Time Flower of Life (brane weaving)

Flower of Life — Love is in the heart of his woman, and encourages him to blossom — Man machismo. This is how the New World — the core, the center of the flower.

Then happy and thriving family tree in a man — his roots alive and give strength juices Life trunk powerful, mighty, Crohn's — blooms.

Gold threads — love, red — Feast on the warm-silver living space.

Flower of Life — A woman create.
Love all around. Woman — fulfill our destiny.

Time "Flower of Life" (Branagh weaving)

Magic Light Newerth — ancient knowledge alive and sparkle with new faces.


Wheel of Life — perpetual motion, it was always, always have and always will.

Time "Flower of Life" (Branagh weaving)

What is this now? That comes time to bloom.

There comes a time in your heart and flower blossoms life. Bud opens, stretching their wings petals of tenderness, love, and beauty. And there comes the eternal spring is in the heart. This condition is always there, in the depths of the heart and the treasure no wind hardship and troubles in life can not break this blossoming, blooming new, inspiration. This awakening is the flower of life in his heart. It's time to blossom. It's time …

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