Thunderball — quirk of nature, or UFO?

"Today", 09.06.2003, Kiev, n126

Author: Dmitry Lavrov

What are the similarities between the fireballs and UFOs? Ask any meteorologist, and he will tell you that glowing balls — this is nothing like "a rare form of electrical storm" that occurs during heavy rainstorms. At first glance — nothing extraordinary. However, there are several impressive "but" …

They are different …

Let's start with the fact that ball lightning is contemplated in a quiet, clear weather. Experts, for many years studying the mystery of nature, can attest to that, apart from spherical "lightning", there is also a "pear-shaped", "dyneobraznye" with "tentacles" and "tails" as well as in the form of a "chain" or "bouquet "interconnected balls. Residents of Kyrgyzstan in 1980 even saw a glowing lump "in the form of a large dome-shaped sheaf violet-purple color."
The second remark is fundamental to the concept of "lightning", since the duration of lightning is calculated, usually fractions of a second, and a biography of the mysterious fire "Aliens" last in ground conditions from a few seconds up to 10-15 minutes. But the most mysterious in the behavior of burning clots are their actions in relation to the person.
Having looked through the yellowed pages of proceedings of a century ago, it is possible to detect a curious entry: "July 5, 1852 in Paris fireball entered the room through a tailor fireplace. Bright ball of fire came close to the feet of men. He moved quietly …" Alien "rose to the height of a person tailor, then headed for the hole punched by a fireplace, a sealed paper, to detach it without hurting, "entered" into the pipe and exploded, destroying the fire. "
These days "tricks" ball lightning is also unpredictable. After a severe thunderstorm in the central hospital Volodarskogo Donetsk region flew a fireball. Fireball "infiltrated" the window in a non-surgical department. Lightning literally dazzled all who saw her. Nurse Galina scared more than others, and ran down the hospital corridor to the nearest office. Ball rushed after her and "rammed" electrical box. There was a deafening clap, but fortunately, the story was over. Local electricians had to tinker, mending the damage.

Fireballs "read" the press

In 1980, the editor of the newspaper "Izvestia" came the following letter: "We were sitting with his grandson Slava in the hallway. I read the newspaper … Suddenly grandson cried," Father, burning newspaper "Bottom of the newspaper was steaming. A Slavik noted that in corridor flew fireball lit the newspaper and flew into the hole in the attic. " A note about this event was the prelude to a number of mysterious "spontaneous combustion" in an apartment in the city Yenakievo that happened in 1986.
The culprit fire was considered to be 13-year-old "boy flammable" Sasha K. But what Enakievskiy student data fire had nothing to do, failed to prove ufologists.
On a Moscow street events took place not less than amazing. Here is a fragment of a letter sent to the editor of the newspaper of the capital: "Outside, lightning, rain is amplified, then fainted. I went to the open window, took a cigarette … At this point, a bright flash of lightning strikes lit up the room for a moment. Shortly pale pink ball the size of an apple appeared in the pane. Caught unawares, I froze. A few inches from the face ball, me showering sparks flew up. did not reach the ceiling, the fire "guest" melted into air, leaving my teeth lit sparks a cigarette … "
As you can see, in this case, "Lightning" was a man of service. Did not touch it, and a peasant from the village Derichin that when approaching the sparkling "stranger" held out his hand. But with the home owner's wife was different: the woman grabbed a broom and tried to sweep a ball of fire from the premises. In response uninvited "guests", flames licking the wall, retired to the kitchen and there exploded with a deafening crash.
Ball lightning is surrounded by many legends. It is believed that it occurs during a thunderstorm near power lines. Argues that such a lightning pursues everything that moves and escape from approaching the phenomenon can only be frozen in place. There are also stories about ball lightning, intermittent through windows in residential buildings, causing fires occurred. Moreover, in some cases, the fastener penetrates into the home without damaging the window glass.

"Earthlings in trouble"

I would like to stress that during all these visits fiery "Aliens" none of those present was not injured. Mysterious blobs of energy are often unknown to us by his actions resembled objects with remote control. They carefully "skirted" the obstacles ahead, "included the" point of entry and exit in closed rooms and successfully conducted "research" work.
So, in July 1980 in Frunze Fireballs "visited" local historical museum. Around midnight watchman noticed in the back room dazzling bright light. If you look at the hardware, she saw in the open window slowly swam ball-like poluraspushenny ball of yarn. He walked up to the devices, and they heard the loud crackling, then, describing a smooth half-arches, slipped out into the street.
Such extreme situations, there are many. But a unique event that took place, according to a local resident, in the center of Leningrad, worth mentioning. Once in a stellar August night in 1982 Popkov hostess looked out the window and saw in the sky a bright, shining point, which, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow was rapidly approaching her. The unexpectedness of a woman fainted. When he awoke, she saw several fiery orange balls, galloping across the floor. When one of the balls caught, it opened a lid, and the inside could hear the melodious sounds. The hostess immediately recognized the famous waltz by Chopin.
— Who are you? — Asked the woman.
— We are the same as you.
— Do you know Chopin?
— Yes. And much more, — said the voice. — You earthlings in trouble. It is for us and could end in disaster. So we are seeing …
But back to talking about the different types of ball lightning. As you can see, the outlines are remarkably similar to the form of unidentified flying objects. And in the "sound design" they also have much in common. Fireballs are buzzing, whistling, hissing. "Runs" are on the same path as the UFO, though their inherent large maneuvers smooth and unhurried. There are also fire clots, rotating around its own axis.
With regard to dimensions, the average diameter of ball lightning is typically several tens of centimeters, but there are "giant". Thus, the magazine "Technology of Youth" reported the appearance in the sky of a five-meter fireball, as mentioned in historical sources about the glowing spheres the size of a two-story house. This information shows the celestial "aliens" are so closely intertwined that it becomes impossible to determine the difference between a UFO and a fireball.

Good or bad?

Another trait that unites two anomalous phenomena — the ability to divide into several parts. In the summer of 1980 residents of the city of Frunze seen in broad daylight amazing picture. First appeared in the sky a small glowing ball of fire, like a child's ball that was lowered to the ground, divided into two glittering spheres. One of them disappeared in the gardens, and the other fell on the pavement, almost touching a passing motorcyclist. In cas
e of contact with the road lightning flashed even brighter, leaving a long whitish streak. This brings to mind the many hover UFO, which was divided into several parts, and left after an intense smoky "loop"! We would call these phenomena are twins, if not among them are some differences.
Scientists have often wondered: how to fire a small ball can hold such a huge amount of energy, able to work miracles? From across the country received a staggering message. At one point, a ball the size of a watermelon barreling down the street, knocking the crater with a diameter of five feet, the other — a fireball instantly turned to steam all the water in the barrel …
What is it, this fireball? Good or bad? The real or illusory? What is it — the revenge of nature heaven or jokes? And if this phenomenon is artificial and transcends earthly logic, physical and chemical laws? The last point, of course, will put science. In the meantime, there is information for thought …


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