Turkey was on the verge REVOLUTION

Turkey was on the verge REVOLUTION
The only thing, but fundamentally opposed: if in Egypt and Tunisia uprisings became victims of authoritarian but secular regimes, the Turkish protesters demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Islamist.

The head of government is put before a difficult choice: either to make concessions unprecedented in 10 years of his reign, or to repeat the experience of China in Tiananmen Square, brutally suppressed the «rebellion» and bringing the country into an Islamic dictatorship.

Speeches enemies premiere began last week with seemingly a petty reason. Inhabitants of Istanbul staged a rally against the authorities’ decision to uproot Gezi Park, which is called «green lungs» of the town naikrupneyshgo Turkey and erect in its place a shopping center. Police stopped the aggressive action by applying its members against tear gas.

After that action began to develop the scenario reminiscent Egyptian. As in Cairo two years back, the mobilization of demonstrators occurred priemuschestvenno through social networks. Role of Cairo’s Tahrir Square, a sign of the uprising against Hosni Mubarak, in Istanbul Taksim Square plays for control of which between police and protesters clash unfolded true. As a result, injured about 100 people (according to the opposition, a few hundred), almost tyscha protesters were detained, but it did not dampen the ardor of protesters.

Their number grew by the hour, with environmental slogans swiftly retreated to the second plan — the protesters sought not only save Gezi Park, and the resignation of the Islamist government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Right behind Istanbul «Turkish Spring» spread to the capital Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul and many other town — there is also been mass protests in which participants clashed with police.

For 10 years, during which the emperor Erdogan is in power in Turkey, he has never faced a crisis of this scale. He seemed unshakable position. At the last elections in June 2011, the ruling Justice and Development Party won 50% of the vote, receiving a comfortable majority of the parliament. Massive cleanup in the army, which eventually were arrested disloyal generals and officers, provided the premiere control over the armed forces, which are usually the implied warranty of secular development. Media operate in the most severe censorship criteria — critical for the film premiere or the government can get behind bars. Freedom of speech today the Turkish authorities also understand very peculiar: the writer of Armenian origin Sevan Nishanyan was sentenced to 13 months’ bullpen for «disrespectful remarks» about the Prophet Muhammad.

In general, as shown in the recent actions of Istanbul and other cities, authorities repression only spurred the protest mood. Only needed an excuse spark that was to try and cut down Gezi Park. Protest Erdogan joined all enemies, which in other circumstances would be hard to imagine in one camp: the left and the ultra students, trade unionists, nationalists, Kemalists (followers of the founding father of modern Turkey, Kemal Ataturk), Kurds, football fans.

Faced with so massive and determined resistance, Erdogan departed — for the first time in 10 years. By the authorities, police left Taksim Square, which here took 10’s of thousands of cheering demonstrators. Prime Minister acknowledged that the dispersal of the protest policing showed excessive hardness and «used a lot of gas» and promised to punish the guilty. But protesters demand even more — the change of power: they tried in Ankara encircle a government building and stormed the office in Istanbul Justice and Development Party. On the streets of Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir appeared barricades — opponents premier promised to continue the fight until the time until they achieve his resignation. In the town of Edirne (Adrianople last) they were able to capture the local branch of the ruling party.

Demonstration of solidarity with the «Istanbul revolutionaries» were held in many cities of Europe — Turkish diaspora representatives also sought care Erdogan, termination «creeping Islamization» and return to the standards of Ataturk.

Sovereign Erdogan faced a difficult choice. On the one hand, throughout their careers, he positioned himself as a politician, not before retreating opponents. And if at the moment he makes concessions demonstrators, it will be perceived as a sign of helplessness, the signal for all time lurking enemies premiere — from military to liberal intellectuals and Kurdish separatists. On the other hand, experts beware: violent suppression of protests, reincarnation Taksim Square «Istanbul Tiananmen» may put the country on the brink of war, civilian, forever scare away tourists and foreign investors to spoil things with the EU and the U.S..

Also not convinced that critical moment the army specifically support the prime minister, and not his opponents.

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