Through the apocalypse. Energoinformatika


Numerous acts of terrorism, mass murder — is this characteristic of the man? Who needs these sacrifices? The answer to this can be found in well-known historical facts.

Ziggurats of ancient Mesopotamia, the Maya civilization, the pyramids of Egypt — and the explosion at the mine in Mezhdurechensk, ziggurat mausoleum on Red Square, closed during the Victory Day Parade-2010 star performed at the satanic symbolism. What is the relationship between what is hidden in the depths of centuries and millennia — and what is happening before our eyes?
Do permanently gone past the bloody cults of antiquity, or simply become more modern, "civilized" look which for some reason does not shock us?
Ancient civilizations in conflict with the laws of space ethics, wiped from the face of the Earth. We'll get to the same limit, or at the last minute will be able to turn on the road of life? It turns out that the time to understand what is happening and to have time to fix it, we have very little.

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