Two Union of Poles: can not be combined?

Acting chairman of the unregistered Union of Poles in Belarus Angelica Orehvo expressed a desire to meet with Leonid revelers head of the Committee for Religious and Ethnic Affairs. What Angelica Orehvo would like to talk with Leonid Gulyako?

Leonid Gulyako said that could meet with Angelica Orehvo only as an ordinary citizen, but not as the head of the unregistered organization of the Polish minority. The same officer wants to talk to it about the fate of their organization. The main problem of STDs — is that the authorities do not want to admit it for five years.

Orehvo: "We would like to talk about the Polish minority, a situation that exists around the Union of Poles in 2005, and on possible steps to this situation in some way to untie, to come to some understanding with the authorities. Of course, we have our own proposals and not just represent them to the authorities in writing, but still do not have any answers. "

Belarus has a pro-governmental Union of Poles, which is headed by Stanislav Semashko, and the Union of Poles, which operates semi-legally. Polish politicians are familiar with the conflict situation, and express the hope that the representatives of the Polish minority have come together to become a single entity, independent from the authorities. What he thinks about Angelica Orehvo?

Orehvo: "It looks like this: to date, independent from the authorities is our organization. And that organization, led by Semashko, there was only thanks to the authorities, they called it, they held congresses. And there is no independence. Therefore, we are not on the Main Board just made the decision that there will be no talks with the structure. And the only way that is possible for our organization — is talking with the authorities, because they dictate the terms in which to act and how to act. "

In other words, Angelica Orehvo believes that unite the two Union of Poles in the current environment — is unrealistic?

Orehvo: "Yes, it is utopian. We have already told the Polish side of it, and then repeatedly stressed. So it will be quite impossible — somehow combine these structures and to be independent."

The other day, activists of the Union of Poles led by Angelika Orehvo noted with Polish diplomats and politicians anniversary of the operation of the Home Army, "Dawn", in which in 1944 year was released Vilnius. They visited the graves of AK soldiers in Smorgon region. What will be the next event?

Orehvo: "We will have a memorial plaque dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald. On Sunday, July 18 at Grodno in pabernardynskim church will first Mass, followed by the grand opening of the board, prepared by Tadeusz Malevich."

Angelica Orehvo comes from Lida, where her parents, she was 36 years old. Since 1996, she lives and works in Grodno in the Union of Poles. She graduated from palyanistyku at Lublin University, first as a teacher of the Polish language in the public school at St. Petersburg. Since 2000 — Director of the school. Her parents, says Angelica Orehvo — ordinary people from the surrounding area Lida has always worked in the factory.



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