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In the life of almost every person, regardless of gender has been at least one juicy story, which appeared after the thought of Venereology. "Love fine impulses" — is certainly good, but the sexual infections still has not been canceled.

The situation is as old as the world: met and drank — and into bed. Woke up, ran away, met in the ARC. From anyone who has caught, God knows.

Not long ago, researchers discovered that people who are prone to undue risk, reduced electrical activity in those areas of the brain that are responsible for the motivation and acceptance of meaningful solutions. This is a subtle hint that the extreme athletes who have casual sex without a "personal protective equipment" (condoms, candles), have problems with the head.

Somehow, thanks to social advertising, drummed into our heads that during genital and anal intercourse necessarily need a "gum". But about oral sex to recall forgotten. Think, why lesbians are infected with syphilis each other? That's right! Because microbes without a difference, through which it is traveling mucous membranes — most importantly, the path was open.

By the way, the likelihood that a man will infect a woman with oral sex, much higher than the other way around. So, girls, there is nothing to tug at the mouth horrible. In vain, I suppose, invented condoms with chocolate or strawberry flavor?

In short, protect yourself! Especially if a partner barely know, and help from the HPC had with him not.

Do not argue, and good marksman may miss, ie force majeure. For example, in the process of sexual intercourse the condom breaks. Your actions?

Option one — for the forward-

Over the next few days to do Emergency prevention of sexually transmitted infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, syphilis and trichomoniasis). It's simple: go see a specialist on venboleznyam, complain about their difficult stake, and you wheeled into horse dose of antibiotics.

The incubation period of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • Gonorrhea — 2-10 days
  • Chlamydia — 1-3 weeks
  • Ureaplazmoz — 3-5 weeks
  • Mycoplasmosis — 3-5 weeks
  • Trichomoniasis — 1-4 weeks
  • Syphilis — 3-4 weeks
  • Donovanosis (found primarily in the tropics) — 1-12 weeks (usually 4 weeks)
  • Chancroid — 2-10 days
  • Genital herpes — 1-26 days (usually 2-10)
  • Otsrokonechnye warts — from several weeks up to 9 months (usually 1-3 months)

Disadvantages of the method:

  • you can not use often (as a replacement for condoms not do);
  • not suitable for those who are allergic to the drug used;
  • no effect on viruses, and, therefore, does not protect against genital herpes, HPV / genital warts, HIV infection.

Option Two — for the naive

Partner rips his shirt over his chest and swears he is clean as a baby, but for some reason you believe. In this case, do not fuss, wait a week or three or four.

If your handsome lied, that during this time infection will manifest itself somehow. For example, the rash will appear on the genitals, discharge, itching, burning or pain in the lower abdomen. Sometimes venereal disease apparently does not give herself, but even in this case, a month after infection (before — no way!) Can be identified by passing special tests.

So, it took three to four weeks after the accidental connection … It's time to venereal diseases.

Economical masochist recommended to storm the district vendispanser. All free of charge, the load can get a purely Soviet attitude to patients, "As you perverts, only the land is!" It's good that the workplace is no longer a diagnosis and inform sexual partners with the police is not wanted. Keep in mind, until you pass the blood from a vein insyphilis (Wasserman) and AIDS, other infections here to talk with you will not.

All the rest — a direct route to the commercial medical center. First — to the doctor, then — on the tests (blood, general smear and testing for specific infectious agents).

Some very clever people prefer to go directly to the diagnostic laboratory, bypassing the doctor. Relatively cheap and not very cheerful, but only if you're hoping that the treatment you do not need …

In recent years, progressive public health clinics, in which gynecologists and urologists have mastered the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Themselves take tests (for a fee), do give them to the lab themselves prescribe. Very convenient, especially since these doctors know all of his patient's medical history, and certainly not appoint a medicine to which he is allergic. That is to say, the maximum individual attention.

And finally, the most important — treatment. According to venereologists, the most pleasant disease — Syphilis. Get rid of it quickly and permanently. With other infections will have trouble. Some can be cured completely, some — temporarily block … "Honey, what do you bring to the resort? — What you want, dear, now treat everything. " Very true anecdote … (AIDS — do not count!)

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