid at below market prices. You are us — industry, we have for you — the post-modern. Exchange of economic output in the political bubbles. Economy, traded for politics. And not even for the policy — for its visibility. For no country, no people will not take someone else's policy for his.

Fortunately, the oil in coffee and tea in Kenya found the British. They are great friends of America, and because oil will take for themselves. America may be comforted by the fact that, perhaps, the "black gold" in Kenya is not very much to the same prior promdobychi and transportation of oil about three years, no less.

Kenya Kenya, only States can not get enough. They are like spoiled children are naughty. They have a deal everywhere and to everything.

U.S. in NATO are seen even in the Arctic, where the dramatized … teaching against terrorists. Perhaps the Pentagon suspect that sly-terrorists have long mastered those cold places where gasoline can transform into jelly: there infantry shovels dug dugout installed stoves, chopped up for firewood local eucalyptus, redwoods, and simultaneously spreading cranberries, held back the Web, planted for the Chinese hackers computers and plotting against friendship to all the States of the world evil.

"However, as noted with humor editor in chief of the magazine" National Security "by J. Korochenko, terrorist organizations have in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and North Africa. In the Arctic, as it is clear they are not.

He saw that the event should be viewed only through the prism of the Arctic amplification of NATO military activity. This activity is justified by Korochenko beliefs, future section of natural resources in the region. Union, on the views of the head editor, indicates that he intends to reinforce its geopolitical forces military might.

And in fact: the terrorist organizations in the Arctic is not, but the supplies of gas, oil, gold, diamonds — are available. The fact is that global warming, which scientists have long predicted, "unfreeze" the rich larder of the Arctic Ocean. Hence the arguments of possible states earners claiming Arctic shelves.

Here, no one no one's friend. Territorial disputes occur between NATO and getters. Canada argues with the United States, Denmark quarrel with Canada. Countries whose relationship with the polar region is not prityanesh and the ears (for example, China and Korea), are also building icebreakers "("Military Review").

And what about the long South American democratization of the Soviet Union, which was destroyed in the end in the process of "restructuring" a strong dose of love for Coca-cola, jeans and Latin! In general, our home was tough nut: despite the toxic fizzy drink Coca-Cola, which, as they say in the web cops in America traces of bloody crimes wash off with asphalt, refractory Russian people have democratized so far:

"On the territory of Russia is a network of different structures, either directly or indirectly funded by the United States. Only one U.S. Agency for internationalist Development (USAID) in the last 15 years has invested in Russian "civil society" more than 2.5 billion dollars. Directly funded by the budget of the South American branch of the State Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute, the Department of State's Bureau of international programs. Plus a huge amount of personal funds: the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Soros Foundation, the Carnegie, "Freedom House." They all produce cross-pollination Russian NGO Fund "New Eurasia", "The Human Rights Movement", "International Human Rights Center", "Moscow Helsinki Group", "Association of civilian education", the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers, the Coalition of "The Voice" and a myriad of various actors involved in the development of information technology, business, humanities, education and other sexy "(source: "However," Misha Leontiev).

On the days of Mitt Romney, one of the Republican candidates for president in the United States, referred to Russia's number one enemy of the United States. What can be said about it, except that the generated image of the enemy badly needed though what policy? Here's what: do not work non-governmental organizations in Russia, very badly, although the facilities are eating huge. We can not be the birthplace of democracy.

Along with working in the far east democratizers, hard, hard and in the relatively near the south-east.

Do not give up South American connoisseurs of ancient Greek ideas about the power of the people … I'm sorry, let slip — about the power of the people and in Latin America. Here, too stubbornly resisted hawkers … again the same, I'm sorry — bearers of democracy, caring only about the different benefits malodemokratizirovannyh people who do not understand their own political fortune.

The local country very Intriguing Washington even as they are placed closer to North Africa, and especially since the Russian Federation, with its snow-covered Siberian latitudes. Because the interest is something closer.

In the near future hot topics Syria, Mali and Iran, a recognized non-nuclear, but for readability being declared nuclear, overshadowed Latin America. So insecure overshadowed as if her or not. And under the guise of Malian Lynch United States … oh, sorry, I remember Mark Twain — The United States continues to produce in Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Venezuela usual humanitarian
democracy projects, with which they have become famous throughout the world and for which they were everywhere so passionately adore.

II. South-east front of work

NGOs — non-governmental organizations — just shuruyut in Latin America, as well as in Russia. Those interested can check out the list of NGOs related to Latin America, here. And here good directory (please tick for Latin America in the window «Regions»).

Here is an excerpt from an article by Neil Nikandrova "Latin America: The laws against" color revolutions " (Publication of the Strategic Culture Foundation)

"According to political analysts, more than 80% of TV channels, radio stations, newspapers and magazines in the countries of the" Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Latin America »(ALBA) are daily information war against the presidents" populists "and practically produce pro-American propaganda cover and sionizirovannyh NGOs. The confrontation between the governments of the ALBA and their opponents from the NGOs, "the fifth column" of the U.S., has its own peculiarity. If the president Rafael Correa, Evo Morales, Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez act within the constitutional framework, their opponents believe themselves free from any restrictions of legislative character, all the more so in specific areas such as preparation of the "color revolutions." The prospect of escalating the "color revolutions" in the civilian conspirators war is viewed as a balanced scenario, enabling direct interference in the internal affairs of these countries.

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa, which constantly exposed to attacks by NGOs and their relays — the Ecuadorian media — filed to the court by the newspaper "Universo" for the publication of the material in which it was named a "dictator", "who gave the order to open fire on the infirmary, crowded civilians and persons of any innocent people. " Correa indignation aroused by the newspaper biased interpretation of events September 30, 2010, when police in riot prepared CIA agents, a few hours he had to hide from sniper fire conspirators in the hospital building. The President miraculously survived. Because the sample paper to distort the real action Correa took as deliberate spread libelous information about yourself. The text of the article was not without immediate danger, "the dictator should keep in mind that in the future, the newly elected president can give it to a tribunal for an order to open fire on civilians without warning."

According to the lawsuit, "Correa against the" Universo "conducted three trials. The president has shown character, despite the numerous samples of NGOs defending the "freedom of the press," the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the Inter-American Press Society, Committee of the Ecuadorian businessmen and similar organizations to force the recall Correa own lawsuit. The verdict: the owners of newspapers should pay a fine of 40 million dollars and spend three years behind bars, along with the creator of the false comment. But "to suffer for the truth," they did not want. Holders of "Universo" fled to Miami, there was also a creator fake sought political cover. Correa referred inspiring finale of this case as a precedent for the whole of Latin America: "This will change the story. Now people usvoyut that freedom of speech belongs to everyone, not just those who have the means to publishing. "

Golden words, in my opinion. And it was characterized precisely those who have long been accustomed to that freedom of speech can be interpreted followed by: one word is now free, and tomorrow — more. If only everyone was falling in the treasury of democracy.

At the moment, "the Ecuadorian management — wrote N. Nikandrov — as urgent tasks is considering tightening control over NGOs, whose number in the country has exceeded all reasonable limits. Correa himself and his inner circle believe very affordable in recent municipal latest coup attempt in the country. According to the scenario of the U.S. Embassy "protest" extras will have to provide the leaders of NGOs that have received for this purpose additional funding. "

In the article betrothed Nile Nikandrova also analyzes the situation with the media in Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

In Bolivia, in the past year was passed a bill that restricts personal control over the media companies. "The new law reduces the proportion of private sector in the broadcast industry to 33% (from the current 90). Media will have its indigenous communities, trade unions and public traffic. The Bolivian Government believes that the new law will make better quality info and make it more varied content, taking into account the needs of indigenous peoples in the country. President Morales categorically rent the opposition allegations that he is trying to establish a "dictatorship of the information." Among the rest of the new law will give the government an opportunity to "impose sanctions on printed or electronic media, as operators web, if they own activities threaten the country's security and coordinate the destructive action of NGOs that promote racial discrimination."

In Nicaragua, according Nikandrov, 13, created a special channel that puts its own purpose, including the exposure of non-governmental organizations, leading the campaign, developed by the CIA.

In Venezuela — a similar story. Since December, the year before the country has a law on the protection of political sovereignty and national self-determination, aimed at countering the network of NGOs, members of which, according to N. Nikandrova, preparing for the "Hour X" — "a repetition of the events of April 2002, when the" ardent democrats " Venezuela, they are also paid mercenaries United States, with a gun in his hand trying to overthrow the government. " This law as a way to combat took the prohibition zabugornogo base funding of NGOs.

Imposed on a parallel with the abundance of NGOs in Russia, whose activities are not limited to hard law, similar Venezuelan — is the country-that, mentioning that they say almost the dictatorship and censorship which the famous Senator John McCain predicts the "Arab Spring."

In Venezuela, the parallels with Russia — the terms:

"In Venezuela, there are several hundred non-governmental organizations. They began to multiply immediately after the victory of Hugo Chavez in the presidential elections of 1998. By the time the country without hindrance were two main structures for the maintenance of such organizations — the U.S. Agency for internationalist Development (USAID) and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Produced through their penetration of U.S. intelligence in a "civil society." Publication of diplomatic correspondence and intelligence South American Embassy in Caracas (site WikiLeaks) directly indicate the role behind the scenes in all of this the State Department, CIA, Military Intelligence and the Office of Drug Enforcement (DEA).

The failure of the coup of April 2002 showed the Yankees that Chavez perfect "keeps hitting", is able to calculate their actions, to show restraint in critical situations. The president successfully allowed virtually all conflicts with Washington, faithful to his own socialist project by taking steps to strengthen the position of the Bolivarian Republic in the international arena. The nationalization of the oil industry, the expulsion of her saboteurs, cleaning command echelon of the armed forces of the conspirators, the embodiment of social and political reforms in the interests of the people made the prospect of the removal of Chavez from power by force all the more elusive. To
overthrow the hated "tyrant" Washington had to take a course on the development of the "color revolution". Preconditions for its implementation in Venezuela were: the presence of the opposition (to 35% of the electorate), the constant mood of protest in the middle class, the students, in intellectual circles. With them and the work of NGOs, premiruya promising staff travel, grants or expensive gadgets "(source: Strategic Culture Foundation, Neil Nikandrov, "Trojan stallions dollars in Venezuela»).

Another quote from the article:

"The legitimacy of electoral procedures in Venezuela constantly under attack. Puppeteers of the United States, accusing Chavez of using the State Electoral Council of Venezuela for the breaking of the results of national will, has promoted the creation of the country's NGO Sumate («Join"). Led the company in 2002, Maria Corina Machado, defeated as a candidate for the presidency. Referring to the "alternative polls» Sumate, she systematically called into question the results of the current elections and referendums. Namely, an organization not recognized the results of the 2004 referendum revocable, although Chavez got it 60% of the vote. The style of the organization was dealt a fatal blow after the publication of information that Sumate often receives funding from NED. These amounts up to several 10 s of millions of dollars. "

Do you recognize?

Let's refresh your memory:

"In evaluating the preliminary data on the results of the voting at first attention is drawn to significant differences preliminary election results announced by the fruits with exit polls: according to preliminary data on the morning of March 5 Vladimir Putin has received about 64% of the vote, while the exit floor, conducted by FOM gave Putin 59.3%, and the exit poll, conducted polls — 58.3%. These differences go beyond the boundaries of common error exit polls.

Also, attention is drawn to the differences in the results of the voting by region. Although this difference is smaller than in the election of deputies of the State Duma in 2011, they are still quite large: up Putin varies from 47.7% in Moscow to 99.8% in the Chechen Republic. In the middle regions and areas greater total Putin — in the Kemerovo region (77.2%).

Based on these data, the association "The Voice" claims that the last stage of the campaign for the election of the President of the Russian Federation (voting and counting), as well as the last stage, full of a huge number of election law violations. Although the scale of violations, we estimate that was less than in the elections of deputies of the State Duma in 2011, yet these violations markedly affected the results of the vote "(source: Association "The Voice").

Here even the comments are not necessary. All NGOs they say in one language — the so-called the International. In the UK with a South American accent.

III. Myagenkie and shaggy

Give the floor to the other party. Here is what says, for example, NGOs, under the title «Human Rights Watch» (HRW) — «Human Rights Watch." Make out the activities of HRW's own report of the organization, taking as an example, let's say, Venezuela. Report on Venezuela for 2010 year , please visit HRW — on this page. Below I will give a few excerpts from there.

The report cited a "precarious position" of human rights in Venezuela. Guilty or not the government of Chavez, "systematically undermines" the freedom of expression of journalists, freedom of association of workers and the ability of human rights groups to fight for human rights. At the same time, and even riots marked police abuse — a couple with impunity. In the Venezuelan bullpen their inhabitants live is not easy, and the inhabitants of the country are afraid of violence. All in all — a picture strshnaya. Not country, and the solid stone dungeon.

In addition, the Supreme Tribunal of Venezuela — on the initiative of Chavez — in fact are connected with the government. Or was there a system of checks and balances! Not to mention the freedom of speech.

Quote: "The government evinces not a lot of respect democratic principle of checks and balances." In Venezuela, according to the report, HRW, simply can zarepressirovat angrily complaining that issued the evil government indictment. In the example given referee Maria Lourdes Afiuni, which in December 2009 conditionally freed banker Alig Cedeno, who was accused of corruption. Cedeno under arrest nearly three years — despite the fact that the law provides for a limit on the pre-trial proceedings in the two years. One day after the arrest of a judge objectionable Chavez branded a "bandit", which should land on the greatest period of time — 30 years. Three professional for Human Rights of the United Nations declared that her arrest — "a blow to the independence of the arbitrators and lawyers in the country." Afiuni was accused of corruption, abuse of office and evading justice.

(In February 2011, right after criticizing the Chavez government by various human rights organizations, including the «Amnesty International» and «Human Rights Watch», she was released from the bullpen and placed under house arrest at her home in Caracas — to court. December 13, 2011 extended the house arrest for 2 years. written about it in the newspaper "The Guardian" at December 21, 2011, in a report from Caracas Virginia Lopez and Tom Phillips, entitled "Noam Chomsky asks Hugo Chavez to release the arbitrator in an open letter." Of the designated article in "The Guardian": "We do not expect much, because the court system is biased, — said this month the judge's brother, Nelson Afiuni. — Most of the attorneys and arbitrators respond to the interests of the country, and this is understandable, the government wants my sister to remain in isolation. " Dr. Chomsky's linguistics, as reported in the article, said that the arbitrator Afiuni after spending more than 2-years in prison, "has suffered enough and should be released." The fate of the banker Cedeno, due to which there was all the fuss, the article says laconically, and coupled with the fact vague: "… fled to the United States." — A. Ch.)

Let's go back to the Venezuelan report HRW.

In the "Freedom of the media" refers to the bias of the media in Venezuela, who are opponents of the President of the country, which contributes to the limits of freedom of speech and "self-censorship". In June 2010, journalist Francisco Perez was sentenced to three years and nine months' bullpen, a fine of nearly $ 20,000, while at the same time deprived of his professor certificate — and for the fact that he was "humbled mayor of Valencia," accusing him of "cronyism and corruption" .

In addition, the Chavez government has made it mandatory for private media to transmit the speech of the president and other government officials. Since February 1999, when Chavez became president, he was "forced" private radio and television transmit their speech — and they were handed over to the end of 2010, more than 2-thousand.

In the "Defenders" reported that the Chavez government "aggressively sought to discredit local and international human rights organizations. Bureaucrats, including the president, not once did baseless allegations that human rights activists are working to destabilize the country. "

And in July 2010, Chavez, according to a report HRW, said that the need to investigate the "millions and millions of dollars", which gives the South American Municipal Department of Venezuelan non-governmental organiza
tions. "

Other sections of the report are devoted to HRW prosecutions of government critics in Venezuela, police abuse, prison conditions and labor rights.

In general, it is clear who is Myagenko and shaggy, and who is tough and stitching.

In Venezuela, by the way, except for the South American, Canadian and blows out the democratic wind.

In the web there is an article Willows Engler "Canada and Venezuela" on 21 December 2010, headquartered in kommyuniti «Znet». It says that "many people know that Washington has spent 10's of millions of dollars to groups opposed to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, but less known is the role of Ottawa, and especially the" long arm "the Government of Canada — Human Rights Organization «Rights & Democracy» (R & D) ».

In September 2010 Latulipp Gerard, president of R & D, traveled to Venezuela. He traveled back then, "to meet with representatives of PROVEA and other [Venezuelan] organizations dealing with human rights and democratic development."

That's what further writes Yves Engler:

"After returning to Canada Latulipp said of Venezuela as a country with" no democracy. " He said the magazine «Embassy»: «You will be able to behold the emergence of the newest model of democracy, where almost try to make the candidacy of democracy, saying that people can have the best life, even if there is no democracy. Do you have an example of. Do you have an example of Venezuela. "

For claims Latulippa no basis in reality, no. In addition to improving the country's criterion of life for the poor, the government is running a large scale increment Chavez's democratic space means public councils, new political parties and workers' cooperatives. It also won the 10's elections / referendums over the past 12 years (and lost only once). "

Engler reports that the R & D «almost completely funded by the federal government." This article describes some of the funding of various NGOs Venezuela and it is reported that Canada — the third "supplier of democracy" in the country, after the United States and Spain.

Creator says in conclusion:

"The simple truth is that the current government in Ottawa supports an old elite, who long worked with the American empire. It is opposed to progressive social transformations taking place in almost all Latin American countries, and eventually support groups civilian society, opposed to these events. "

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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