TV-3 is investigating 16 — 26 issues to watch

TV-3 is investigating 16 - 26 issues to watch
The audience is offered a new documentary project of TV-3. In its own brand-new project developers conduct its own investigation and give wide publicity materials that long years kept in the archives classified as "secret" and were known to only a very narrow range of scholars and professionals. It is time to conduct an impartial and objective investigation and uncover the truth. True colonels and generals of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation and the United States, scientists in uniform, psychics, explorers, testers and the test will say that it was, is, and what else is in that part of reality that is being hidden. According to the creators of the project plan, you will learn how to GRU appeared witch. Why President Yeltsin handy star Special Forces? What is taught in Russian special forces mission, and why these techniques are afraid of South American military? Whose genes the child inherits the ladies, which had a lot of connections to the pregnancy? Why creating a functioning time machine hitherto kept secret? The creators provide the viewer deep dive into the most unexpected lurking …

movie 16: The Never-ending youth

movie 17: Teleportation

movie 17: Teleportation

movie 18: Survive death

movie 19: Code of perdition

movie 20: Gypsy Undercover

movie 21: Telegonia

movie 22: Rumor

movie 23: Sense

movie 24: Taste

movie 25: Vision

movie 26: Touch

A man and his features

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