To the heat, there are health standards

In the next few days in Belarus is expected the new wave of abnormally hot weather. How to overcome it in the workplace?

Health standards stipulate how much you can be at work when the air temperature above the permissible limits. For example, with sedentary work with small loads (according to the document, are employees of categories 1a and 1b), a full 8-hour working day is possible only when the room is not more than 28 degrees Celsius. As the temperature increases already at half-time degrees have to cut an hour. At a temperature of 30 degrees can not operate for more than five hours. However, in order to secure higher temperatures, health services need to spend at the written request of the relevant measurements. Then they give recommendations administration of the company, and the employer must make a decision, says a representative of the Republican Center of Hygiene Alexander Rakevich.

"Transfer time, do it big breaks, ventilate, was the air conditioner with water and so on. Anyway, this recommendation. This anomalous situation, and it need to be ready. "

The representative of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus reported that a number of employers in the country have reduced during the heat of the working day for an hour.

"Passed the information on Russia, that due to the heat of employers there reduced time employees. Resonance went with us. I know that a number of companies have cut an hour working day."

According to Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Minsk Victor Chalnova, complaints came from furniture stores and shopping centers. To do this issue can and labor unions. Deputy chairman of the trade union committee of the Minsk Mechanical Plant Vavilov Nicholas Bakunchyk described how the company decided this issue:

"We have solved this problem. Temperature is the temperature. Air conditioning we will deliver in every office, in every department. Increased the number of regulated breaks. Somewhere mineral drive up some water. When someone hard, lets go of the head of division."



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