Today and tomorrow, Russian armored vehicles

Today and tomorrow, Russian armored vehicles
The questions of leading radio station «Echo of Moscow» Alexander smoking, Sergei and Anatoly Buntman Ermolina posted live on January 27, Deputy. Director General of SPC «Uralvagonzavod» for special e Vyacheslav Halitov.

S. Buntman: Good evening everyone, we are now in full Alexander smoking, Anatoly and Sergei Buntman Ermolin. Our guests — Vyacheslav Halitov, Deputy Director General of Research and Production Company «Uralvagonzavod» for special equipment. We are going to read about now and tomorrow Russian armored vehicles, that you are doing and what are the judgments about what to do in the future. By the way, our program there for almost a year, we have already done a lot of things.

A.KURENNOY: In March we had a CEO «Uralvagonzavod» we pondered plans for 2013 — tell us what happened after that?

V.HALITOV: I congratulate you on the anniversary. And if you read about the results of 2013, this year for us was characterized by the fact that we have a state defense order was increased 2.4-fold in dollar terms than and more than half — to quantify. But, despite such harsh configuration, we were able to fulfill the state defense order fit, we have provided weapons all military units. Moreover, we put more than 4 early 10’s machines already in 2014 due to defense order is we had a premature delivery tanks.

S. Buntman: And ahead — it’s great?

V.HALITOV: In fact, thanks to the awareness of the moment, by the Ministry of Defense, defense industry companies awareness of problems, we have to conclude long-term contracts. This allows quite normal to plan economic activity of the enterprise. We have signed three-year contracts only. And ahead — this is just the result of normal course of business, allowing true enterprise work plan, procurement of finished products and raw materials. And it allows, including early to make plans.

Here about any race question. In 1-x, the task is quite severe, increased by more than half, because we all shared systematically for three years and fulfill the puzzle in accordance with the plan.

Another milestone I should like to note in 2013, a very severe achievement — we have completed step developmental work «Armata» and «Coalition» — sure, it’s already known products. «Armata» — a unified platform, or chassis, languid, caterpillar type series for the creation of various machinery and accommodation at the base.

«Coalition» — a promising 152 mm artillery system. We manage these products showed the country, including in September at an arms fair in closed display. This is one of the achievements of 2013 At this point we ran over to the subsequent step of this work — testing of these products.

A.ERMOLIN: expected «Armata» in the capsular planning?

V.HALITOV: I understand that such issues will follow — right up to the device and features. My answer is this — «Armata» — is to achieve the existing technical basis for many years, it cut some of the technical reserve. Of course, we all used there and gain perspective — and in terms of security of the crew, firepower, mobility. We plan to show it at the fair in 2015 and generally tasked even more severe, and we have begun to implement it — it is a demonstration of these products on the anniversary of the Victory Parade in 2015

A.ERMOLIN: in other words, is not just a universal platform for at least some armored vehicles, and there innovatorskie solutions?

V.HALITOV: Not exactly. And these solutions implemented. We have gained there seriously increment combat potential of this machine. Well, as it unified platform, in other words, by changing the assembly, we can have on this platform different types of weapons, military equipment — and air defenses, artillery systems, engineering equipment, mashinoobespechenie. And this is one of the development prospects of the forthcoming unified platform.

S. Buntman: At the parade it will be several options that can be mounted on the platform?

V.HALITOV: Yes, the parade scheduled to be presented today on this platform, tank, military vehicle and languid infantry fighting vehicle — two products are planned.

A.KURENNOY: Imagine that all successful project «Armata» launched, the car went into the series — what will happen with tanks, T-92, 72 — who currently are in service?

V.HALITOV: Naturally, this is not our decision, the decision of the Defense Ministry, but we are in the subject. We all at the moment considering tank park, come to him on the basis of the current beliefs cycle the entire park — not just taken separately standard. But even the very rich countries can not afford for themselves, so that the actual cycle lasted products, for example, 20 years — 20 years, we certainly have to change the whole park. Of course not. Will still be some phasing — in other words, there will be new cars will be evenly cramping outdated. A more or less modern — as at the moment, for example, occurs — tanks 90-A — is a modern machine meets all modern requirements. Why we should recycle it, and immediately write off instead of her tremendous pace to produce «Armata»?

Of course not — it remains in operation and will remain for quite a long time to ensure the combat readiness of units and parts. Especially since she has a good modernization potential.

We showed in 2011 modernized tank T-90-C — though this export option, but still — there are implemented quite noteworthy things and in the part of the fire control — we put the engine back in 1130 hp, implemented fire control system the principle of «hunter-shooter», in other words, there is quite modern optics, optics, electronics, modern sights observation, plus put an upgraded gun — a completely different ammo, more superior power. And significantly improved the properties of the machine.

A.ERMOLIN: A quite old tanks, T-60 — how can you recycle?

V.HALITOV: anyway. In a decent, caring owner just never cut his tank cutting and delivery of scrap metal should not happen — this is incorrect. Should be organized in the normal process of industrial waste. In other words, taking into account all components of the unit.

We must realize that we actually produce «Uralvagonzavod» on this day, on the ground in more than 50 countries operated. And there are not too far tanks T-90-C, there is even a T-34 tanks still — imagine these are armed with tanks and T-85. And, of course, necessary for their spare parts, components, accessories for the restoration and maintenance of their readiness to use.

Because there should be organized only industrial process waste. In other words, the re-introduction, routine maintenance on the units and aggregates, giving them an additional resource.

S. Buntman: Immediately Humanities and historical question — I always afraid that some will be lost forever technology standards — we almost lost. Do you have your museum or some compulsion to throw a few instances of cars in good condition?

V.HALITOV: Yes, you are completely right — under any circumstances can not lose these standards and destroy them. They must remain, even experienced standards, if not go to series, they certainly should be. In 1-x, it is very crucial for the training of designers — they need to create, what was the idea of ​​engineering, feel, look alive.

Thanks MoD — they support the museum in Kubinka, in the 38th Research Institute — this is very true. And there’s an unlimited amount of concentrated technology, with not only our, and zabugornoy. And we have our own museum in Nizhny Tagil we also all the standards that we have available in this museum contains.

S. Buntman: Unique there?

V.HALITOV: Including. Come, we have to show you — references. Which are not found in mass production its place, but nevertheless, developed — they are in stock. I have more to say — at the moment we set ourselves puzzle — will soon be a century of tank of, and we put the puzzle expansion of the museum, there is the creation of a wider palette tanks.

At the moment, we have organized work to find machines that are seekers, we select these machines, restore, and they will certainly be there.

S. Buntman: Is there a completely lost battle tanks?

V.HALITOV: There do not remember.

S. Buntman: I know that at one time there were huge problems with the T-34-76.

V.HALITOV: No, these tanks have. We had created an entire battalion of T-34, it is specially designed to capture the battle scenes in the movies about the war, this battalion was used and a parade was held in St. Petersburg — there is also a T-34-85. But you know, there. We have very many monuments and preserved T-34 tanks. In this regard, we have preserved a lot of products, and we try to keep them too.

A.ERMOLIN: Students argue: «It is not necessary for us tanks» — tanks burning as a form of weaponry in the current time?

V.HALITOV: Look past actions of armed conflict — all — the Persian Gulf at the moment Syria palpitating and look, as well indicates a tank as a means of warfare. These spores are long — we need tanks or e is not needed. We say that there are means of warfare is very effective and useful, which really benefit during the fight. Tanks have not lost relevance, in any case, no one has found a substitute.

For example, enter into the area of ​​the town without tanks can hardly be. Even more so, to take a certain limit — I doubt that with the help of infantry or motorized infantry units you take a certain limit. Tank is a tool break, defense, hold positions.

S. Buntman All in all power assistance.

V.HALITOV: Naturally. I agree completely — must be true organized interaction of different types of troops, weapons, as the tanks at the moment, too, are not 100 percent protected, they are also vulnerable, they also need to protect and maintain. Because we currently defected to create completely unique, in my opinion, machinery — we demonstrate these machines demonstrated in Nizhny Tagil — is fighting vehicle fire support «Terminator.»


V.HALITOV: We remake tanks, where a huge amount, especially T-72 tanks, — creating these unique machines that security on the same level with the tank are, firepower they can immediately decide to 3 fire missions thus. In different planes — is itself a kind of «Terminator.» And why not use the machine and close the heavy infantry fighting vehicle? That’s for you already generated some fighting module which can be perfectly used in all forms of combat, including in the town.

Think different armed conflicts — why steel cross? — Support columns in Afghanistan, in the mountains. After all, there was the problem of how to fight the enemy, which in the mountains? Had to use and put in one column tanks and the SOA, which could at a certain angle to conduct combat actions in the mountains.

Fighting vehicle fire support — a unique service. Again the same in caring owner, which disposed of the tanks? Here’s to you, please, the method of implementation. We do a complete car repairs, ask the new resource and refitting it into a fighting machine fire support.

A.KURENNOY: There are similar standards of our Western colleagues?

V.HALITOV: Yes, they are, of course, engaged in study of such systems languid tank base. But such as «Terminator», with that firepower — we have not seen such. Their is another technique, but so that rework of the tanks — they will certainly try to do mostly engineering equipment. Take the «Leopards» first, to rework equipment for the engineering troops.

But we have this machine is made on the basis of the T-72 — is 90. We showed them was demining machine, also a unique machine. Currently very many areas that need to defuse.

A.ERMOLIN: Maybe they do not have as many tanks as we have?

S. Buntman: Redesigning also one of the steps of implementation.

V.HALITOV: Proceedings life.

S. Buntman: Yes, another life. And we will continue to field a newscast.


S. Buntman: Continue aaplet. Question of the Sverdlovsk region, «What is the average lifetime of tanks in modern conditions battlefield, they expect? Previously, it was 5-1 — minutes. » Beloved theme in the 70s was a tank in a nuclear war — how many lives tank.

A.ERMOLIN 5-10 minutes — dreaming.

S. Buntman: At the moment, they expect?

V.HALITOV: We, of course, take into account that maybe tan will conduct combat actions in the criteria for the introduction of nuclear weapons — is one of the requirements of the Ministry of Defense — that the survivability of the crew was provided in these criteria. These requirements are not removed. But if you talk about the vitality — you know, during the Second World War there were machines that have passed from Moscow to Berlin and were never affected.

Were the contrary, machines that were 4 to 8 overhauls, in other words, actually repaired completely. How can you talk about the survivability? Naturally, this is not an indicator. In fact, it is totally conditional mapping. One crew trained and more able to operate the machine correctly, the second gets into a situation where the machine will be immediately destroyed. This figure — not quite correct.

Survivability over himself indicator as survivability machines — we are working on it. Studying, analyzing the means of destruction machine, probable development of these tools, we consider all this, it is put into the concept of providing security parameters. We realize what antitank likely in a potential adversary. This multifactorial things, and we will certainly be taken into account.

A.ERMOLIN: Question from our practically relative Captain Kolesnikov.

S. Buntman: «Can the sniper prepared to suspend or blind Russian tank, as is often the case with Israeli tanks during the fighting in Lebanon?»

V.HALITOV: You know, optics, this. Of course, the problem. Protection of optics as such principal, where she is — the driver, gunner or commander — it’s a very important question. First thing we do — on the march, if the machine maneuvers movement, in a convoy, we have foreseen closing optics. In other words, we have discovered in this case only the optics from the driver, commander and gunner all closed — windows sights.

Naturally, in this battle all you need to open, but the possibility of getting very small, including sniper. If the tank is in motion — it’s hard to get into. If it is in place — yes, maybe hit, but we make material prisms protected from bullets, including — use special materials.

S. Buntman: There are backup systems?

V.HALITOV: Naturally. There are duplicates, there is the commander and gunner — that I read about the implementation of the principle of «hunter-shooter» — this is just the fire control system of the T-90S, modernized — the principle used here when gunner and commander coupled seek out objective, in other words, they like hunters. And, for example, has previously been necessary to transfer target information from the commander of the gunner, if it first detects a target. And at this point it is easier — in other words, even with all the features that are not required to enter into the ballistic computer, no need to enter in the program. They just passed the gunner, he chooses a shell and hit the target here.

If the gunner can not for some reason, the commander himself can lead fire on purpose — they duplicate each other. Currently seen in general in perspective that, that all crew members would be direct participants in warfare, including the driver. This is the future, this is a different approach to the battle system.

S. Buntman: At the moment the crew is optimal?

V.HALITOV: Yes, optimal.

S. Buntman: In other words, the drone would not be?

V.HALITOV: unmanned still difficult to realize. All the same technical vision is not so developed that it was possible to change the person. Creating mental systems that were able to correctly assess the situation as a person, it is also difficult task.

But we also strive to reduce the number of crew, certainly. I think that in the distant future we will have a crew consist of 2-and maybe even from the 1st crew member. It is exactly as this should strive for. We do not have a lot of people, so we can throw them freely — it makes no sense.

S. Buntman: first it can go?

V.HALITOV Commander with the gunner can be rolled into one, certainly, is a mechanic.

A.ERMOLIN: A full substitution likely?

V.HALITOV: And it is also envisaged. In general, it is presently foreseen training programm. Currently studying to be commander gunner and driver.

A.KURENNOY: «What are the prospects clay armor?» — Prof. very question — are you ready to make cooperation with the Institute of Aviation Materials, to try to make fundamentally latest armor protection? «

V.HALITOV: if indeed clay armor would have been so promising, as they say it, then surely it would have been used everywhere. Not so simple in fact. Yes, clay armor points to himself well against small caliber — 30 mm. But while it’s still not manifested itself in a more languid caliber — 100 mm and above. Because read that tomorrow will be a clay armor is too early.

S. Buntman: Same Vian materials involved in the creation of tasks, including thermal protection of cosmic ships.

A.ERMOLIN: It plays an important role lowering weight. You burning it?

V.HALITOV: Lowering the weight burning everywhere. Imagine a tank, weighing up to 70 tons. In 1-x, we simply will not survive some bridges, in-2, we should be ensured and transportability — a lot of reasons that affect it.

The fact that we have decided to create a main battle tank. And this means that we do some universal tank. In fact, if the light tanks — if go down in history — medium and languid. We have chosen the main battle tank, which has absorbed all the characteristics of a medium tank, a concept that we lasts, we do tank that would fit the bill, but there was a certain weight class, so as not to go beyond the scope of this category.

We have requirements for railway transport, a number of requirements that suzivayut puzzle for us entering the medium tank.

A.ERMOLIN: During WWII tank duels occurred frequently and our tanks are often lost as the enemy firing range was quite large. As at the moment things are?

V.HALITOV: Currently completely equal conditions. Even say more — we have the «right longish hands» — we, unlike all other tanks in the world are there antitank guided missile, which is fired from the barrel and flies at a distance of 6, and at the moment is miles and more than . In other words, we can get the opponent at a distance of 6 km.

A.ERMOLIN: Actually it is not seeing.

A.KURENNOY: And at the moment the armor and weapons that are on the tanks, is to develop «Uralvagonzavod»?

V.HALITOV: Company «Uralvagonzavod» was created by presidential decree, that a number of companies of the defense industry, which includes six research institutes. At the same time, some of them are engaged in basic research work in terms of weapons as such. 4 KB. And others — manufacturing sites.

Naturally, we are in the development of weapons technology of the future, we will certainly use all that is done — we Baumanka working in this area, other universities are connected. At the same time, on different fronts. We have different holdings — holding «optics» and others that deal specifically with one of the components of the machine. We have SRI engines that develop diesel engines — all this we accumulate and certainly use all the produce in the development of this or another standard.

The fact that at ending step konstuktorskoy Experimental work when running the chief designer, he has already assembles the machine does — of course, he uses the whole instrument. In other words, certain technical backlog, which make various research institutes and design — it all accumulates and makes the machine.

A.ERMOLIN: Question from the audience, «You 2vagon word» ever remove your name from the enterprise? «

V.HALITOV: None. Is a historical title, he had appeared in the story with this title — I think it needs to be saved, as it is very basic.

A.KURENNOY: How serious source of revenue and downloading Enterprise — technical service weapons at us and the countries that supply?

V.HALITOV: The current management of the Ministry of Defense the main task for the industry to move to service puts arms aftermarket. In other words, go to the full up-cycle. This is the main task — from development to disposal makes all industry support after implementation, and so on. We shipped this puzzle on one hundred percent.

I would say more — at the moment we have a certain order of the president, we are members of various pilot projects to establish a management system current cycle, sales and after-sales service system development. Defense Minister put the puzzle — all in the language of «Oboronservis» — the transfer of the company «Oboronservis» specifically in companies such as ours.

And this year we accept armored factories, arsenals of the company. And based on them will be created overarching regional service centers.

S. Buntman: What gives?

V.HALITOV: Imagine — you have purchased a car and drive to the service center. Similarly, with respect to all military products. In the region we create a service center at the base of the plant, it will be all-inclusive, do all kinds of tasks and repairs, only, of course, complete renovation — technical support, maintenance regulation, the average repair, other — we assume the stationary part of the service center and mobile . This outreach teams that will go to the troops, and hospital — a technique that is scheduled to arrive there.

We believe that under these criteria, when the impact on the car will be prepared to provide special and not just designed for a year and hastily trained soldier — in such criteria, of course, technical readiness coefficient will be significantly higher.

A.ERMOLIN: We had read a lot of iron, and even about the software, and let about a man — the new battlefield conditions require instant responses and interaction in modern combat. You are using geymerovskie battle management approaches?

V.HALITOV: On the T-90ms worth such a control joystick. At the moment, the whole machine is controlled by a joystick. And there is the same screen that has the problem, captured goals followed. Our modern man can only elect shell and push the button defeat. Everything else for it makes electronics. His response, of course, critical, but it’s all part of learning a soldier who needs to know their weapons.

certainly. We strive to to take into account modern realities. We realize that our kids at the moment, not having been born already are holding computer. We realize that with him, he used to work, here are some screens we create computers, videosmotrovye device on which he looks — make it easier for him to puzzle.

At this point, I assure you, there is such as to look into optics, look at the scale of devices considered thousandths — this has long been unavailable.

S. Buntman: You met resistance here? What do very sophisticated instruments?

V.HALITOV: There are in fact the problem — the problem of advancing the development of technology, ready to advance its military operation of those who come real. There is a problem, but the problem is that we have a small clearance time is necessary to prepare this soldier. This is the first. Second — certainly the more difficult technology, the emergence of more complex systems, but in a complex system different contours of an unlimited number, and in these circuits — their contour. It is an easy system, of course, the number of failures can also be more.

And, of course, we realize that you need to consider, and we create a certain reliability — in some places any duplication systems, etc.. Here it is necessary to withstand some balance. Again, the question of price. Can be crammed car so. That it will cost more than tactical fighter. Then what is the efficiency of such machines?

Because, of course, we balance using these two indicators, so it was not really very expensive, but at the same time perfectly. Here the ratio of cost-effectiveness, we have today the best tanks in the world — just for this ratio. Because they have a pretty decent need and have export potential.

A.ERMOLIN: Price has its own depressing effect on the customer and on the shooter. When you sit down in the BMP, and they say to you, it’s like a car «Volga», especially if the same misses …

S. Buntman: This is really another training requirement. Failure of the techniques require other steps to overcome this failure, other skills.

V.HALITOV: All right. We currently seek to ensure that the crew create such an information system, so she answered that for refusing to appear. To simplify troubleshooting or failure and make the right decision. Because at the moment it is very recovery machine an important factor. And how quickly we create it, so this machine is faster will continue to fight.

S. Buntman Recovery for acts and not after the fight.

A.KURENNOY: our technology has always been famous in their own field maintainability criteria. We have not lost this quality?

V.HALITOV not lost a Kalashnikov rifle in what gryazyuka or throwing, but he continued to shoot.

A.ERMOLIN: Repair units returned after the transition to outsourcing?

V.HALITOV: It is necessary to ask the Ministry of Defense. I believe that the decision that basically give up-cycle companies OPK — is the right decision. Since, given the complexity of technology, as far as it goes, this trend continues — of course, it should work with spices.

S. Buntman: And should teach professionals.

V.HALITOV: By the way, one of the proposals of the overarching regional centers, including creating classrooms for training crew calculation. It is very crucial. In general, we envisage there too and logistics — providing spare parts. If you remember, we both provide an uninterrupted supply of spare parts? We have made great supplies. We stock hundreds of tons of stored that, in fact, not needed in general — in the past 10 years, Male. Generally not needed, since we were striving? — Machine went down, means immediately to the warehouse and spare this should be put there.

Built some norms shift — invented, scientifically proven, and eventually these norms shift we are allowed to accumulate an unlimited amount. But for some reason the brake shoe — it is not needed in general were almost never, but they lay an unlimited amount to cover the entire warehouse. This provision of spare parts logistics.

S. Buntman: Thank you for a great, good-bye.

V.HALITOV: And thank you.

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