This is not a tragedy but a prepyadstviya recovery. To postpone rearmament

On the old days there was information about the postponement of the implementation of programs from upgrading from 2020 to 2023. Usually this information is presented in the context of the budget for the three-year period, followed by a wave of economic crisis and falling oil prices. At the level of rumor speaks of some of the "projects" to reduce defense spending. Of course, the conclusion of such news is imposed understandable, "national defense willing to betray!"

Let's start with the fact that no treachery or "mitigation projects" applets re not. Rearmament the country remains a major challenge for the coming years, which have specific prerequisites, work on which fails either the Finance Ministry or the Government. But there is a delay observed with the naked eye on certain types of new weapons. For example, Vladimir Pospelov (a member of the Military-Industrial Commission) said yesterday that the timing of the completion of construction and commissioning of new nuclear submarines of project 955 "Borey" and 885 "Ash" can be made later than 2020. Neuzh a betrayal?

Let's see what is the cause for the growth periods. Let's start with the fact that both series were increased to 10 units. And the boats themselves will be based on the changed project: multi-purpose boat — project 885M (08851), and on the part of the submarines of Project 955, the number of ballistic missiles has been increased to 20. Indeed, changes in the projects "on the go", as well as the increase in the number of boats ordered to be caused by an impartial necessity and desire for a more modern and superbly best weapon — completely correct — it is better to have enhanced combat abilities once, than to try to fill them with something later. But the speed of construction (and in the coming and entering into service, as many systems are not planned in the initial project) is the desire to affect an understandable way — time will be increased. Did not add the speed of construction and the delay in signing the contract — to remind you of the customer (MoD) is not satisfied with the price of boats altered projects, making the signing took place only recently (though in practice, the ready section has not yet ordered boats had already begun). As a result, the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) "caved in" at a cost, and now the last head of state corporation Roman Trocenko, said that the boat will be built with no profit.

Incidentally, the head of the USC, on day or left the post at the end of the employment contract (or agreement — as you like), belongs to the category of "effective management", which are so often criticized for its financial and economic approach to the management of enterprises and institutions. Its tasks over a three year period of management went "weaning" of shipbuilding and engineering assets from private owners and the return of their property in the country, the creation of a single management of all facilities and the revival of the production itself. For this task, he coped brilliantly. And now, when a branch revived and requires the mere creation, post production worker took particular — the last manager "Sevmash" Andrew Diachkov. In a farewell interview with Roman Trocenko opened some delays prerequisites:

"… In a lot of projects we had agreed the terms of reference, and in the process of building his ship project corrected immediately with several parties — the Main Command of the Navy, Ministry of Defense license universities, several departments of the ministry. "

Another prerequisite for delays in some weapons is their very novelty and complexity of the technology. Recognizable disruption of the schedule for all air defense systems S-400 (S-300PM-3) — with all due respect to those who lusted to explain his problem of control — it's techno discrepancy. It is unrealistic for small term do wonderfully fresh and at the technical level, complex instrument, even when conventional financing. Yet, perhaps, "scolding" and reshuffle yet accelerated the process — a distant rocket complex (40N6) successfully tested. Who will need some time for her to adjust, and has for some time for the start of a series. You can be proud of a team of former NIEMI (now "Concern" Antey ") smogshim a month (!) Completely rework the hardware base alternative system S-300V4, well its test and start preparing for production. But such work has, unfortunately, can not be the norm throughout the defense industry — it is a very long-surviving only on their own. All the same, the result of work on a new instrument there, albeit not in the most Stakhanovite time. There is a refinement of marine anti-aircraft complexes average range "polyment-Redoute" is preparing for the tests, close combat "Armour-M" changes compared with the initial option to increase its effectiveness. And without these systems (as well as certain other without, under trial / debugging), for example, delayed completion of Project 22350 frigates, although the body of the head ship "Admiral Gorshkov", launched from the slipway North Wharf has long been.

So, we can immediately recognize that the terms laid down initially by upgrading some swatches are not met (for impartial reasons). And you can arrange for a dressing-down failure at the highest level, public floggings and take personnel decisions. In my opinion, the first option is more rational. In the end, admit mistakes still have, and shift responsibility to others can not be endlessly. After all, would be the same again, "winter." There will be a brand new military equipment.

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