Trehlebov of Birdsong Gamayun

SHINING wisdom of the ancestors in the images and symbols Songs Gamayun birds. In this interview Trehlebov Shubnikov explains symbols and images embedded in 3 and 4 balls Songs Gamayun birds.
Corr.: Alexey V., hello! Please explain to our readers what a Svarog with Svarozhich?

AV Trehlebov: Svarog name means "Primal Light Ra-M-hee, the descended in Ingle" ("Swa" — Light, "horn" on the Rules Charomutiya, read "Gore" or "Or", ie "shell Zhivatmy consisting of Dust — Reason "). Svarog — being the first-born of the Universal Egg. Svarozhich-Zhivatmy (descendants Svarog).

Black Snake — Serpent Yusha: Shakti (Spiritual Power, supports Svarog on the waters of the Causal Ocean.) Rod — ancestor of All That Is. The image of blood, which was covered with earth, symbolizes the fact that the whole world around us is composed of Zhivatm that with respect to one another are relative, since all emanated from the Sort-P raroditelya.

Corr.: What image represents the first tree that grew out of a stone Repeyskih mountains?

AV Trehlebov: This is an image of the World Tree (the Tree Rod, combining the entire Universe).

Corr.: Which three trees in question on?

AV Trehlebov: Is the personification of the three elements of material nature: Ignorance (Cypress-Tree of Death), Passion (Sunny Oak up roots growing out of Ora: Dust-Reason) and Virtue (Apple, giving eternal youth, ie the output from the influence of Space and Time, Space and the ability to organize, manage time.

Corr.: Alexey V., and that the post went up on the edge of the Earth — from the Earth to the sky?

AV Trehlebov: Earth-Mother Goddess of the world is famous for. It's about her Aharatnom pillars. Aharatny pillar — is the energy channel that will provide connectivity Mother Earth with God.

Corr.: Alexey V., of which tribe was the people-strong, proud, and really do not know says the 3rd coil? Why the soul-"pearl pearl" they could not breathe Svarog why he was not able to warm stones Frigid?

AV Trehlebov: It is about the Titans. This creature is not born, but are created, and therefore, devoid of conscience, that is, Joint News from Rodom. Titans like vsedemonicheskie being needed for the formation of the universe Reason.

In this case, it is not a failure of Svarog. Spirit t.e.Zhivatmu Titans Svarog breath, but the soul can not breathe. Soul cultivated moral and ethical victories and is a personal spiritual achievement of its owner, and without conscience do nevozmozhno.Poetomu Titans were granted the right to choose to cultivate conscience and soul or not.

Corr.: Alexey V., now the question for the 4th coil. Why Perun was immune to the Beast-Skipera, but he still managed to grind it in a dungeon in the coffin of a dead sleep and had taken?

AV Trehlebov: Because come the corresponding cosmic rhythm for which Perun went into the unmanifested state.

Corr.: Why not help Horsa, Veles and Stribog could not wake Perun?

AV Trehlebov: Because this would have required the Force Ora (Hors), the Great Light (Veles) and the three main forces of the material world: the creation, sustenance and destruction (Stribog).

Corr.: Thank you. What would you advise readers when studying tangles Songs Gamayun birds?

AV Trehlebov: Exercise sound judgment, that is, to bring together the three pillars of the knowledge of the truth: the view of an experienced person (duhovidtsa), the experience of the Ancestors, recorded in the Vedas and their own experience. Only then will the full meaning of the songs will be revealed Gamayun birds.

September 18, 2011



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